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  1. Alastair Scollay

    Firstly, wanted to say thanks for the excellent Sales Cloud study pack. Was a great help in preparing for the exam. Also wanted to ask if a study guide and exam questions for Einstein Analytics and Discovery were planned in the near future?

    1. Rielle Gregorio

      Congratulations on clearing the exam, Alastair! The whole team is happy to know that our materials helped. As of the moment, our goal is to continuously improve our current set of study guides and questions.

    1. Sara S.

      First of all, great job on clearing the admin certification! The next cert you should take on depends on the career you want.

      This page is useful for an overview of the different roles you could get into and which certifications are related to them:

      If a certain path resonates with you, check out the detailed certification pages there. There’s an exam guide for each one, and it includes an ‘Audience Description’ that might help you decide further.

  2. Jeff Hill

    Martin – I love your practice tests. Just passed Platform App and have also used it for Advanced Admin as well and they provide great prep for what actually appears on the exam. Thanks.


  3. Tai Tran

    Focusonforce should have the course and practice exam about Email Marketing Specialist because this certification is so necessary, many people want to learn and pass that exam.

    1. Zrna

      Hi Tai, thanks for your suggestion, but we don’t think that we will have any Marketing course anytime soon as the license is very expensive, and we need access to advanced features like Journey Builder to have good screenshots. So, we think we’ll have to wait till Salesforce decides to offer users some kind of free Dev Org for Marketing Cloud.

  4. Diana Hull

    Hello, Focus on Force team – I wanted to thank you and share that I passed the Platform Developer 1 Certification yesterday, which would not have been possible without the valuable resources provided by Focus on Force. I am now working towards the Sharing and Visibility Designer certification and plan on using the study guide and practice tests available from this site. Keep up the good work! Diana

  5. Seyran Mammadov

    I passed my Advanced Administrator exam today with a high score, first try. Thank you to Martin and Focus on Force team for a very comprehensive study materials and tests! I did Trailhead and that was not enough. To be honest, I was very sceptical about purchasing an online course but it was very worth it. I will certainly use FocusonForce for my future preparations! and those practice tests…they are fantastic. thank you guys!

  6. Anup Dey

    Successfully completed Admin certification today. Thank you, FocusOnForce team. Your practice tests are helpful to clear salesforce certification exams.


    Got my Service Cloud Cert today. FOF study materials greatly helped . Feedback – Practice KM and Etitlement modules in your trailhead Org and read the Salesforce links FOF provides in the practice test answers . Some of them were very useful as had few questions on KCS and the reading material was valuable. Finally – Case Management is a very important module to cover for the entire test. Thank You FOF Team.

  8. Paul Carrera

    I passed my admin certification exam on the first try, and even though I did all the recommended Trailhead work, I’m not confident I would have passed without your service. Thank you so much! I am very happy I used it. Learning how to do everything is one thing, but I would not have been prepared for the question phrasing, specific terminology, and specific focus points. You helped me identify a lot of the tricky phrasing they use in the questions and what to look out for. I’ll be sure to recommend you to colleagues looking to get their own certifications!!

  9. Hemalatha Gorthy

    Hurray!! I have cleared admin certification. Thanks to FocusonForce group for making this wonderful content. Will recommend and use this content to get more certs done.

  10. Cesar L.

    Hi Martin and FocusOnForce Team,

    I wanted to thank you as I passed my Admin Cert Exam today!!! I used your SF Cert Admin Practice Exams and they were definitely one of the main reasons that I’m now a proud Certified Admin. The individual tests by topic are extremely helpful. I will definitely be using your website for future certs. Thank you!

  11. SK

    Hi Martin,
    I took the practice exams on Platform Developer-2 and happy to inform that they were very helpful in increasing my knowledge and helped me pass the certification. I am now looking
    to study for Integration Architecture Designer. When is it going to be available on FocusonForce?


    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      That’s great news you passed Platform Developer 2. We don’t have a plan for Integration Architecture currently, but we may consider it later in the year.

  12. Elina

    I’ve passed my Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant Exam yesterday from first attempt, using this study guide and practice exam + trailhead. Thank you so much for compiling the required content in such concise manner, which is amazingly specific for the exams. I’ve also passed my Sales Cloud Consultant exam in Nov last year, using Focus on Force materials and will definitely be using Focus on Force materials for any further certifications! Thank you so much again for all your efforts and knowledge putting the content together.

    1. Sara S.

      Congratulations on clearing the exam, Elina! We are happy to hear that you find the materials useful. I will pass on your kind words to the rest of the team 🙂

    1. Rielle Gregorio

      Hi Una, as of the moment we do not have plans on adding more courses, our focus is to ensure that the 10 certification courses that we offer are always up to date.

  13. Peer

    Hello dear Focusonforce Team,
    I passed the Advanced Administrator test with your materials. It was a great help and it was much more reliable than other sources i also used.
    Kind regards and thank you very much for your efforts.