Salesforce Advanced Admin Certification Practice Exams

The key to success with the Salesforce Advanced Admin Certification is combining your Salesforce knowledge and experience with trying plenty of practice questions. It also helps if the practice questions are in a similar format to the actual exam e.g. scenario based, multiple correct answers, and the practice exam is timed. Don’t forget you have 90 minutes to complete the exam and currently the passing percentage is 65%. That means you need at least 38 correct out of the 60 questions in the exam.

Get more practice with the Salesforce Advanced Admin Certification Test Simulator:

  • 5 Practice Exams
  • Each exam is 60 questions, same as the actual exam
  • Each exam is timed, so you can test yourself under timed conditions
  • Covers every study objective, so you can be confident you have covered all areas
  • Scenario based questions
  • Questions by Study Guide Objective
  • Single and Multiple correct answers, as in the actual exam
  • Mark questions for review
  • Detailed explanations, and references to study objectives from the official study guide
  • Over 300 questions in total!
  • Screenshots to explain answers
  • Practice questions on a specific topic
  • Unlimited Access and Updates for 12 months
  • Only $19

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  • How many of the practice questions will I find on the actual exam?
    • The practice exam questions are original questions created based on the study guide topics, so you will not find exactly the same questions on the actual exam. You will find that they are written in the same style and cover the topics as specified in the study guide.

  • Why should I pay for this, when there are many free sites out there?
    • We know there are many sites out there with free practice questions and quizzes.

      The problems with these sites are :

      – The answers are often incorrect, which will cause you to become confused
      – There are no detailed explanations to explain the answer, so you are left wondering
      – They don’t cover all of the exam objectives
      – They are not updated for the latest release.
      – They don’t allow you to study one particular objective.

      We have spent a huge amount of time to create practice questions that are realistic and up to date. We make sure that each question has a detailed explanation to help your learning. Using the weightings from the study guide, we have made sure there is a balance of questions from each objective, so you can make sure you have covered all areas. You get to practice answering 60 questions in the same time that you will have when you take the actual exam. Also, if you need to review questions on a particular topic, you can choose to just take questions on that topic.

  • Is there a money back guarantee?
    • We can’t guarantee that you’ll pass the exam, it’s up to you to use the practice questions to help you prepare. Check the testimonials though, there are many happy Salesforce certified people who have found the tests helped them.

      We do promise that we have done our best to make sure the questions are accurate and up to date. In the unlikely event that you find an answer that you believe is incorrect, please let us know the details so we can correct it and we will be happy to refund your money!

  • Is it possible to review questions by topic?
    • Yes, as well as the practice exams, you can choose to review questions only on a particular study guide topic, so you can focus on any areas you feel you need more practice on.
  • What release are the questions based on?
    • The questions are updated shortly after each release. You will get any release updates for free during the 1 year of access after purchase.
  • Is there a time limit for access to the practice exams?
    • You have access to the exams for 12 months from the date of purchase. During that time, you may access the exams as many times as you like to practice. You will get all release updates to the exams during your access.


Thanks to your Practice Exams, I passed my exam today. What a huge difference to my first try, without your exams! I not only liked the diversity and quantity of your questions but I absolutely loved your additional explanation and the convenience of the related Salesforce links! I have learned a lot through these practice exams and I was not just memorizing the content.

I just wanted to say thanks for this excellent site. I purchased your Advanced Admin exam set and it was well worth the money. The first site I have found where I believe the questions were in the right format, with correct answers and support. I passed my Advanced Admin exam this morning with the help of this! Thanks again!

I found the practice exams extremely useful. It helped identify what areas I needed to focus on for exam prep. I also liked having the links directly to the content. As a result of using Focus On Force, I passed my Advanced Administrator exam!

The practice exams were great for the preparation and I passed the exam! I started using the practice exams right before I took the actual exam and the practice exams really got me into the mindset to be prepared for the exam and getting the percentages after you finished the exam was great so you could focus on your weakest sections. I also appreciate the explanations when you review questions. I am looking forward to the next one! Thanks for a great product!

I think that Focus On Force is one of the best resource to learning Salesforce.
Studying on those practice tests, I passed the Advanced Admin exam on the first try.
I will reccomend to my colleagues and linkedin contact to use them as well.

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  1. Profile photo of Andi Szilagyi
    Andi Szilagyi

    Hi, I just passed my Advanced admin exam and the small amount I paid here for the mock exams was a very good investment. They are very hard mock tests and you find explanation for each question along with a link to Salesforce help page to get more information. thank you.

  2. Profile photo of Martin
    Martin Post author

    Hi Andi – that’s great you passed, glad that you found the materials useful. Thanks for the positive feedback!