Administrator Certification Practice Exams

In order to pass Administrator certification, you’ll find that knowledge and experience of the Salesforce platform aren’t enough. You also need to get to grips with the exam itself. 

You need to try plenty of practice questions that cover all of the study guide objectives. It also helps if the practice questions are in a similar format to the actual exam e.g. scenario based, multiple correct answer and the practice exam is timed.

That’s why we created the Administrator  Practice Exams. It will help you understand confusing or difficult concepts from the official Salesforce Certification Exam Guide and brush up on your skills – all in a format that is similar to the actual exam and has been proven to work with thousands of happy customers. 

What's included?

  • Over 400 practice questions 
  • 6 full practice exams of 60 questions each, same as the actual exam
  • Practice questions that cover all 12 sections of the official Salesforce Certification Exam Guide 
  • Questions cover all of the 34 detailed objectives within the sections
  • Each exam is timed, so you can test yourself under timed conditions 
  • Scenario based questions
  • Single and multiple choice questions as in the actual exam
  • Topic Exams - practice questions on a specific topic to ensure that you have grasped it
  • Detailed explanations, screenshots and reference links so you are not left wondering
  • Section level feedback - so you know where you need to concentrate your study
  • Ask any questions you have regarding the topics and get a personal response in the forums
  • Unlimited Access and Updates for 12 months
  • Only $19

I’m happy to report that I just passed my Admin Certification test yesterday. I’ve looked and tried many tools out there and this one was perfect for me. I always want to take lots of practice tests. I loved that I was able to take so many test with varying questions. This was a great preparation tool.

Angela Hunter

Thanks for putting together such an amazing set of practice exams. They were definitely useful. I have successfully cleared the administrator certification and a lot of credit must go to the practice exams on your website.

Swapnil Vegaraju

I found your site very helpful. I have recommended it to several people I know who are also studying for the system admin exam. It had the perfect amount of practice questions. I felt that your site prepped me more accurately than some of the other options out there.

Meagan Diegelman


  • Do I interact with a real person at all?
    • We have an active forum, in which you’ll be able to interact with others studying the same certification as you. We are also on hand to answer your questions in the forum.

  • How many of the practice questions will I find on the actual exam?
    • The practice exam questions are original questions created based on the study guide topics, so you will not find exactly the same questions on the actual exam. You will find that they are written in the same style and cover the topics as specified in the study guide.

  • Why should I pay for this, when there are many free sites out there?
    • We know there are many sites out there with free practice questions and quizzes.

      The problems with these sites are :

      – The answers are often incorrect, which will cause you to become confused
      – There are no detailed explanations to explain the answer, so you are left wondering
      – They don’t cover all of the exam objectives
      – They are not updated for the latest release.
      – They don’t allow you to study one particular objective.

      We have spent a huge amount of time to create practice questions that are realistic and up to date. We make sure that each question has a detailed explanation to help your learning. Using the weightings from the study guide, we have made sure there is a balance of questions from each objective, so you can make sure you have covered all areas. You get to practice answering 60 questions in the same time that you will have when you take the actual exam. Also, if you need to review questions on a particular topic, you can choose to just take questions on that topic.

  • Is there a money back guarantee?
    • We can’t guarantee that you’ll pass the exam, it’s up to you to use the practice questions to help you prepare. Check the testimonials though, there are many happy Salesforce certified people who have found the tests helped them.

      We do promise that we have done our best to make sure the questions are accurate and up to date. In the unlikely event that you find an answer that you believe is incorrect, please let us know the details so we can correct it and we will be happy to refund your money!

  • Is it possible to review questions by topic?
    • Yes, as well as the practice exams, you can choose to review questions only on a particular study guide topic, so you can focus on any areas you feel you need more practice on.
  • What release are the questions based on?
    • The questions are updated shortly after each release. You will get any release updates for free during the 1 year of access after purchase.
  • Is there a time limit for access to the practice exams?
    • You have access to the exams for 12 months from the date of purchase. During that time, you may access the exams as many times as you like to practice. You will get all release updates to the exams during your access.

This is the starting point for your study, the full practice exams and exams by each topic.

Each full practice exam has 60 questions weighted according to the study guide objectives.

Each study guide objective has a topic exam.

Topic exams allow you to focus your practice on one study guide objective

Question explanations, reference links and screenshots to help you learn.

Question explanations, reference links and screenshots to help you learn.

The wide range of questions and subjects allowed me to identify areas of weaknesses and focus on those while studying. The practice questions fully prepared me for the format and type of questions I could expect on the actual exam. Definitely worth the price!

Katie Christensen

I just got my certification. Your exams were a significant part of my study. The best part was going through them based on subject, and then studying for every question I couldn’t answer. I think they also helped a lot to get my brain accustomed to style and format of the test questions.

Mark Ravitz

I loved this! It was so helpful. There were questions on the practice exams that I had not studied for which helped me brush up on the exam. If I hadn’t taken this, some of the questions on the actual test would just have been guesses. I am now a Certified Salesforce Administrator. Taking the practice exams also help build my confidence that I could do it.

Keli Ramos
Why choose Focus on Force? 

I’m Martin Gessner, founder of Focus on Force. I’ve spent eight years working with the Salesforce platform in various roles (including business analyst, project manager, consultant, solutions designer and solutions architect), and worked my way through 10 certifications in order to move up the career ladder. 

I created Focus on Force after realizing that others could benefit from the methods I used to pass Salesforce certifications. Thousands of people from around the world have found them to be hugely valuable (just check out some of the testimonials on this page), and I’m pretty sure you will, too.

With our study guides, you get to…

  • Improve your knowledge and confidence. Brush up on your Salesforce training or kick off your learning if you don’t have on-the-job experience.

  • Stay free from boredom! No long, tedious walls of text to read through! Instead you’ll find screenshots, links for references, review Q&As for every topic, and lots of other engaging stuff.  

  • Learn efficiently. We help you focus on the key points you’ll need to know in order to pass.

I found the Admin Practice Exams very useful – in fact I passed my ADM-201 today! Thank you for your help – it was invaluable and a great way to learn and practice. There are plenty of free tests, some too old though as Salesforce is an ever changing beast for Admins.

Mark Tough

Your study materials were EXCELLENT and I loved the fact you had pictures of how to do the answers in Salesforce, as well as more focused topic study. Your site is very well put together - and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to pass one of the exams!

Renee Mercer

I studied with Focusonforce and I passed the test ADMIN 201, thank you so much!

Veronica Gomes

I just passed Salesforce Administrator Exam (ADM201). Many thanks for you and your product FORCUSONFORCE! The Administrator Practice Exams provided me with a lot of information to prepare the exam. Many thanks again !

Crystal Zhu

The price is also very affordable for the quality of the material and the test. I found many other material online and especially the tests I can say that are far away from the real test, they are too simple

Valerio Lancia

I just want you to know that I purchased the Administrator exams through you guys, and I passed my certification. It was the best preparation I had for the exam!

Brenda Aho

Thanks! It worked fine and I passed the test today. Your site was really helpful.

Michelle Syi

I just passed the Administrator Exam today! Thanks to the great material provided, I was able to sharpen my knowledge after having left the SFDC community for 1.5 years. The questions and the study guide helped me get a more holistic understanding of the whole platform and showed me on which topics I had to focus. Keep up the good work!

Martin Topiwala

I found the practice exams incredibly useful especially the explanations below it. The training manual does not really cover all the details. I even referred my other friends and husband to it.


I found the sample exams to be very helpful in my test preparation. They gave me a very good idea of the types of questions I should expect on the exam. I passed the exam and am not sure I would have if I had not found your resource.

Edward Davies

Your site had helped me a lot to prepare for the 201 Admin Certificate. Most of the online material and flashcards are outdated but your site is up-to-date.

Mamadou Diallo

The questions are very helpful and worth it for the price!!

Eric Hirth

The practice exams were very useful to study for the ADM-201 exam.

Luis Russi

I found the practice exams useful. I felt like they prepared me well to get a feel for what the test would be like and the format.

Amanda Olafsson

One of the most important parts of preparation for an exam is to gather material with higher quality, that’s!

Guilherme Azevedo

Best mock test I found online! Thanks!!