Focus Videos

Senior Consultant - Maayan Assayag

Salesforce Business Analyst - Vitaly Makarkin

Salesforce Consultant - Damian Galbally

Salesforce Consultant - Samuel Blount

Salesforce Administrator - Andrew Smith

Business Analyst - Donna Hudson

Salesforce Consultant - Adam Schoolsky

Salesforce Consultant - Mark Hilmer

Salesforce Developer - Dominick DeFazio

Business Analyst - Frederique Mounier

Salesforce Consultant - Elkin Cordoba

Salesforce Developer - Sarath Lingutla

Salesforce Consultant - Olivier Baelde

Salesforce Administrator - Richard Hone

FinancialForce Consultant - Kristin Hubbard

Senior Administrator - David Sculion 

Salesforce Solution Manager - Sarah Amin

Salesforce Consultant - Jeff DeLucas

Salesforce Senior Administrator - Rob Kaplan

Salesforce Developer - Chris Valdivia

Salesforce Consultant - Jordan Elkin

Jordan Elkin is a technical consultant, working for a Salesforce consulting company. Here he tells about his story and how he achieved 4 certifications in 5 months.

Salesforce Developer - Lee McDonald

Lee McDonald is a senior Salesforce developer that is currently working for an ISV partner, working with clients to implement the AppExchange product. Here he gives advice on those that are interested in becoming a Salesforce developer.

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