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We help develop your career with Salesforce Training and Certification Preparation

Salesforce Certifications are Tough!

Which is exactly as it should be: they actually mean something to the real world, and you’ll bring tons of value to the company or clients when you pass the exam.

As a result, having a Salesforce Certification (or many) under your belt carries a considerable salary premium. By setting yourself apart from your uncertified peers and becoming extremely well acquainted with the platform, you’re able to benefit from new job opportunities, promotions within existing jobs, and instant credibility.

Focus on Force is the ideal preparation for your
Salesforce Certification

I’ve spent more than 10 years working with the Salesforce platform in various roles (including business analyst, project manager, consultant, solutions designer and solutions architect), and worked my way through 12 certifications in order to move up to the career ladder.

Each time I began preparing for a new certification, I set about getting to grips with the information I really needed to know and understand and then I created my own personal learning and practice exam system to cement my learning. It worked: I passed every certification first time!

After a while, it dawned on me that others could benefit from my knowledge and experience with passing the Salesforce Certifications - and that’s when I decided to set up this website. Over the years it’s grown in popularity and authority, so I now work with a team to produce new and updated practice questions and study guides.

On it, you’ll find study guides and practice exams that provide the best preparation and practice. Thousands of people from all around the world have found them to be hugely valuable, check out some testimonials here, and I hope you do too.

Realistic, up to date Practice Exams and Study Guides

Focus on Force isn’t the only website offering Salesforce prep, but we’re most certainly the best:

Practice Exams

  • Never be left wondering:
    We provide detailed explanations (including screenshots and links for reference) of every answer.

  • Learn the smart way:
    Our exam objectives use the weightings from the official Salesforce study guides, so you can be sure you’ve practiced all topic areas in the right proportions.

  • Get the grip with the toughest parts:
    If you need to review questions on a particular topic, you can choose to take questions just on that topic.

  • Have a realistic experience:
    Our practice exams can be taken under the same timed conditions that you’ll get in the real thing.

  • Stay Updated:
    We regularly amend our practice questions to reflect any changes that salesforce makes to its certification standards and releases

Study Guides

  • Improve your knowledge and confidence:
    Our study guides are the perfect preparation if you want to brush up on your Salesforce training or don’t have on-the-job experience

  • Boredom Free:
    We include screenshots, links for reference, and reviews and Q&As for every topic. No long, tedious walls of text to read through!

  • Learn efficiently:
    We focus on the key points you’ll need to know in order to pass.

  • Stay Updated:
    We regularly update our study guides to reflect changes in Salesforce certification standards and releases.

Trusted by over 100,000+ Professionals and Tech Leaders worldwide!

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“Question dumps” aren’t our thing...

We craft our questions to probe the same knowledge in a different way. The result? Not only will you pass the certification, but you’ll also have a deep understanding of how to use the platform in order to succeed at work.

It’s yet another reason why thousands of happy customers (and counting) have chosen Focus on Force for their study guides and practice exams.

What Certification are you studying for now?

Focus on Force currently provides practice exams and study guides for eleven certifications – and we’re working on adding more in the near future.

Click on any of the links below, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions if you have any queries about how to use the site or our products.

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