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This sample practice exam will give you an idea of what you can expect from our fully fledged Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Exams. It only contains a fraction of the questions from our main practice exams, but we've still made sure it's incredibly useful!

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Sample Platform Developer 1 Practice Exam

Platform Developer 1 Sample Exam

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Thanks for putting together such good quality materials and a robust app/site for accessing them at a great price – stellar value. I passed Platform Dev 1 yesterday and Platform App Builder back in May. I look forward to buying more exams and guides as they are released.

Jay Ange

Got my PD1 certification today. This is my first certification in the SF journey and passed in the first attempt. Thank you FocusOnForce for such an amazing test series. The explanations provided with every question were really helpful to get clarity on the concepts. I would recommend others to go through dumps questions also along with this for better preparation for the PD1 exam.

Nishtha Garg

The Focus on Force practice exams were a big help on top of all the trailheads I covered. Questions help me realize I had to pay more attention to little details than coding syntax. The questions helped me pass in first attempt. Thanks a lot for putting this all together!


Just wanted to say thanks so much for putting these together!
I passed my Dev 1 Cert with the help of the practice exams and have recommended them to multiple people! :)

Nancy Gresham

Thanks Focus on Force. I just got my Platform Dev I certification and your practice exams, along with the detailed explanations on each question, were very helpful. I Recommend 100%!

Diogo Madaleno

Thank you for all the hard work of putting these practice exams together. They were a huge help and because of them I was able to pass my Platform Developer I exam.

Justin Mitchell

The Platform Developer 1 exams were excellent! I managed to pass the test on my first try, using mainly your tools. I was able to cruise through the test with confidence. Thank you very much! I will be utilizing more practice tests in the future!

Luis J. Robles

Thank you for the practice exams and study guide. I found them a great source of help and inspiration. It was a big challenge but I have passed the exam.

Steeve Seidel

The exams were very useful. I was struggling a lot to prepare for this exam, and after reviewing this material, I finally felt prepared and achieved the certification. The questions were worded similarly to the exam, and covered the same kind of material, with helpful links for me to go improve my knowledge, without being an exam dump. I appreciate the time that was taken to construct this material.

Jessica Habblett

The material was really helpful, I answered first by category, then by 60 questions sets, and when I attended the exam, it was very similar, it looked familiar. That helps a lot. I passed and although I'm an experimented Salesforce developer, I'm not sure I would have at first try if I hadn't trained on Focus On Force website. It's definitley worth the $19.00 I paid !

Emmanuel Bruno

PD1 exams helped me very much! In just two days of studying, I was able to pass my certification.

Lindsey Kiefer

I just wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to the immense amount of work you’ve done putting this course together. It was a monumental resource in my path to passing this exam, and I can (very happily) say that I succeeded in that goal today, on my first try. I would recommend the PD1 coursework and the practice exams associated with it from FoF any day of the week, given the success I personally had.
Thanks again.

Ryan Woolsey

I passed my test! I did find your site very, very helpful. The format of answering a test question and getting immediate feedback, including a link to the Salesforce documentation was the perfect way to see what I needed to focus on, and get me to the right place to get the information. I also found that the practice exams were an excellent representation of the material that was on the actual test. There are so many web sites out there with inaccurate information – since yours had Salesforce documentation links, I felt confident that what I was studying was correct.

Sue Irvine

PD1 Course and Practice Exams were really very helpful. Yesterday I passed my exam in first attempt. Many thanks FocusOnForce Team - I'll recommend you to anyone who will ask how did I prepare. Keep up the good work !

Krzysztof Bochenek

Very good practice test. Thank you. I manage to clear Platform Dev I certification exam in first attempt.

Milind Amin

I passed the PDI exam on the first attempt today! I wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of these practice exams. Thank you so much for putting all this together!

Brianna Dardin

The great thing about the study materials was that you had related links to really dive deep into the subject. I didn't want to just past the test, but I wanted to know the material. The breadth of questions and questions types was great for preparing for the exam. The explanations gave you why a question was correct as well as why the answers were wrong. After passing my certification test, I had an issue at work that was solved directly related to materials in the exam prep. I've recommend the courses to both other developers and administrators

Steven Loper

This Course helped me enormously in passing the Platform Developer 1 exam.
I reccomend it to everyone who is planing to take the Platform Developer 1 exam, but have in mind that this course doesn't include the same questitons that are in the exam but similar. Nevertheless I'd say that buying this course is a must if you want to get your credentials.

Franjo Gregoric

Thank you, these tests really came in handy. The answers to each question with the link to Salesforce documentation helped me understand why the answers were right which really helped my thought process on the exam day. I cleared the exam with really high marks. This is one of the best purchases made for study material I do hope you keep up the good work for us candidates and I thank you for taking the effort for creating this comprehensive test material.

Leon Dmello

I passed the Platform Developer 1 certification exam and I believe the Focus on Force practice exams was a tremendous help. I feel I had a good knowledge of the subject matter. However, taking the practice exams was instrumental in my preparation of the language that is used in the certification exam questions and answers. I found the construction and language used in the exam questions similar to the actual exam. Additionally, the feedback provided for each question was extremely helpful on the subjects I found I needed more study. I was also able to identify the areas I needed to spend more time studying as well as links to the subject matter to study. I will (and have already) recommend anybody to purchase your practice exams!

Tim Taylor

I passed my Platform Developer 1 by practicing the tests on FocusonForce. It helped me a lot. I would use Focus on Force practice tests for other courses too. I would recommend FocusOnforce for everyone!

Sricharan Puligundla

Once you are done with the quiz,

prepare for your certification exam with 5 realistic practice exams.


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