Managing Salesforce Projects

with CAMP

CAMP (Contained Agile Methodology Process)is a series of actions taken based on delivery methods that allow the project teams to control scope while moving quickly to deliver innovative, design-forward software solutions that delight your customers while driving value for your company or client.

Immerse yourself in our expert-led series of lessons and videos meticulously crafted to empower you in mastering the CAMP Framework for Salesforce projects. Our seasoned instructor will walk you through vital concepts, from prioritizing tasks to involving stakeholders, equipping you to confidently execute successful projects. By course completion, you'll possess a profound comprehension of CAMP implementation, ensuring consistent delivery of captivating, value-driven solutions that resonate with customers. Join us now and experience the transformative benefits of this program, revolutionizing your project management approach in the Salesforce domain.

Course Benefits

Fostering Team Cohesion

Team Cohesion Through Culture

Learn how to build a cohesive team by establishing a common, easily understood culture or theme. This approach will unite team members and improve collaboration, leading to more efficient and successful projects.

Mastering Containment

Containment in Project Management

Understand the significance of containment in project management, enabling you to identify and control potential risks and challenges. Effectively managing containment will mitigate project disruptions and ensure smoother execution.

Running Successful Projects

Insights for Project Success

Gain insights and best practices on how to run a project successfully from inception to completion. Acquire practical strategies for effective planning, execution, and project delivery, ensuring a seamless project management experience.

Empowering Scope Control

Scope Control Mastery

Obtain the tools and techniques to manage project scope effectively. Learn how to define, monitor, and control project requirements, ensuring your projects stay on track and within set boundaries.

Repeatable Success

Consistency with CAMP Principles

Set your teams up for consistent success by applying the principles of the CAMP framework. Discover how to establish a solid foundation for projects, making future endeavors more efficient and productive.

Comprehensive Understanding of CAMP

CAMP Framework Overview

Gain a comprehensive overview of the key components of the CAMP framework. Acquire a deeper understanding of how CAMP is a decision-making tool, guiding project prioritization, resource allocation, and stakeholder involvement.

Practical Application with Templates

CAMP Template Applications

Apply the CAMP framework effectively with our collection of templates. Develop a comprehensive understanding of how these templates facilitate decision-making, streamline project prioritization, resource allocation, and stakeholder involvement, ensuring successful project management from start to finish.

Certificate of Completion

Upon completing our CAMP Framework for Salesforce Projects course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, proving your mastery of vital concepts and implementation strategies within the CAMP approach. This certification will provide you with a competitive advantage in the job market and showcase your dedication to professional growth in the Salesforce domain.

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Managing Salesforce Projects

with CAMP

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Course Details

Lesson 1

Introduction of the CAMP Framework 

Gain a comprehensive understanding of its base steps and how it fits into the Agile Framework. Be equipped to explore further steps within the CAMP Framework for continuous project improvement.

Lesson 2

Step 1: Embarking on the Journey

Dive into the crucial activities such as pre-sales, project charter, scope, requirements, budget, and team preparation. Aims tto equip participants with the knowledge and tools needed to initiate a successful CRM project.

Lesson 3

Step 2: Discovery 

Gain insights into various tools and methods used to identify business users, assess the current state, determine project timelines, and shape the desired future state for a successful CRM implementation. Learn the critical Discovery phase where decisions on the "Who, What, Where, and When" of the project are made.

Lesson 4

Step 3: Plan, Prep, and Pack

Delve into the essential aspects of effective planning, preparation, and decision-making that lay the groundwork for a successful project. Explore concepts like refining the project schedule, ensuring team readiness through training, and aligning the deliverables with the project scope.

Lesson 5

Step 4: Set-up Camp

Encompass various activities, including completing essential documentation, establishing project communications, finalizing user stories and sprints, and implementing Camp Rules to ensure scope containment.

Lesson 6

Step 5: Build & Test

Prioritize solution design and feature building, including testing and client review for final sign-off. Employ the Contained Agile Method to manage backlog items within upcoming sprints while maintaining scope boundaries.

Lesson 7

Step 6: Pack-up, Clean-up, and Measure Outcomes

Establish measurable outcomes through reporting and dashboarding while capturing valuable insights in a lessons learned register to assess project success and inform future endeavors.

Lesson 8

Step 7: Share your Journey

Promote project success by sharing the adventure both internally within the organization and with customers. Additionally, continue to encourage project adoption through Change Management Requests while documenting accomplishments in an internal "Win Story."

Lesson 9

Step 8: Plan your Next Journey

Assess potential additional projects, considering their feasibility and alignment with organizational objectives. Collaborate with the client to strategize and plan for upcoming adventures, including the potential integration of Salesforce solutions identified during the build phase.

Bonus Lesson

Unlocking Creativity Before Discovery Sessions

Capability to organize a creativity session effectively, stimulating idea generation. You will also possess the skills to rapidly generate over 50 ideas, break through constraints and limitations using creative thinking, and cultivate a culture characterized by creativity and open-mindedness.

Bonus Lesson

Vacation Planning Using the CAMP Framework

Gain the skills to generate vacation ideas and establish a suitable budget, as well as effectively plan, prepare, and pack for their vacation.

Sample Lesson

About our Expert

Nicole McGuire

Founder & CEO, Trail Guide CRM
ERDnoid, LLC

Nicole is a highly skilled, technical, full-stack computer scientist with an impressive 20-year track record. She holds 10 Salesforce certifications, including 3 in Design and 3 in Vlocity. Having delivered 45+ successful software projects, she has also spoken at Dreamforce five times and conducted over 50 design thinking sessions.

In addition to her successful career, she cherishes her role as a devoted mother to two intelligent and talented young men, while also being a steadfast partner to her husband for over three decades. Her childhood experiences of camping, hiking, and spelunking with her two brothers, coupled with family trips to National parks, have instilled in her a lifelong love for adventure and exploration. Beyond her passions for travel, puzzle-solving, coaching with RAD Women, and engaging in games, she has taken an interest in golf and is currently honing her piano skills.


What our customers say

The CAMP methodology is one that is easily adaptable for any project. The basic concept and premise of CAMP allows the customer to practice self-containment without the need to reiterate scope and non-scope items.

CAMP can be used in non-software implementation projects because the overall concept is understood by all.  Nicole's ability to personalize the delivery of CAMP to the client speaks to the immediate adoption and usage throughout the project. I can definitely see the CAMP methodology adopted across various industries and throughout any software ecosystem.

Felicia Hamilton, Senior Business Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I interact with instructors or ask questions if I am using the on-demand materials?

While the on-demand workshop is self-paced, direct interaction with instructors is not available. However, participants can join our Slack community channel to seek assistance, engage with other learners and Focus on Force team. Alternatively you can also utilize the feedback form on the topic page.

How long will I have access to the on-demand materials?

The on-demand materials will be accessible for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

Will I receive a certificate or any proof of completion?

Once all lessons and topics have been marked as completed, a "Print Your Certificate" button will appear on top right portion of the course page, allowing you to generate your certificate.

I've purchased the course, what are the next steps?

Accessing the course is easy! Simply log in to your Focus on Force account and go to "My Courses and look for Managing Salesforce Projects with CAMP. Alternatively, you can use this direct course link.

Is there any technical support available for concerns while accessing the materials?

If you encounter any technical issues or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at for assistance.


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