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    Hi, thanks for the mock exam, it helped me a lot to pass the dev1 cert. Are there any practice exams for Data architecture and management, or sharing and visibility designer?

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      Sara S.

      Hi Alan, congratulations in passing the PD1 exam! We currently do not have any materials for Data Architecture and Management or Sharing and Visibility Designer.

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    Hello, I took Platform I developer exam yesterday and passed. Focus on Force was a very helpful study guide. One note, I did not have a single Heroku question on my exam….for what it’s worth.

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      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Jason, Heroku is mentioned in one of the objectives in the Salesforce fundamentals section, however as it is only 10% and the questions come from a bank, not everybody will always get a Heroku question, but it is possible!

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    Srinivasan Rayaprolu

    Hi, how about the Salesforce CPQ Certification Exam practice questions? Recently, Salesforce CPQ has picked up the momentum and gaining demand for the Salesforce CPQ skill. Salesforce CPQ certification is becoming MUST to work on the projects associated with Salesforce CPQ. Let us know when would that be something available here?


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      Sara S.

      Hi Srinivasan, we plan to create a new course sometime next year. We still haven’t decided which one but we will keep everyone posted on the mailing list.

      We have noted that CPQ and Marketing Cloud seem to be in demand.

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    Maxime Lecourtois

    Hi everyone,

    Congrats for the great work. I passed my last certification thanks to your materials.
    Did you planned to release a study guide for Marketing cloud certifications ?

    Thank you !

    1. Profile photo of Sara S.
      Sara S.

      Hi Maxime, congratulations on passing your cert exam!

      We plan to create a new course sometime next year. We still haven’t decided which one but we will keep everyone posted on the mailing list.

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    Eric Tritschler

    Hi Martin
    Any plans for all the other exams? I would be really interested in CPQ Specialist and Marketing Cloud Consultant as well as all of certifications under the technical architect journey. Any ETA on when thouse could be released? Keep up the great work.

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      Sara S.

      Hi Eric, we plan to create a new course sometime next year. We still haven’t decided which one but we will keep everyone posted on the mailing list.

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      Sara S.

      Hi Priyanka, we update the study guides and practice exams with each release. We follow the release version the official Salesforce exam guides use. The materials are also updated when we receive user feedback.

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    Navaz Basravi

    Hello – how long is the App Builder course in hours, I am trying to estimate how long it will take me to complete the course and start with the practice exams?
    Thanks very much!

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      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Navaz, it is difficult to say how long it will take in hours. It really depends on how you use it. If you already are familiar with the topics then it is more of a review, but if there are new topics, then you would need to spend more time to understand the details and follow the reference links.

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    Sami Azam

    How can I purchase Platform developer 2 Study Preparation? I don’t have paypal account and it’s redirecting me paypal always? Why is it so?

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    Shiva RV

    Hi Martin ,
    Firstly ,your content is simply amazing , being a developer with practical experience in salesforce and used your guide to clear the exam, very helpful .Initially purchased 1 from course and now i have purchased around 4. Will be 6 soon 🙂
    I would like to know if there is any focus on architect designer certification material in your blog?
    Would be very grateful if that decision is taken.
    Shiva RV

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    Mario Bonaparte

    Hi Martin, When will FocusOnForce push out a CPQ 211 Study Guide and Practice Exams? This is a big need in the Salesforce Community. Can we expect something by the end of the year? Thanks, Mario

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      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Mario, thanks for the suggestion. Yes CPQ seems to be popular, along with field service and architect exams. We are currently working on improving the existing material, once that is done we will look at what is next. Unfortunately it won’t be by the end of the year.

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    Tomasz Sadowski

    Hi Martin, I enjoyed Platform App Builder practice exams which helped me to pass the exam easily.
    What I’d love to see in a near future are the Architect exams, especially the ones needed for Application Architect route.
    They are 2 times more expensive than other exams which makes them twice more risky 🙂

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Tomasz, glad to hear that you passed and our materials were useful for you. Yes many people are doing the architect exams now, so we will consider them for the next one.

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    Chandra Shekhar

    Hi Martin, Thanks for the wonderful courses.
    I have taken several courses on Focusonforce and it really helped me in passing my certifications in the very first attempt. Even after having certification I sometimes visit the course and every time finds something new.
    Request you to have lifetime access of the purchased courses instead of having access for just 1 year.

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Chandra,

      Thanks for the positive feedback. The reason that we have access for 1 year is that we have a team constantly updating the material and offer personal responses to questions in the forum as a service, so that cannot be lifetime access.

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi James, we’re updating and improving the existing content at the moment, after that we’ll look at adding more. Field Service Lightning seems to be very popular.

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    Hi Martin, you’ve asked me which cert I’d be interested in, and I’d say I’m really interested in Designer certs for Architect credentials. My vote is for architect certs!)

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    Tory Stellick

    Hi Martin — Related to your question just above about which Cert material to offer next, I’d be very interested to see content and practice exams on the Certified CPQ Specialist certification. Thanks!

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    Mad Max

    I PASSED yesterday. This is an EXCELLENT resource. Following this structure, the test exams and putting in some extra research in each area with Trailhead. What I like about this resource, is it explains WHY you got an answer wrong and details how specific functionality works. Thank you Martin!

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    Hi Martin, could you please shed the light on what will be the next SFDC cert on FocusOnForce and when we can expect it? We’d be very excited to know..

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Michael, thanks for asking! We are currently updating and improving the existing content, it is a big challenge to just keep it up to date. Once we have that done, we will consider which one will be next. Which one would you be interested in?

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    Mounica M

    Salesforce has reviewed their Service cloud consultant certification exam. Now the pass percentage is 63 and their an extra section on the service console

  17. Profile photo of Gabriel

    Thank you, I passed the App Builder exam Today!!! The questions in the exam were completely different from the ones practiced here but I have to say that the insight I got from those practice exams and my experience lead me to pass the exam with all percentages mean of 81% 😀

    Thanks again!

  18. Profile photo of randika.sliit@gmail.com

    Passed the Service cloud examination on 07th Aug in first attempt

    We cannot expect exact question from focus on force exams , generally exam questions are bit easier than this for me . So if you can pass these exams without memorizing and grab the concepts you have high chance to pass in first attempt.

    if you gone through study materials and all of the exams by getting correct concept (without memorizing ) , you will never find best materials than this .

    Additionally do trailheads as well + try to implement things by your own in trailhead environments

    Thanks martin

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    Murali P

    Hi Martin Gessner, Could you please provide the guidance for Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist exam.
    Thanks in advance.


  20. Profile photo of EngKeat Tan
    EngKeat Tan

    Focus on Force study notes are amazing!! I passed my Advanced Admin and App Builder certs in 2 weeks thanks to the notes! Community Cloud Consultant is next!

  21. Profile photo of Vinay Kulkarni
    Vinay Kulkarni

    Hi Martin,

    Your site is really helpful! Was able to get 2x certified (Admin and Platform App builder) within no time and will definitely recommend to others. Would love to see study guides for Pardot and CPQ Exams.


  22. Profile photo of Saitej

    hi martin,I’m going to write platform app builder .I just want to know whether they will mention “choose 2 or choose 3 answers” for multi correct questions in real certification exam or simply checkbox that tells us it is multi correct question?

  23. Profile photo of Fady

    hi Martin, thanks for the great site and super helpful material,
    just an idea, adding a link to the left with the planned road map will be a great addition

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    Patrick Earl Dela Cruz

    Hopefully you can add all the consultant certification here. Field Service Lightning, Marketing Cloud and Pardot. Including the prerequisites like Marketing Email Specialist and Pardot Specialist 🙂

  25. Profile photo of Sue

    Hi, Martin:

    Thanks a lot for this site and your practice exams that helped me passed my second certificate today! But can you change the settings here to let the most recent comments appear on the top?

  26. Profile photo of Hermanni

    Another up-vote for Field Service Lightning . There is limited training material available elsewhere. The practice exams on FocusOnForce have already helped me in 5 certifications. Thank you so much!

  27. Profile photo of Lauren L
    Lauren L

    I’d like to put my vote in for Field Service Lightning. It’s in high demand and also seems like a really fun cloud to develop. I would love to take that course/exam. Thanks!

  28. Profile photo of Rich

    I would definitely be interested in seeing a CPQ Exam Prep on this site. It’s becoming a highly sought-after skill set.

  29. Profile photo of rpalikhey@gmail.com

    Hi Martin, are there any plans to add the Salesforce Data Architecture and Management Designer certification course materials and practice exams? Thanks!

  30. Profile photo of eesanchez@icloud.com

    So thankful for this site, the courses available, the materia and the practice exams! I just passed yesterday May 27 my Salesforce Admin Certification and this site was instrumental. Thank you!! Looking forward to learning new areas and earning more certifications in the near future.

  31. Profile photo of Michael

    Hi Martin, do you consider the certs from Architect path, i.e. App Architect specifically, i.e. Data Management and Sharing/Visibility designer more specifically as a new great opportunity? BTW your practice exams are awesome (they are my secret sauce how to pass the real exams).

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Thanks for the positive feedback Michael and suggestion regarding the architect path, we are currently updating the look and content on the existing material, after that we will consider what is next.

  32. Profile photo of Surinder Singh
    Surinder Singh

    Hello Team,

    Is there a possibility in near future that Study Guide/Exams for Field Service Lightning Consultant certification available as well?

    Best Regards,
    Surinder Singh

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Surinder, thanks for your message. We are updating the content and look of the existing material first, then we will look at what is next.
      Field server Lightning does seem to be popular.

  33. Profile photo of INDIVIDUAL

    Hey Martin, Thanks for the great work of compiling the Admin course materials. Passed my certification and job hunting now. The package greatly helped and the shared experience of others that had passed the exam. It was a great challenge for me given that its a career shift for me.
    Thanks. and see you when taking other certifications.

  34. Profile photo of Adwait Gogate
    Adwait Gogate

    Hi Martin,
    I’hv become Certified Salesforce Administrator SP18 today.
    Thank you so much for your structured study material. The section wise questions, practice exams and detailed description of topics made my concepts clear. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

  35. Profile photo of Martin

    Hi Martin, I was able to pass the Salesforce Admin certification exam on the first try, thanks to your comprehensive Admin training practice exams (all six of them) – it exposed me to a lot of the necessary details I needed in order to pass Admin exam. It took a lot of study and practice time and effort and stress but I was able to pass the exam successfully. Thank you again for taking the time to put your Admin training program together.

  36. Profile photo of Dhananjay Kumar
    Dhananjay Kumar

    Hi Martin, last week i completed my Salesforce Platform Developer II certification successfully. You are doing amazing work on preparing the courses and particularly the practice test questions. I liked the way you put together all the topics precisely and systematically.


  37. Profile photo of Carlos Siqueira
    Carlos Siqueira


    Looking forward to the Community certification class to close my “Service” area, since I already have the Service and Field Service Lightning certifications.

  38. Profile photo of Adithya Nair
    Adithya Nair

    Hi Martin,

    I am looking to move into salesforce domain and have a previous oracle CRM developer background.
    Do you recommend going for developer certifications before the admin one ?
    Also is platform Dev 1 certification a pre-requisite for Dev 2 ?

    Many Thanks

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Adi, I recommend you do Admin first. Admin will give you the basic concepts that you need to understand about the platform. After that I would recommend Platform App Builder before going for Platform Dev 1 as you should understand the declarative options available before developing a programmatic solution. Yes PD1 is a prerequisite for PD2 and it makes sense to take them in that order as they build upon each other.

  39. Profile photo of Frank

    Hi Martin, thanks for the study guides. definitely helped me passing admin & sales cloud exams. looking forward to the commumities guide! can we sign up for a newsletter so you could update everyone about new guides & exams?

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Frank, thanks for the positive comments. If you have purchased before, we will send a notification when a new guide and practice exam is ready. We are aiming to complete Communities by the end of April.

  40. Profile photo of nehakamra


    I am actually looking for Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant course. Could you please let me know when are you planning this in near future !

  41. Profile photo of Yogendra Nama
    Yogendra Nama

    Hey Martin,

    Any plans to add CPQ study guide and the certification ?
    Since its very popular , I believe it would be a great addition to this wonderful treasure house 🙂


  42. Profile photo of Ritesh

    Hi Martin,

    Many thanks for the Administrator course that you have here , which helped me in passing the exam . I am going to take the Advance Admin and Platform App Builder courses as well from this site . Hope to clear those exams as well . Thanks again !!

  43. Profile photo of jcoelho21@gmail.com

    Thanks Martin for your help on all these guides. Sales Cloud was a breeze because of your practice tests. I’m about to purchase the other half of Service cloud (tests). I look forward to seeing Community Cloud as that’s next on my Cert path for my role. Cheers to the great work!

  44. Profile photo of Matthew Bracewell
    Matthew Bracewell

    Hi Martin.. Great material here… I have passed my admin, service and sales cloud consultant exams this last month and the material here was a great help along with trailhead. Looking forward to the pardon material. You mentioned it is on the roadmap after things like community cloud and cpq. Do you have a rough guide as to your roadmap? Or if pardon will be this year? Again thanks for the help and support you provide

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Matthew, glad that you found the materials useful. After we complete Community Cloud, we will decide on what’s next, so unfortunately I can’t say when we would get to Marketing Cloud at this stage.

  45. Profile photo of Jo Ramsay
    Jo Ramsay

    Hi Martin,
    Just thought you’d like to know that I passed my ADM 201 on the weekend. Your course absolutely cemented my knowledge and it was so good that it followed the exam guide point by point. Well worth the $ investment. Thanks.

  46. Profile photo of Luis G
    Luis G

    Hi Martin,

    do you have any idea for the release date for Community Cloud Study guide ? first semester of 2018 ?

    thanks for the amazing content released so far!

  47. Profile photo of Derrick

    Hello. I am thinking about purchasing the study guides along with the practices tests for Platform Developer I certification. I know that the test had some “maintenance” recently and was wondering if the materials cover everything that I would need to know to pass the test? Thank you in advance!

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Derrick – We analyzed the official study guide after it was updated and found there was one new objective added, related to Heroku.
      We have added that topic to the study guide and practice exams, so our material covers everything in the updated official study guide.

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Donna, we are working on Community Cloud currently, after that we will decide what’s next on the list, so unfortunately can’t help you with it right now.

  48. Profile photo of cillaanj@gmail.com

    Your courses/practice exams are great and helped me pass the Service Cloud Consultant exam 🙂
    It would be GREAT if you could add Pardot and Marketing Cloud courses as those skills are definitely in high demand.

  49. Profile photo of as.cariou@hotmail.fr

    Very very nice content to prepare ADM 201 !!! It was a success since I worked during 1 month and got certified yesterday 🙂
    Thansk !! I will take the Sales or Service Cloud soon 🙂

  50. Profile photo of Hermanni

    So far I have passed the Sales Cloud Consultant and Salesforce Administrator certifications with your help. Many of us are aiming to become Architects, so resources to help along that path would be very much appreciated! Keep up the good work!

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      We have checked the new Spring 18 official study guide. The only change from the previous one, is the last objective in the Salesforce fundamentals section, to include the objective of ‘features of the Heroku platform’. We will update our study guide and practice exams in the next week with this updated objective.

  51. Profile photo of
    John Cabrera

    Community Cloud is my next cert goal. I’ll keep a close eye on your site for the course to be released.

  52. Profile photo of krismarg

    Hi. Martin, next I am planing to take Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer certification, do you have any plans when this course will be available? as i am not finding good material anywhere. please let me know when this will be coming

  53. Profile photo of Clayton T
    Clayton T

    Just passed Service Cloud Consultant with the help of your material, thank you! Looking forward to Community Consultant next, any estimates on when that will be available?

  54. Profile photo of Zaidely

    Hi Martin,
    I have been taking the preparation for the Admin 201 with your excellent focusonforce website to take the test during the next or two weeks ahead. Do you know If I should expect any changes in the Certification Exam Guide or is the Winter ’18 still the one I have to follow up? Also, are all your subjects up to date with the last release?

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Zaidely,

      Yes you should follow the Winter 18 certification exam guide. Yes we have just completed a review of all topics to make sure they are current with Winter 18.
      Best wishes for your exam.

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Emilien,

      Yes we plan on adding it this year. Sorry we don’t have a more exact date.
      We are currently finishing Platform Developer 2, then we will start on Community Cloud.

  55. Profile photo of kparsa1@gmail.com

    This site is great! I’ve recommended it all my Salesforce professional friends in the industry. Do you think that any courses will be added related to Salesforce Architecture credentials such as the ‘Sharing and Visibility Designer’, ‘Data Architecture and Management Designer’.

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Thanks for the feedback! We are currently working on PD2, then Community Cloud, so we don’t have plans at the moment for the architecture credentials but we will review again later in the year.

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Izaaz, thanks for your message. We are currently working on PD2 and then Community Cloud, so unfortunately we don’t have any news on Sharing and Visibility currently.

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Pushpa, PD2 study guide and exams are in progress, taken longer than planned as we like to be thorough and they are advanced topics!.
      Study Guide will be completed in January and practice exams end January or February.

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Vishal,

      Thanks for the question, regarding Pardot study guide – unfortunately we cannot give a date at the moment, we are currently completing Platform Developer 2 and following that Community Cloud and possibly CPQ.

  56. Profile photo of Toyeeb

    Hi Martin,
    I’ve been going through the past questions on here because i plan on taking my admin 201 exam on the 30th of this month, will this be okay for me or are there other sources i have to study from? Although i use trailhead aside from this site.

  57. Profile photo of Clayton T
    Clayton T

    Just passed Advanced Admin with the help of your content, thank you! Also looking forward to Community Cloud; any updates on when we may be able to expect that?

  58. Profile photo of Larry Cardenas
    Larry Cardenas

    @Martin –

    These guides and exams are legit and have enabled me to pass the Advanced Admin exam. I’m studying for the Platform App Builder now, and have no doubt that it’ll get me to where I need to be. I’ve pointed all my friends to this site for their certification goals.

    Thanks again.

  59. Profile photo of Izaaz Gaffar
    Izaaz Gaffar

    Hi Martin,

    I’ve been a subscriber for over a year now, however I have only ever purchased the practice exams. Can you please describe what the study guides contain – is it just a bunch of links to applicable resources? Or does it take you through section by section in detail so we can complete all the necessary study from here?


    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Izaaz,

      The study guides contain overview diagrams, summaries of the key points, screenshots, flash cards and reference links all mapped to the official study guide topics, so that you can use it as a reference to work through, and dive into the details of areas you need to learn more about, using the reference links.

  60. Profile photo of Phil

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for all your hard work on this site! Your admin content was instrumental in helping me get my first SFDC cert!

    Any future plans to include study guide/practice test content for the CPQ Specialist certification?

  61. Profile photo of Lauren L
    Lauren L

    Passed Service Cloud Consultant exam at dreamforce yesterday — much in part to this study guide. thanks for the work you do! i recommend your site often.

  62. Profile photo of Gus

    Hey, what about Platform Developer 2… Are you guys planning in rolling something out soon for that certif?

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion Carlos. Yes Field Service Lightning is becoming popular, we will put in on the list to consider adding next year.

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Horzel,

      Thanks for the followup and feedback!
      Sorry I don’t have an update on Community cloud, we are currently working on the Sales Cloud study guide, and then Platform Developer 2. Once that is done we will look at Community Cloud but I don’t have a date currently.

  63. Profile photo of Mark Rodrigues
    Mark Rodrigues

    Martin, Hello, I just discovered your website. Thank you soo much for this! I am working on my ADM 201 cert and wanted to know, Trailhead seems to have us do quite a bit in Lightning, do you know if the test going forward is/will be geared towards that UI?

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Mark,

      My understanding is that at the moment there are questions on Lightning, but only a few. Obviously this will change over time and the number will increase as Lightning is adopted further and includes all of the functionality of Classic.

  64. Profile photo of Mhtran

    Pass exam this week for Administrator and App builder. Now preparing for platform developer 1 next week. Thanks for good materials!

  65. Profile photo of Gopi

    Hi Martin
    I passed admin exam due to your valuable course content. when you going to provide sales cloud study guide
    any exact date

  66. Profile photo of bikashbhusal.dev@gmail.com

    Do you have any plans for Certified Integration Architecture Designer, Certified Identity and Access Management Designer or Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer courses?
    Cheers for the amazing product!

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Bikash, thanks for the positive feedback. We are working on Sales Cloud Study Guide and Platform Dev 2 then Community Cloud, so unfortunately no plans at the moment for the exams you mentioned.

  67. Profile photo of Luis G
    Luis G

    Hi Martin

    Thanks for the amazing site. Do You have a date for sales Cloud study Guide release ? Looking forward for it.

    Thanks in advance

  68. Profile photo of Juan Angel
    Juan Angel

    Hello team !!!
    I have successfully completed three Salesforce certification (Admin, App Builder, Platform Dev 1), so I want to say thanks for that. I also want to know if it is possible to have exam or courses for Platform Developer 2.
    Again thank you very much

  69. Profile photo of Simon

    Woo Thank YOU!. passed Platform Dev I this morning, there’s no way I could have done it without your practice exams. Very excited to hear about the Community Cloud is in the works. Is there a mailing list I can sign up for when it’s available?

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Simon, great news that you passed, congratulations! Yes signup for our general mailing list and we will let you know when we have anything new!

  70. Profile photo of Sujata

    Hi Martin, Thanks for your response. So, Developer 401 certification is the Platform app builder course right? Then what’s Platform Developer 1..??? I thought Platform Developer 1 is the developer 401. Could you please help me to understand the difference between them. Since I am planning to write developer 401 certification.

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Sujata, yes Dev 401 was configuration (which was a confusing name), that’s probably why it was renamed to Platform App Builder. Platform Dev 1 is coding with Apex and Visualforce. You should do App Builder first, so that you understand the configuration options before moving to a development solution.

  71. Profile photo of Sujata

    Hi Martin,

    I have recently passed my ADM 201 . Now I am planning to write Developer 401 certification. Just wanted to know if the materials posted here are the updated and accurate once before purchasing your course. Thanks for your help.!!

  72. Profile photo of Divyam Singla
    Divyam Singla

    Hi Martin,
    Thanks for the nice consolidated Study Guide and practise exams on Service Cloud.Passed my exam yesterday!!Any plans for Community Cloud?

  73. Profile photo of digitalstrategy_12

    Hi Martin,

    just a question regarding preparation for Advanced/Experienced Admin Certification. Is it enough to use your Study Guide and the Practice Exams? Or do i need to study other materials?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      We usually recommend a combination of Trailhead and the Focus on Force study guides and practice exams. The study guides and exams cover all of the topics in the official study guide, so you will be very well prepared after learning from them. I would suggest to work through as many Trailheads for practical hands on experience and then use the study guide and exams to reinforce and verify your knowledge before taking the exam.

  74. Profile photo of Hao Lu
    Hao Lu

    Hi Martin,

    After studying your course and taking your practice exams, I got my ADM201 two days ago! Thank you so much for providing such useful materials and they’re very helpful!

    Thank you!

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Jake,

      Access is for 12 months from purchase date. That should give you plenty of time to study.
      We don’t give lifetime access, due to the effort to continually update them and align them with Salesforce releases.

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Rain,

      We are planning the Sales Cloud study guide but it will be later this year after the PD1 study guide and Service Cloud practice questions.

  75. Profile photo of Martin

    Hi there
    is the Service Cloud Study guide (and soon to come practice exams) based on the new certification course? The exam changed a couple of months ago.


    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for your message. We monitor the official study guide for changes and update accordingly. You are right over the last few releases, some topics have changed and for Summer 17 all of the weightings have changed. Our study guide includes all of the topics listed in the current official study guide and the upcoming practice exams will be aligned with the new weightings.


  76. Profile photo of Amit

    Hi Martin,

    Just passed my Admin 201! Your website is great resource. Signing up for App. Builder course soon
    Thanks in advance.


  77. Profile photo of Saima

    Hi Martin,

    I am preparing for ADM201 certification and I have one question for study material.Is your study material is objective type or the detail topics?

  78. Profile photo of Amy Dennis
    Amy Dennis

    Hi, this site is great. I just passed the sales cloud consultant and used this site to help prepare after failing the first attempt. I see service cloud is now available which is fantastic. Any plans for Marketing Cloud consultant anytime soon? Thanks!

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Amy,

      Unfortunately no, we don’t have plans for Marketing Cloud at the moment. Currently we are working on Platform Developer 1 study guide and Service Cloud practice exams.

  79. Profile photo of Pushpa

    Hello Martin,

    Please let me know when you will make the Platform developer 1 Study guide available.. I have been waiting for the study guide .. you mentioned that it will be available by June/July… will it be available in this month?
    Please let me know.. Waiting for your reply.. Thanks very much for this wonderful site.. Passed the app builder certification because of this site 🙂

    1. Profile photo of Martin Gessner
      Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Pushpa,

      Sorry for the delay, we have been working on the Service Cloud Study Guide, following that we will complete the Platform Developer Study Guide. I don’t have a date when it will be complete yet but will be next!

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    Hi Martin, So I’ve used the App Builder and Sales Cloud Consultant practice exams which are VERY helpful (Passed!!). Are you any closer at developing the Service Cloud Consultant exams??
    Thanks, Helen

  81. Profile photo of rqueen

    Hi Martin,

    I just wanted to thank you for this website . The content has been extremely helpful. I am currently working on my Platform Dev I certification. Are you going to have a study guide on the site soon?


  82. Profile photo of Achiha

    @gouni omg thank you for this post… i was nervous .. well i am still nervous.. lol….i bought the ADM201 also…my 201 Admin exam is tomorrow and i have been using this site mainly as a study guide.. this is very good to know..

  83. Profile photo of gouni

    Great content on your site ! I bought your ADM201 practice examen. GREAT STUFF I passed !! Thanks for that. I am looking for the service and marketing clouds practice exams…. let me know when they are ready !!

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    Eric Coyle

    Any news on the Service Cloud Consultant course? LOVE to use it. Just used your course to get my ADM-201 a week after I signed up for your course – great content and structure! Best of all, it’s actually up to date.

  85. Profile photo of pihu23srh

    Hi Team,

    Is there a possibility in near future that Study Guide/Exams for Service Cloud Consultant will be made available as well?