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Certification Guide

The Salesforce Service Cloud certification is a credential developed for Salesforce professionals who have experience in implementing Service Cloud solutions on the Salesforce platform and are looking to verify their expertise. Working experience of the product is important for this certification in particular as it’s designed specifically for professionals with knowledge of implementation.

Key Facts

The exam is made up of 60 multiple choice questions

105 minutes to complete

The passing score is 67%

The Salesforce Administrator credential is a prerequisite

Cost is USD $200 and the retake fee is USD $100 if you are unsuccessful

This guide will explain everything you need to think about if you’re interested in becoming Service Cloud certified and the core topics of the exam.

In Service Cloud Consultant, there are 9 topics covered. The key areas of service cloud have the highest weightings such as case management, service console and designing an overall service cloud solution, so you need to focus on these areas to do well on the exam.



Service Cloud Solution Design


Case Management


Implementation Strategies


Service Console


Industry Knowledge


Interaction Channels


Knowledge Management


Contact Center Analytics


Integration and Data Management


Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Topic Weighting Chart

Should you obtain a Salesforce Service Cloud Certification?

If you’re a Salesforce professional looking to pursue a career working with the Service Cloud, in short, yes. In fact, Service Cloud knowledge is very transferable for any professional involved in implementation. This makes this particular certification useful for anyone looking to improve their overall Salesforce capability. That being said, it’s recommended you have an existing working knowledge of the Service Cloud with the process of becoming certified refreshing and confirming your knowledge base.

Once certified, the Service Cloud credential will help prove you are able to design and implement Service Cloud solutions across your business considering their unique requirements and ultimately hugely improve your knowledge and awareness.

Why should you bother?

This qualification is an important stepping stone to becoming a Salesforce expert. Not only will this certification help you deliver a better implementation of the Service Cloud solution, in turn heightening your organization’s performance, but it will also make you more employable in the long run.

Holding certifications improves your own professional portfolio. To an employer, a candidate who has been certified looks more appealing than a candidate who may be equivalent in most other ways but lacks the official qualification. It can help you stand out and secure better employment in your future.

Research also shows being certified can increase your earnings potential. It’s also an asset to anyone progressing within an existing Salesforce role and looking for a solid justification of an increase in salary. If you can show how a certification has improved your capacity to perform better within your role, you can use it as a tool during salary reviews.

When should you take your exam?

You should start thinking about taking this certification exam when you are familiar with Service Cloud implementation and functionality, and are working as a Salesforce Administrator or equivalent.

Before you can become a certified Service Cloud consultant, you must first complete your Salesforce Administrator certification and have the core knowledge expected of a working Admin. This is the only concrete pre-requisite for completing this exam.

Service Cloud Consultant
Certification Contents

The following are the core topic areas of the Salesforce Service Cloud certification and what you’re expected to know:

Industry knowledge

You should be able to confidently explain factors that influence key contact center metrics, KPIs and business challenges. Expect to have a solid understanding of different interaction channels and an in depth knowledge of any challenges surrounding contact centers.

Implementation Strategies

As previously mentioned, implementation knowledge is crucial for being successful in your Service Cloud certification exam. Through a given scenario, you should be able to know how to facilitate a consulting engagement plan and suitable contact center deployment strategies.

Service Cloud Solution Design

Service Cloud Solution Design is one of the core topic areas in the exam. In this section, you’ll be tested on your ability to analyze customer requirements and advise on appropriate solution design tactics including thinking about capabilities, limitations, and design trade-offs.

A good knowledge of third-party applications and custom application development is key. Working with the Service Cloud, you’ll be expected to know how to make those decisions for different organizations.

You’re also expected to be able to describe the user experience requirements that can be solved by the Salesforce Console for Service.

Knowledge Management

You’ll need to be able to explain the Knowledge lifecycle and understand how to manage Knowledge adoption and maintenance. It’s important to know factors to consider when designing a Knowledge data migration strategy. Furthermore, you should be able to grasp how to configure data categories, article types, and publishing workflow.

Interaction Channels

You should be able to describe the use cases and functionality for each interaction channel. Beyond this, you’re expected to identify differences between available email-to-case and web-to-case solutions, explaining how you can configure each successfully.

Being able to confidently explain the Open CTI features, architecture and implications is crucial. In general, you should have the capacity to think through different design considerations, including user interface, sharing model and reporting to name a few, and their best practice when configuring an interaction channel solution.

Case Management

Cases are a core aspect of the Service Cloud and you’ll need to be able to design a case management solution from beginning to end (creation to disposition), being able to qualify your design against KPIs.

You’ll need to have a good idea of relationships between cases and other areas such as assets, entitlements, and Communities.

Other aspects of case management you’ll need to understand include awareness of use cases for Chatter and Case Feed, knowing how to configure service entitlements, capabilities and limitations of Visual Workflow (in relation to case management) , and capabilities for managing cases using social media.

Service Console

A Service Console allows support agents to work on multiple records on a single screen and access different types of common productivity tools, making them work more efficiently. A Service Console can be set up in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience. You need to be aware of the features and capabilities available in the Service Console.

Contact Center Analytics

Part of your Service Cloud certification will require you to understand how to properly advice on reporting solutions to meet the needs of different stakeholders in your business. You’re expected to understand how to design appropriate and insightful reports and dashboards.

Integration & Data Management

As a certified Salesforce Service Cloud professional, you should be able to analyze the implications and design considerations of large data and transaction volumes. You’d also be expected to have the ability to explain use cases and considerations seen in contact center integration patterns.

How to start your journey to becoming certified

The exam can be hosted at your closest onsite test centre or online. If you choose to book an online exam, this requires you to be invigilated through a webcam and does demand some preparation for your computer.

Booking for an onsite proctored exam will need a booking at least 72-hour in advance, however, we recommended you book much further in advance to allow more time for preparation and assurance that you have covered all the outlined topics. An online proctored exam can be booked and taken in the same day (excluding public holidays).

It’s important to map out your path to completing this certification against your own schedule to ensure you have time to properly study. It’s recommended that you use a blend of learning materials to give you the best chance of passing the first time.

Start by outlining your target date for taking the exam and evaluate how much time you’ll have between your start and completion date. How many weeks does this give you, and how many hours a week can you dedicate to studying towards the exam?

The amount of hours you’ll need to study is really dependant on your level of experience, personal learning style, and the types of materials you can have access to. A good technique to assess this is by taking a practice exam for the Service Cloud certification. This is a very low cost way to help you determine if you’re ready for the full exam.

Once you have set out this personal timeline, we advise you to go ahead and book your exam. This gives you a concrete date to work towards and will help motivate your study time.

Study Resources

One of the guides for this certification is the official study guide produced by Salesforce. It’s imperative you’ve familiarised yourself with this before you even begin to think about your exam.

More often than not, people looking to get certified will need a blend of learning materials to successfully pass. After you’ve read the official guide, you should also complete the Service Cloud Trailhead module for a more practical revision tool. In relation to this certification, this module is fairly basic and you’ll definitely need some more advance materials to properly prepare for the exam.

We recommend you work through our Service Cloud Study Guide and Service Cloud Practice Exams. This will allow you to explore each topic area in great depth, allowing you to go into your final exam with a little bit more confidence as you’re assured you’ve covered all potential areas. Partnering this with practice exams can really help you gauge your development throughout your study period and firmly indicate if you’re going to be ready for the full exam.

Good Luck!

Once you’ve got a good idea of if the Service Cloud certification is right for you, what you need to do to prepare, the topics you’ll need to have a solid grasp for, and how you can study, you’re ready to become Salesforce certified!

You can register for the official certification exam through Kryterion’s online portal at a cost of $200 (USD), with a retake fee, should you require it, of $100 (USD).

If you’re curious about the Salesforce certification process, take a look at our guide to becoming certified.

We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have about obtaining your Salesforce certifications so feel free to get in touch. Take a look at our full range of study materials which help thousands of Salesforce experts verify their knowledge every year.

To prepare successfully for the certification exam, we recommend to work through our

Service Cloud Consultant Study Guide and Service Cloud Consultant Practice Exams.

Service Cloud Consultant
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The most efficient way to study the key concepts in the exam.

Service Cloud Consultant
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