Salesforce Associate Certification Guide

The Salesforce Associate credential is designed for Salesforce professionals who possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to understand and utilize the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform. Candidates should have a basic understanding of how an integrated CRM platform can connect departments and customer data. They should be familiar with the Salesforce platform as a user or learner and be knowledgeable of common business use cases. This exam is suitable for those who are new to the Salesforce ecosystem and may be looking to pursue a career in Salesforce or become a Salesforce Certified Professional.

Key Facts

The exam is made up of 40 multiple choice questions

70 minutes to complete

The passing score is 62%

There are no prerequisites

Cost is USD $75 and the retake fee is free

This information will assist you if you’re interested in becoming Associate certified and includes an overview of the core topics in the exam.

There are 4 areas of knowledge that are covered by the Associate certification.



Salesforce Ecosystem




Data Model


Reports & Dashboards


Associate Topic Weighting Chart

Associate Certification Contents

The following are the core topic areas of the Associate certification and what you’re expected to know:

Salesforce Ecosystem

This topic includes the following objectives:

  • Given a scenario, describe various resources available to learn and apply in-demand Salesforce skills.

  • Given a use case, identify which Salesforce Customer 360 product offerings could be used.

  • Describe how companies use Salesforce.

  • Differentiate between various job roles and career paths in the Salesforce ecosystem.


This topic includes the following objectives:

  • Given a scenario, identify how a user can locate and access necessary information.

  • Given a scenario, identify where Salesforce customization takes place.

Data Model

This topic includes the following objectives:

  • Explain the relationship between the core standard objects (account, contact, lead, opportunity, case).

  • Given a scenario, determine which feature to use to ensure data visibility.

  • Given a scenario, determine which tool to use to ensure data integrity.

Reports & Dashboards

This topic includes the following objectives:

  • Describe reports on Salesforce.

  • Describe dashboards on Salesforce.

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