Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect
Certification Guide

The Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Certification is a credential developed for Salesforce professionals who have experience in designing Sharing and Visibility solutions on the Salesforce platform and are looking to verify their expertise. Working experience of the product is important for this certification in particular as it’s designed specifically for professionals who can architect a solution for a particular customer scenario.

* NOTE : In December 2022, Salesforce updated the official exam guide. You can learn more about these changes from the official Salesforce exam guide page.

Key Facts

The exam is made up of 60 multiple choice questions (plus 5 unscored questions)


The passing score is TBD

There are no prerequisites

Cost is USD $400 and the retake fee is USD $200 if you are unsuccessful

This information will assist you if you’re interested in becoming certified as a Sharing and Visibility Architect and includes an overview of the core topics in the exam.

In the Sharing and Visibility Architect exam, there are 4 topics covered. Access to Records is the area with the highest weighting at 39%. As it is weighted highest, this is an area that you must focus on to do well in the exam.



Permissions to Standard Objects, Custom Objects, and Fields


Access to Records


Access to other Data


Implications of Security Model Choice


Sharing and Visibility Architect Topic Weighting Chart

Salesforce Sharing and Visibility
Certification Contents

The following are the core topic areas of the Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect certification and what you’re expected to know:

Permissions to Standard Objects, Custom Objects, and Fields

This section of the exam guide has five objectives that cover business scenarios with requirements related to various aspects of sharing and security in Salesforce. These include the use of object and field-level security settings to allow or restrict users’ access to different types of data, hiding data at the user interface level by configuring native features such as record types and tabs, protecting sensitive data using access controls, and programmatic enforcement of security settings in Apex and Visualforce.


Access to Records

This section has various objectives about sharing features that can be used to grant or restrict record access in Salesforce. Organization-wide defaults can be configured to restrict record access at the base level. Record access can be granted to users by using additional sharing features such as role hierarchy, sharing rules, groups, and teams. Object relationships such as master-detail and lookup relationships can also be used to support record access requirements. Records can also be shared with external users, such as customers and partners who access an Experience Cloud site. When record access needs cannot be met using declarative features, programmatic sharing can be utilized. Moreover, record access overrides, such as the ‘View All Data’ and ‘Modify All Data’ permissions, can be used for specific record access requirements.

Access to Other Data

This section has only one objective about using appropriate access controls to grant access to data that is not standard or custom objects. This data can be folders, content, Chatter data, Knowledge, Ideas, Questions/Answers, or mobile data.

Implications of Security Model Choice

This section contains objectives related to the implications of sharing solutions, license limitations, and testing the sharing model. A security model can be designed to ensure that it is maintainable at a large scale while meeting the requirements of a complex org. License limitations can impact the intended sharing solutions. Sharing and visibility can be validated using various methods. Unit tests can also be used to test programmatic sharing.

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