Salesforce Advanced Administrator 211 Certification Practice Exams and Questions

There are 10 areas of knowledge that are covered by the Salesforce Advanced Administrator certification. They are covered by the 211 Advanced Administrator training, but if you are not able to attend, then you will need to ensure you know the areas listed below well. When you think you are ready, try the practice exam quiz below.

Once you are done with the quiz, prepare for your Certification Exam with 5 realistic practice exams: Salesforce Advanced Admin 211 Practice Exams

1. Security and Access
Security and Access is the area of knowledge that carries the largest weighting, so you should know it well. This includes record access (e.g. organisation wide sharing settings, role hierarchy, sharing rules and manual sharing) and field level security. You need to know custom profiles, permission sets and delegated administration and when it is appropriate to use each of them. Territory management is also included in this section and is appropriate for those organisations that need to base their account record sharing on some characteristics of the account, instead of the usual owner and role hierarchy method of sharing.

2. Extending Custom Objects and Applications
When building custom objects, it is often the case that the object needs to be related to another standard, custom or external object. In this section you need to know the different types of relationships that can be used to extend custom objects and the considerations related to their usage. In particular, you need to know the 3 types of relationships, master-detail, many to many and lookup and the features and differences between them.

3. Auditing and Monitoring
Know the 4 auditing features: setup audit trail, login history, record modification fields and field history tracking. On the monitoring side, you should know how to monitor resources (file and data storage) and monitoring scheduled and background jobs.

4. Sales Cloud Applications
In this area, some features specific to the sales cloud are included such as products, pricebooks, schedules and quotes. Forecasting is also included in this area.

5. Service Cloud Applications
Here Salesforce Knowledge, service entitlements and processes and support agent interaction features are covered.

6. Data Management
This covers both improving and enriching data quality, by using manual processes to encourage clean data is entered, reports and apps from the appexchange to help prevent and find duplicates, apps to extend data with external information and the possibility of using integration to enable one system to be a single source of truth and updates to other systems passed automatically.

7. Content Management
Salesforce content is typically used for corporate files such as sales presentations that are delivered or presented to customers. Content allows files to organised into libraries, allows searching within content, keeps track of document versions and allows users to subscribe to particular libraries, authors, tags or individual files to receive notifications when files are added or changed.

8. Change Management
Change management includes the options for moving metadata e.g. configuration and apex code between environments and the best practices for using change sets.

9. Analytics – Reports and Dashboards
Reports and Dashboards are covered in the Administrator certification, but here questions will focus on more complex capabilities of reports and dashboards.

10. Process Automation
In this area, you should know the various automation tools available for a solution. These include workflow and approval processes.

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Once you are done with the quiz, prepare for your Certification Exam with 5 realistic practice exams: Salesforce Advanced Admin 211 Practice Exams

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