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This sample practice exam will give you an idea of what you can expect from our fully fledged Advanced Administrator Exams. It only contains a fraction of the questions from our main practice exams, but we've still made sure it's incredibly useful!

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Sample Advanced Administrator Practice Exam

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I'll summarize with this: I passed every exam I've taken on the first try thanks to focus on force.

Ryan Milyard

Focus on Focus helped me pass my admin, adv admin and platform app builder exams. The practice tests let me know what kind of questions I could expect, which helped me keep my nerves in check when I took the certs. Thank you 🙏

Amy Utkan

I have been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for over 6 years and hadn't needed to sit for my certifications until I recently started job hunting and certs became a "must-have". Despite my hands-on experience, the Focus on Force study guides and practice exams helped me to understand how the questions are formatted (with some super tricky ones designed to trip you up), and fill in many knowledge gaps that I wasn't exposed to previously. I successfully passed 5 certifications first time using their materials (Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, Platform App Builder, Advanced Admin, Admin). I love that thorough explanations and links to Salesforce sources are provided in each answer so that you can deeply understand the content. Thanks Focus on Force for the great learning experience!

Anna Duncanson

I always feel like I learn something I’m FOF that I don’t recall from Trailhead. The practice exams are priceless for not only helping retain information, but with helping to ease test anxiety.

Sonia Colaw

I just wanted to say thanks for this excellent site. I purchased your Advanced Admin exam set and it was well worth the money. The first site I have found where I believe the questions were in the right format, with correct answers and support. I passed my Advanced Admin exam this morning with the help of this! Thanks again!

Lawrence Coppin

The Advanced Admin test is a very broad coverage test. The course materials were very good for reminding me about what things I need to revisit before I took the test.

Sathya Sridhar

Great organized way to prep for the exam and helpful to clearly see areas of weakness.

Mark Miyake

Practice exams are really essential in finding your weak spots so you can review the study material. And much better then anything free I can find as all other websites have incorrect questions which would actually hinder my studying.

Danielle Clough

Focus on Force has been my go to product for all things related to Salesforce certifications. Web Interface is good and I could tell the questions were frequently updated. The explanations are excellent, alongside different options for taking tests (full exam, 20 random questions, specific topics and, etc.)

Berkeli Halmyradov

I just passed my 4th Salesforce Certification, all earned within 14 months of starting my first badge on Trailhead with no prior SFDC knowledge.

Focus On Force has been instrumental in preparing for those exam, and I wanted to say THANK YOU for providing such amazing resources. The practice exams are very reflective of the actual Salesforce exams, and the resources provided in each answer are extremely helpful. My study time is cut down to a fraction of what it would be otherwise without Focus On Force. I look forward to passing many more with your help!

Claire Crabtree

Focus on force is my go to platform whenever I have to prepare for a certification. The practice exams are very helpful as I get a detailed explanation for each answer and references to other Salesforce Knowledge Articles which help me get into the depth of the topics. Features such as certification tracker and target dates help keep the studying on track.

Owais Ali

They were terrific. Like the exam but harder.

Alice Locatelli

I found the Advanced Admin practice tests very useful. They are very hard mock tests but they prepare you for the exam well and the explanation given for each answer is really good and links to more information on Salesforce help page were also extremely helpful. Also it is great to have all answers correctly as some free websites have incorrect answers..

Andrea Szilagyi

The practice exams are great. I like to use them to find what topics I need to study. Then use the study guides and Trailhead for those sections.

Zach Rickert

The explanations for why each possible answer for a question are correct/incorrect are very helpful.

Anthony Martin

An Amazing training resource. Have been using FoF for all my certs. 100% success rate

Gabriel Amorim

This was really helpful. Content was related to the syllabus of the exam and well explained with examples and learning links.

Vibha Srivastava

Focus of Force practice exams were instrumental in helping me pass my Advanced Admin certification while I was at Dreamforce. I love how the practice exams reference Salesforce materials, making it so easy to review documentation when you get a question wrong.

Abby Douglas

Provided an organized way to review concepts. Especially having LINKS to Salesforce Documentation in wrong answers on the practice exams

Cyndy Ferguson

The best way to prepare for the official exam is to take the practice exams here and take notes on what you get wrong.

Scott Hamilton

Thanks to your Practice Exams, I passed my exam today. What a huge difference to my first try, without your exams! I not only liked the diversity and quantity of your questions but I absolutely loved your additional explanation and the convenience of the related Salesforce links! I have learned a lot through these practice exams and I was not just memorizing the content.

Marya Praxmarer

Very useful for getting into the exam mindset.

Cat Mayfield

I found the practice exams extremely useful. It helped identify what areas I needed to focus on for exam prep. I also liked having the links directly to the content. As a result of using Focus On Force, I passed my Advanced Administrator exam!

Aleisha Harris

Focus on Force is the best study resource for Salesforce exams. The study guides help you focus on the key areas for each exam and the practice exams give you great examples of how the question/answers are presented on the real exams. Best part of study guides and exams are the links to external resource to allow you to gain a deeper understanding of each topic. Highly recommend to any Salesforce professional

John Davies

Just wanted to say a big big thank you. I passed my Advanced Admin last week and your site was a huge help.
Also recommended it to my colleagues.

Peer Prieser

You Guys ROCK!!!! Hands Down!! I passed my (1) Advanced Admin Cert today (2) App Builder Cert two weeks ago and (3) Admin Cert three weeks ago. What is MORE IMPORTANT, MUCH MORE IMPORTANT, is that BECAUSE of YOUR material on I was able to MORE COMPLETELY and more ELABORATELY learn how Salesforce really works!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for making my learning experience richer. Thank you for making my Salesforce Professional World a BETTER PLACE!! I revere, respect and appreciate and the collective efforts of the FoF team because it helps me REALLY UNDERSTAND how Salesforce Works, *And* in-the-process… I efficiently pass the Cert Exams.

I passed my AdvAdmin with 100% on 5 of the 10 sections and 80% on 3 other sections. Similar experience for App Builder and Admin Certs, and I could not have authentically done it without FocusOnForce!!!)

The QUALITY and breadth-depth of the Study Guide Materials, Exam Questions, the GENIUS organization of the Questions into TOPIC AREAS so I can laser-focus on one Exam sub-topic at a time, and the STELLAR explanations of why questions/answers are right/wrong, with graphics/screenshots is INVALUABLE to my rich learning experience.

I am just SO SO grateful that you take the time to achieve this level of STELLAR QUALITY, COMPLETENESS and IMPACTFUL Enablement FIDELITY. Thank You from the bottom of my marathon learning heart.

Sincere Mahalos,
William R. (Bill) Hahn

Bill Hahn

The questions were generally on target for the test.

Ben Keller

My strategy has been to complete the related Trailhead courses and then search the internet for Practice exams. I successfully passed the Platform App Builder using this method last year. However, I had doubts about the integrity of the exams I found so when I was informed of Focus on Force I invested!

After completing the Trailhead courses I purchased the Focus on Force Advanced Administrator Practice Exams. I was not doing as well as I intended so I then purchased the Focus on Force Advanced Administrator Study Guide. It did significantly increase the amount of time I had allocated for studying, but I was successful in passing the Certification exam!!

With my success, I have become an Evangelist for Focus on Force!!

I am currently studying for my Sharing and Visibility Designer certification and will then focus on Sales and Service Clouds

Herbert Donald Edwards

Very helpful. It was instrumental to my 80% score in Salesforce Advanced Administrator Exams.

Isaac Olaosebikan

Found both extremely useful. Couldn’t have passed without both of them. Really love how up-to-date they stay.

Darrell McCracken

The material was very comprehensive and covered each topic thoroughly. I really appreciated the explanation after each question as it helped me enhance my skills and learn the topic in further detail.

Enza T.

Great materials because you explain things with references and screen captures. And despite being a person that asks too much questions, I often got answers from your team and corrections when needed.

Nadim Omran

They really show you where you need to study more and where your strengths lie!

Kacie Molina

They give me a lot of guidance on what to expect and the range and scope of topics. I don't find that there is any need for improvement. I think you cover just about everything!

Tonia Williams

They were useful in terms of knowledge.

Paul Malgwi

It was tremendously helpful for preparing for the exam. I passed even though my real work experience doesn’t cover territory mgmt, cpq, opportunities and community.

Michael Langhoff

I liked how there were explanations for the answers rather than just displaying them. The 300 questions helped me prepare for and pass my Advanced Admin exam.

Thomas D'Aprile

I received 3 certifications (Admin, Advanced Admin and Platform Developer 1) in the last 10 months using a study guide and practice exam. Along with the study guide, Practice in dev is a must. Platform Builder certification is next. I should have tried Platform Builder just after Advanced Admin then it would have been easy. The best thing is we can rely on answers for questions provided by Focus on Force. It tried others but answers are not reliable. Thank you Focus on force for good study material and practice exam. I hope to get to the Domain Architect level in the next 1 yr using the Focus on Force study material.

Deepak Bharti

Once you are done with the quiz,

prepare for your certification exam with 5 realistic practice exams.


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