Salesforce Experience Cloud
(Formerly “Community Cloud”)
Certification Practice Quiz and Sample Questions

This sample practice exam will give you an idea of what you can expect from our fully fledged Experience (Community) Cloud Consultant Exams. It only contains a fraction of the questions from our main practice exams, but we've still made sure it's incredibly useful!

* NOTE : In April 2021, Salesforce renamed “Community Cloud” certification to “Experience Cloud” certification. According to our analysis, 80% of the content in the exam is the same, and a few new topics were added. We are prioritizing updating the content and adding the new topics asap. You can learn more about these changes from the official Salesforce release note.

How to use the free sample practice exam?

There are 5 random sample questions that cover the topics in the exam. To start, simply choose your exam mode below and click Begin.


This is just a sample, for the real experience take a look at our Experience (Community) Cloud Consultant practice exams.

Sample Experience Cloud Consultant Practice Exam
(Formerly “Community Cloud” until April 2021)

Experience Cloud Sample Exam

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prepare for your certification exam with 5 realistic practice exams.

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I passed the exam! I used both the study guide and exam pack. I found the materials really useful - Community Cloud is my 4th certification that i successfully passed using FocusOnForce study material.

Olga Shirokova

The best way to prepare for the official exam is to take the practice exams here and take notes on what you get wrong.

Scott Hamilton

I passed my Community Cloud Certification on 8th August. First attempt! I studied with the notes and then used the practice questions. The exam went smoothly. FoF is the best resource for the certification exams.

Sarosh Khawar

I found the Community Cloud practice exams very useful. The ability to take the tests multiple times was great. Being able to see the answers and where in the application they could be seen was helpful. The style of the questions was very similar to the actual test. My only SFDC experience was two months of using Trailhead training prior to taking the Admin certification test, and your practice tests made all the difference. I passed the test the first time!

Andy Scarborough

Focus on Force was probably the most helpful part of my certification preparation. Not only the tests, but the extremely well-documented explanation of the answers really helped me learn. I also liked the variety of test options.

Andy Atkins

This is the 5th certification I have achieved this year and by far the hardest. Thanks to the great practice questions, I was able to pass first time, so cannot speak highly enough of the concept and content.

David Scullion

I've passed my Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant Exam yesterday from first attempt, using this study guide and practice exam + trailhead. Thank you so much for compiling the required content in such concise manner, which is amazingly specific for the exams. I've also passed my Sales Cloud Consultant exam in Nov last year, using Focus on Force materials and will definitely be using Focus on Force materials for any further certifications! Thank you so much again for all your efforts and knowledge putting the content together.

Elina Meacham

Just passed Community Cloud cert, which took about 4 weeks of prep. The study guide and practice exams were very helpful. Anyone who is planning to sit for this cert, just use the study guide, read through all the additional SF links in each section, and take the corresponding topic exam after each lesson. If you have time, do one of the trailmixes for hands-on, so you know where each feature is, what it does and the config, customisation it supports. Good luck.

Vimalesh Selvaraj

Focus on Force is the best study resource for Salesforce exams. The study guides help you focus on the key areas for each exam and the practice exams give you great examples of how the question/answers are presented on the real exams. Best part of study guides and exams are the links to external resource to allow you to gain a deeper understanding of each topic. Highly recommend to any Salesforce professional

John Davies

Thank you FocusonForce for the fantastic study material and practice tests! I passed my Certification!!

Sunitha Vissapragada

I passed and the Community Cloud practice exams was most of what I used.

Robert J Hansen

I studied mainly by Focus on Force materials and passed all 3 exams from the first attempt

Lilit Sargsyan

Thank you Focus on Force, your site has helped me pass Experience Cloud to add to my other 7 certifications. I’ve used your site to learn and pass all 8 and your site has been invaluable in my Salesforce Journey.


Once you are done with the quiz,

prepare for your certification exam with 5 realistic practice exams.


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