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This sample practice exam will give you an idea of what you can expect from our fully fledged Platform App Builder Exams. It only contains a fraction of the questions from our main practice exams, but we've still made sure it's incredibly useful!

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Platform App Builder Sample Exam

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The materials were up to date with the latest Salesforce releases. I really liked the reference material to Salesforce documentation that was shown for every answer. The questions were in a similar format as the actual test questions.

Stephen Weberman

A BIG thanks for the well organized Platform App Builder study material and mock exams. Using the course material and then the practice exams, I was able to gauge where I needed to spend more study time. The fee for this material is a pittance to pay, for the tremendous value I received (not complaining, mind you).

Adam Schoolsky

The materials were very helpful! The Study Guide + Practice exams gave me the "extra" edge to pass the Platform App Builder exam on my first try.

Donna Hudson

I wanted to reach out and say both your study guides and practice tests were the biggest reasons why I passed today.

Eason Recto

It is very helpful for anyone who is preparing for Salesforce Certification. As a matter of fact I passed the Platform App Builder Exam recently, just by reviewing the practice exams that you put out there.

Menen Zenebe

Just wanted to say thank you for this great site. I passed the App Builder exam today, your site helped me the most to prepare for it.

Mike Lud

I passed the exam with the first attempt. Your Exam Mockups were extremely helpful to prepare for the test and I will recommend to my colleagues to use them as well.

Manfred Lurz

I have been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for over 6 years and hadn't needed to sit for my certifications until I recently started job hunting and certs became a "must-have". Despite my hands-on experience, the Focus on Force study guides and practice exams helped me to understand how the questions are formatted (with some super tricky ones designed to trip you up), and fill in many knowledge gaps that I wasn't exposed to previously. I successfully passed 5 certifications first time using their materials (Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, Platform App Builder, Advanced Admin, Admin). I love that thorough explanations and links to Salesforce sources are provided in each answer so that you can deeply understand the content. Thanks Focus on Force for the great learning experience!

Anna Duncanson

Just wanted to say thank you - I passed my Certified Platform App Builder exam today, both the courseware and the exams were a huge help in that.

Christopher Matera

The questions were great, I passed the exam first time. The way the questions were organized really helped me focus on what I needed to study on, so was really pleased with it.

Alastair Dutton

I found the practice exams useful, being in the same format along with having the timer made it easier to pace myself during the actual exam.

Cory Wooden

Just wanted to thank you for putting the material together for the App Builder Certification. It was a big help and I passed the other day.

Ralph Fox

I had enrolled for App Builder Study Guide and mock tests. They were very helpful in learning the concepts and i cleared my app builder certification. Thanks a lot.

Nikhila Ramana

These tests were so incredibly helpful for studying for the exam. I used your App Builder test, which was a life-saver in a relatively new testing area, and the Admin test as well. I passed both on my first try! I’ve recommended them to other folks I work with for studying for their exams. I especially appreciate the links to the Salesforce help articles in relation to the questions.

Brenna Hawley Craig

I did find the exams helpful. I took the app builder certification test on Friday and passed on the first try. The format of the test was great preparation for the real thing. However, what helped the most was being able to identify topics where I lacked knowledge. Then I was able to use the included reference links to study those areas in depth.

Chris Gardener

I've passed my App builder certification in the first attempt. FOF material is really helpful but Exam questions were really tricky as compared to question in exam guide. One should need a deep understanding of the data model and declarative automation tools.

Jaya Tiwari

Those were great test exams that really helped identify what and how to study for the exam. I passed!

Sheila Mcevoy

The materials are very useful. Very good structured and make a lot of sense. I had some similar questions on my exam and I successfully passed it.

Vacheslav Aronov

I passed by Platform App Builder Certification Exam yesterday and wanted to tell you how helpful the your exams were. I used them about mid-way through my preparation process to see what I knew and didn't know and which areas I need to focus on most. Being able to prioritize those areas helped me exponentially! Thank you for this excellent tool!

Tina J.

The practice exams were very useful and practical. I was able to pass the app builder exam on the first try and I’m so glad I had the practice exams as a resource.

Kristin Hasna

I've had worked on Salesforce for many years but never done certifications this was a great way for me to truly understand where I am at and what I needed to focus on for the exams. I was able to pass the Admin and App Builder exams in consecutive weeks with your material!

Bryce Marshall

It was my first-time experience with Focus on fForce for the Salesforce certification. I am really happy the way your website designed, and helped me to understand with the example for the incorrect and correct answer. Great platform to prepare for the salesforce certification. I cleared it last Saturday.

Pranav Chitrans

I found the practice exams very effective. They identified specific areas I needed to improve in, which allowed me to concentrate my studying time on those areas, and I passed the test as a result. Thanks!

Matt Edmondson

You Guys ROCK!!!! Hands Down!! I passed my (1) Advanced Admin Cert today (2) App Builder Cert two weeks ago and (3) Admin Cert three weeks ago. What is MORE IMPORTANT, MUCH MORE IMPORTANT, is that BECAUSE of YOUR material on I was able to MORE COMPLETELY and more ELABORATELY learn how Salesforce really works!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for making my learning experience richer. Thank you for making my Salesforce Professional World a BETTER PLACE!! I revere, respect and appreciate and the collective efforts of the FoF team because it helps me REALLY UNDERSTAND how Salesforce Works, *And* in-the-process… I efficiently pass the Cert Exams.

I passed my AdvAdmin with 100% on 5 of the 10 sections and 80% on 3 other sections. Similar experience for App Builder and Admin Certs, and I could not have authentically done it without FocusOnForce!!!)

The QUALITY and breadth-depth of the Study Guide Materials, Exam Questions, the GENIUS organization of the Questions into TOPIC AREAS so I can laser-focus on one Exam sub-topic at a time, and the STELLAR explanations of why questions/answers are right/wrong, with graphics/screenshots is INVALUABLE to my rich learning experience.

I am just SO SO grateful that you take the time to achieve this level of STELLAR QUALITY, COMPLETENESS and IMPACTFUL Enablement FIDELITY. Thank You from the bottom of my marathon learning heart.

Sincere Mahalos,
William R. (Bill) Hahn

Bill Hahn

Your site is great! I passed the Salesforce Platform App Builder Exam yesterday.

Alberico Anobile

Once you are done with the quiz,

prepare for your certification exam with 5 realistic practice exams.


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