Salesforce Platform Developer I

Exam Readiness

Salesforce Platform Developer I

Exam Readiness

Salesforce Platform Developer I Accelerator Workshops

This course is  delivered by a senior instructor with many years of real world Salesforce experience. The instructor will cover  exam tips and techniques  in addition to working through sample questions and how to select the correct answers.

Course Overview

We are excited to announce the launch of the Platform Developer 1 Exam Readiness Accelerator Course!

This course include exam readiness techniques, run through of sample questions and discussion of the correct and incorrect answers. You will review sample exam questions in each topic area and learn how to interpret the concepts being tested so that you can better eliminate incorrect responses. You’ll work through sample questions to understand the rationale behind correct and incorrect answer choices.

Accelerate your learning with an instructor's guidance! Studies show that learners are much more engaged and are able to retain information better by way of lectures, discussions, and an exchange of thoughts & ideas!

In the recorded video sessions, we walk you through how the exam is structured, including question formats, content domains, and the breakdown of questions across those domains.

In this course, you will learn what to expect at the testing center and while taking the exam.

You will also learn how to interpret the concepts being tested by a question so that you can better eliminate incorrect responses. You will have the chance to apply knowledge and test concepts through a series of practice exam questions.

Our sample questions are regularly updated so are current with the latest Salesforce release.

The course is taught by certified Salesforce professionals who have personal experience passing multiple Salesforce Certification exams, and can help you identify areas for additional work and study.

At the end of these sessions, you will gain confidence and be ready to take the exam. 

Course Outline:

  • Testing Center Information and Expectations vs Online Proctored
  • Exam Overview and Structure
  • Content Domains and Question Breakdown
  • Topics and Concepts with Content Domains
  • Question Structure and Interpretation Techniques
  • Practice Exam Questions

We will cover:

  • What to expect from the exam
  • How the exam is structured, including question types
  • How to differentiate conceptual, code-based, and scenario-based questions
  • How to determine how questions relate to topics
  • How to analyze scenarios, code, or concepts being tested in an exam question
  • How to allocate your study time for the exam

Reduce Exam Anxiety

Learn from Certified Experts

Learn to navigate the questions and structure of the test and interpret concepts being tested

Course Contents

  • Planning Your Study
  • Understanding the Exam
  • Determining Your Target Date
  • Scheduling and Registering
  • Question Strategy
  • What to do if you have to Retake
  • Sample Question Run Throughs


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