Business Analyst Accelerator

The Focus on Force Business Analyst Accelerator  is an in-depth practical training program for new and experienced business analysts to boost their Salesforce BA skills!

Our program is tailor-made to provide practical experience and challenges that let you put your knowledge to work in real-world scenarios. Led by an expert instructor, you'll receive valuable feedback to help you excel. By the end of the workshop, you'll have a deep understanding of the concepts and competencies necessary to succeed as a business analyst.

Program Benefits

Mastery of Essential Knowledge

Core Competencies

Our workshop covers essential business analysis concepts and competencies, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to succeed as a business analyst.

Get Hands-On Experience

Real-World Challenges

Our Business Analyst Accelerator Workshop provides a practical approach to learning, giving you the opportunity to apply your skills in real-world scenarios and challenges.

Elevate Your Skills

Case Studies

Through exposure to real-life industry use cases and scenarios, you'll learn to apply best practices and techniques to real-world projects, setting you apart as a skilled and capable business analyst.

Stay ahead in the game

Certification-Driven Curriculum

Our Salesforce Business Analyst Workshop covers all of the topics in the Salesforce Business Analyst certification exam. Bonus: free access to the Focus on Force Business Analyst study guide and practice exams.

Learn from the Best

Expert Instructor and Guest Speakers

Our Salesforce Business Analyst Workshop features expert instructors and guest speakers who are top professionals in the industry. Gain invaluable insights and practical knowledge from their years of experience and get ahead in the competitive world of business analysis.

Bonus Practical Guide

Ebook: The Salesforce Business Analyst Essentials

Complement your program experience with our bonus ebook. Authored by Martin Gessner, the founder of Focus on Force, this bonus ebook covers essential topics such as necessary skills, job descriptions, technology requirements, job seeker tips and important soft skills. Packed with invaluable insights and practical techniques, this guide is an indispensable resource for any aspiring Salesforce business analyst.

Certificate of Completion

Upon completing our Salesforce Business Analyst Workshop, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, proving your mastery of essential skills and knowledge in business analysis. This certification will give you a competitive edge in the job market and demonstrate your commitment to professional development.

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Program Options

On Demand

12 Modules

Watch session videos at your own pace and time

20+ Hours of BA Accelerator Program Videos

BA Accelerator On-Demand

Ignite Your Learning Journey for only $199

   20+ hours of Salesforce Business Analyst Accelerator session videos

   Curated and delivered by industry experts
   Bonus Study guide and practice exams
✔   Certification driven curriculum
   Learn at your own pace
✔   Study guide - includes links of extra resources for further reading
✔   Scenarios and requirements with sample answers
   Assignments with sample solutions

   Practical application of your learning through Hands-on Challenges
   Vibrant Focus on Force Slack community for support

Class Details

Session 1

Customer Discovery - Learn how to conduct customer centric customer discovery

Learn the five most important questions to ask to truly understand a business, as well as how to conduct customer-centric discovery through knowing, being, connecting with, and creating with your customer. Master challenge framing and scoping techniques, along with shadowing and interviewing skills, and discover the benefits and creation process of journey maps for a holistic understanding of the customer experience

Session 2

Customer Discovery - What is the role of a Business Analyst?

Delve into what a business analyst is and their vital role in organizations, along with the essential skills and key activities that a BA needs to master. You'll gain an understanding of common misconceptions and best practices surrounding the BA profession, and learn to differentiate between BA and admin roles. Additionally, this session will cover the implementation lifecycle and its phases, associated business activities, and the required skillsets of a BA

Session 3

Customer Discovery - Relating Requirements to a Salesforce solution

Learn how to analyze and optimize your Salesforce org using the Salesforce Optimizer tool, as well as how to use the Security Health Check to improve org security. You'll also learn how to run an org impact analysis and gain an understanding of entity relationship diagrams (ERD) and their applications. Additionally, the course covers Salesforce 360 and the different clouds and solutions offered, Lightning Usage app metrics, and User Interface org information to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your Salesforce environment

Session 4

Collaboration with Stakeholders - Communicating and Building Trust with Stakeholders

Discover project history analysis, stakeholder elicitation, and engagement methods, as well as communication tips for verbal, nonverbal, written, and visual communication. You'll also learn how to create an inspiring environment, develop a content strategy, delve into V2MOM and whiteboarding. Additionally, the session covers stakeholder analysis using the stakeholder wheel, how to build trust and influence others, relationship design, and how to overcome challenges when working with stakeholders and effectively engage them.

Session 5

Collaboration with Stakeholders - Learn Elicitation Techniques

Gain an overview of elicitation techniques, including but not limited to interviewing, focus groups, and questionnaire/survey methods. Additionally, you'll learn about solution roadmap, process improvement, prototyping, root cause analysis, and organizational modeling, as well as storytelling and storyboarding techniques.

Session 6

Collaboration with Stakeholders - Manage Project Requirements and Scope

Dive into a broad range of topics including an overview of Salesforce core platform and clouds s and how to handle technical debt. Learn adoption best practices, sales enablement, and documentation types with best practices. Discover how to effectively manage project requirements to obtain sign-off, classify project requirements, and engage stakeholders in scope planning. Additionally, understand how to identify and manage scope creep and navigate the triple constraints of time, cost, and scope.

Session 7

Business Process Mapping - Learn the Steps involved in BPM

Explore scoping and process mapping, including an introduction to UPN and its 5 principles. We will dive into the steps involved in business process mapping and the use of various process diagrams and models.

Session 8

Business Process Mapping - Learn about Diagramming Tools and Best Practices

Understand the key steps to documenting processes, including an overview of business process mapping steps and best practices. Explore the tools and software available for business mapping, as well as other process diagrams and models. Additionally, learn about diagramming best practices and the importance of governance, including roles and responsibilities and lean governance framework

Session 9

Requirements - Align requirements and user stories by engaging business and technical stakeholders

Understand the importance of engaging both business and technical stakeholders for alignment, and learn the difference between requirements and user stories to effectively capture and prioritize project needs.

Session 10

Requirements - Manage requirements in Scrum and Kanban workflows

Discover Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban, and learn how to manage changing requirements, prioritize user stories based on risk, and capture, triage, and prioritize them effectively. Explore the role of requirements documents and version control systems (e.g., Git and GitHub) in software development projects, and master collaboration and workflow techniques to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Session 11

User stories - Learn how to write effective User Stories and Acceptance Criteria

Explore user stories and their components, including how to write effective user stories and evaluate their quality. Assess acceptance criteria and its creation, and identify what distinguishes good from bad criteria. Define the concept of "done" and learn how it is created. Understand the significance of version control systems in the context of user stories, including their usage and sample use cases. Compare Git and Github, including their collaboration and workflow features

Session 12

User Acceptance - Understand how to Plan and Conduct successful UAT sessions

Delve into the concept of User Acceptance Testing (UAT), including its definition and when it should be conducted. Gain a deeper understanding of the UAT steps, with a focus on planning and best practices to ensure successful testing. In addition, learn about the role of Business Analysts in UAT, including identifying testers and detailed UAT steps. Gain insights into how UAT fits into the Agile software development process and best practices to ensure successful testing. Finally, explore the considerations that need to be taken into account when making release decisions, such as large data volume and release updates. Practice developing scenario-based requirements and solutions to make informed decisions.

Your Instructor

Nadeem Mahran


7x Certified Salesforce Consultant

Expert in the Salesforce ecosystem as both a consultant and an administrator with direct experience in transforming business requirements into Salesforce solutions.

Skilled in simplifying technical concepts for easy comprehension and empowering individuals and teams.

Talented in creating engaging and effective training programs that cater to diverse learners to fully leverage the platform.

Guest Speakers

Frances Harris // Revenue Systems Manager

Frances has worked on the Salesforce platform for over 10 years, primarily as a Business Analyst and Administrator.  She has relied heavily on her Business Analyst skills to elicit business requirements and write documentation such as user manuals, change logs, and project plans.

Aleksandra Kaczmarek // Marketing Automation Consultant

Aleksandra is 9x Salesforce Certified. She has 5 years of experience as Consultant in solutions for Marketing Automation and also a Certified Scrum Master with experience on international projects as Business Analyst.

Susan Baumbach // Senior Business Analyst

Susan has extensive experience in Salesforce and marketing platforms, specializing in discovery sessions, user story writing, backlog management, sprint configuration, and as a Marketing Automation Consultant for non-profit associations, implementing Pardot and Marketing Cloud.

Stacy Becker // Senior Project Manager/Business Analyst

Stacy is a certified Salesforce BA and a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO). She has been performing business analysis and project management for various software companies for over 10 years.  She has worked as a consultant, a Product Owner on a Scrum team developing software and has helped numerous companies, universities and teams re-evaluate and transform their processes.

Ravi Nanda // Agile Coach & Scrum Master

Ravi has been in Information Technology for 25+ years and has worked in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2016. He started his career in IT consulting and now enjoys agile coaching for organizations, leaders, and teams. He is (2X Salesforce, CSPO, CSM, and ICP-ACC.

Lucas Femminella // Global Product Owner

Lucas is a Software Engineer with +13 years of experience. Throughout these years he played different roles across all different kinds of projects, industries and client sizes. He holds 14 Salesforce Certifications.

Benjamin Lawrence// Senior Manager - Engagement Delivery

Benjamin is 6x Salesforce Certified, PMP, CSM and SAFE certified Scaled Agileist. He has over 15 years of Project Management experience in the high tech space. He leads large Salesforce transformations and also an authorized salesforce instructor.


What our customers say

The Business Analyst study guide is well-designed and aligned with the exam syllabus, with clear and comprehensive content. It not only helped me pass the exam, but also provided practical insights that will benefit my Salesforce career.

Simon Shah

I found that the BA Accelerator sessions coupled with the associated study materials made it easier to pass the certification exam. The practice questions were well designed to make it easier to decipher the exam questions. I cannot recommend Focus on Force enough.

David Noe

The Business Analyst Accelerator course was an excellent asset to my professional knowledge. With very well-organized and detailed classes, you can extract unique content, clear your doubts in real time with practical and real-world examples, and listen to people who are experts on the market. Also, it made me feel confident to take the Salesforce Business Analyst certification.

Lucas Campos

Frequently Asked Questions

  • On - Demand

  • Live Online Classes

  • General

How is the on-demand different from the live sessions?

While the live workshop offers real-time interaction with instructors and the opportunity to engage in discussions and Q&A sessions, the on-demand workshop is a pre-recorded, self-paced program. You can pause, rewind, and revisit the materials as needed, enabling a personalized learning experience. However, please note that the on-demand workshop does not provide direct interaction with instructors. Both the live workshop and on-demand workshop cover the same core concepts and deliver high-quality content. 

Can I interact with instructors or ask questions if I am using the on-demand materials?

While the on-demand workshop is self-paced, direct interaction with instructors is not available. However, participants can join our dedicated Slack community channel to seek assistance, engage with other learners and Focus on Force team. Alternatively you can also utilize the feedback form on the topic page.

How long will I have access to the on-demand materials?

The on-demand materials will be accessible for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

Will I receive a certificate or any proof of completion?

Once all lessons and topics have been marked as completed, a "Print Your Certificate" button will appear on top right portion of the course page, allowing you to generate your certificate.

I've purchased the on-demand version, what are the next steps?

After purchasing the On-demand version of the workshop, you will receive an email. This email will provide instructions on accessing the on-demand materials, including the specific pages to visit. You may also find a course navigation video to guide you through the platform.

Is there a specific schedule or deadline for completing the on-demand materials?

No, the on-demand is self-paced, allowing participants to watch the videos and go through the modules at their convenience. There are no specific deadlines for completion, providing the flexibility to learn at your own pace and optimize understanding and retention of the material.

Is there any technical support available for concerns while accessing the materials?

If you encounter any technical issues or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@focusonforce.com for assistance.


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