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  1. Sipra Das

    Hi FOF Team
    I cleared the Community Cloud Certification yesterday. The Practice exam and explanation topics was so useful. I gained lot of knowledge ,Thank you so much

  2. Danielle

    Our organization recently starting using Salesforce Communities. As the Admin, I had no idea to really work with them. I decided to take the exam so that I would learn how to use them. I used the Focus on Force exams and the study guide – and learned so much in the process. I just got back from taking the test, and I passed! A huge thank you to the Focus on Force team for all that you’ve put together in helping me prepare for this test. It was a tough one, and I’m so grateful that it’s done! 🙂 But more importantly, I’m so grateful for the knowledge that I gained. I work for a nonprofit organization, and this knowledge is going to help us to even better serve our clients. Thank you for your role in changing lives!

    1. Rielle G.

      Awesome news, Danielle! Congratulations on clearing the exam, and thank you for sharing your experience! The whole FOF team is happy to know that we are able to help, cheers!

  3. Laurence Hall

    I ONLY used focus on force practice exams on my Service Cloud Consultant study plan. While I have implemented several communities, I went into the exam thinking I might have to retake. This was actually all of the prep I needed and got higher marks than I anticipated.. and passed. This was definitely worth it.

  4. Michael H

    Hello. In the Experience Builder exam study guide, I know you removed the section “Given a scenario, determine optimal ways to deliver targeted web or data content”. However, there are still questions popping on your Focus on Force Community Cloud Practice Exam(s) wherein the answer given (i.e. your explanation of the correct answer) will refer to the afore-mentioned section that no longer exists.

    “Cosmic Solutions uses SharePoint Online for document management and storage. Community users of the company require access to documents in SharePoint. What can be enabled by an administrator to allow access to external SharePoint data from the community?”

    The answer to this question in the exam references the Detailed Objective: “Given a scenario, determine optimal ways to deliver targeted web or data content.”

    1. Sara S.

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for raising this! We will look into the questions and remove those that belong to the retired detail objective.

  5. Richard Jenkins

    Passed the Community Cloud exam a couple of days ago. The material in the FOF course and the practice exams was very useful so thanks for all your efforts in providing these learning materials. The actual exam questions were tougher but if all the Learn More links are studied as well that should be enough (with some hands-on experience also) to get anyone through the exam.

  6. Frederic Freyermuth

    Thanks to focus on force team. I have just passed community cloud certification. Exam questions are tough but focus on force quiz is of great help. Thanks to FocusOnForce team for this great courses and quiz. It helped me a lot as a global review tool and identify where I need to deep dive and focus on.

  7. Mino Bürge

    I cleared my Community Cloud Certification exam yesterday.
    The FocusOnForce Exam Questions where very helpful source, to study and learn. But the real excam questions are harder to answer.
    Thank you

  8. Kal Mulam

    I took the exam based on this study guide and the question papers but the actual exam was too tough. Cannot pass the certification just based on this study guide and the sample questions. Lots and lot of hands on real-time scenario experience is required to clear this certification.

    1. Sara S.

      Hi Kal,

      Sorry to hear that. Several people have claimed that it is one of the hardest consultant exams to clear. At least, the exam results would be able to guide you on which categories or topics to review further.

      We agree that hands-on experience really helps. There are some Trailhead modules about communities which can provide scenarios to practice on. It would also be good to create a community on a dev org and use the different features and settings where possible.