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Experience Cloud Consultant - Certification Goal

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  1. Xavier Carrigan

    I want to assume an update to this just occurred(?) I was in the middle of the 20 Question Bank test, suddenly answers were no longer being checked and I needed to log back in. When I did, much to my surprise, I noticed a third practice test! Awesome! I hope this was an actual update. However, it begs the question, was the full question bank of all 8 sections also updated?

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hello Xavier, yes, you are correct! We have updated Experience Cloud last Friday, 20May2022. We have added the Practice Exam #3 and refreshed all the other exams including Exam #1 and #2. Best wishes on your study preparations.

      1. Xavier Carrigan

        Excellent! I am scheduled for Wednesday. Hope to post back here with some good news. FoF helped me finally pass my Administrator Certificate back in January. I have confidence in this one, too.