In Recognition of

The Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary for their exceptional efforts and remarkable impact to society

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The month of June is especially important for us here at Focus on Force and K2 Partnering Solutions because it's the month when we reconnect with our core values and ask ourselves, "What good have we done for society this year?" and "How have we utilized our organization's platforms to affect positive change?"

This month, we'd like to recognize the
Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary for the importance of their work and support them in their noble mission. This non-profit, Philippine-based animal shelter rescues, rehabilitates, and finds "forever homes" for animals in vulnerable situations.

Our campaign seeks to raise funds that will directly contribute to the shelter's operations, including medical care, shelter maintenance, food supplies, adoption drives and community outreach programs. By supporting this campaign, we can ensure that the animals in their care receive the attention and resources they desperately need. Please visit their website DumagueteAnimalSanctuary.com to learn more about them and get familiar with all the amazing things they do, as well as all the lives they've saved!

We sincerely hope that you will join us in making a positive impact on the lives of these animals and our community as a whole.

Campaign donations can be made directly via the following links:

More about DAS

Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary

How can you help?

Let us count the ways... 


You can help by taking one of their rescued dogs into your family, giving it a safe and loving environment.


Support special projects, assist with running operational costs or simply buy some food. Every penny matters!


Become a sponsor by regularly sending money to look after a specific dog and receive regular updates.


Give a dog a temporary in-between home and look after them while they recover or wait for adoption.

Take Action

Look after stray dogs in your neighborhood by providing food and basic medicine. You can save a life too!


Offer your time, talents and skills. All of which are priceless and would be greatly helpful, as well as appreciated.


Plan events, organize campaigns and fundraisers with your friends or communities in support of DAS.

Spread the word

Like, follow and share their Facebook page and website with your friends and contacts. 


Lives saved by the Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary

Please don't look away.

It might be challenging to watch these videos, but it is reality.

The Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary faces this reality head-on, and are doing what so many of us could only wish we were brave enough to. They face this kind of reality everyday... And we are so grateful for them!

For choosing to be present for those horrible moments, for stepping up and taking on this enormous responsibility, relentlessly paying for a debt that was never theirs to begin with. Allowing their lives to get consumed by rescue missions and looking after over a hundred animals in their care.

They are truly our heroes.

But, like us, they are human. They cannot survive on passion alone.

With no government-funding, the Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary operates solely on donations and sponsorships. That's the silver lining! We can actually help. And that's what this campaign is about, so everyone can take a part and contribute to this cause. 

Everyone can get involved.

We sincerely hope that you will join us in making a positive impact on the lives of these animals and our community as a whole.

Rescuing strays isn't just life-changing for homeless animals, it's usually life-saving...

More about what they do...

A sneak peak into their everyday routines...

Please visit the Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary Facebook page to learn more about them


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