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Winter 16 is Coming

Winter is Coming…

While you are pondering over deploying the new Summer ’15 features, here is more news. The plan for Salesforce Winter ’16 release is out.

It is time to plan your registrations for getting a sandbox preview of Winter ’16 features as and when it becomes available. You would need to take action before September 4, 2015 in case you are planning to make your Sandbox part of the Winter ’16 preview.

Detailed instructions for enrolling your Sandbox for the Winter ’16 preview have been provided here:


An important point to note about Winter ’16 is that, Connect for Outlook will no longer be available. So in case you are using Connect for Outlook, it is time for you to consider migration to Salesforce for Outlook.

Shown below is the official Salesforce Release plan:

Source: https://success.salesforce.com/06930000005PiLW

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