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Since its founding in 2015, Focus on Force has published many articles written by talented guest writers from all over the world. If you have a thing or two to share about Salesforce and its global community, now is the time to reach Focus on Force's worldwide audience!

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Featured Guest Writers

Guest Author Aaron Toner

Aaron Toner

London based, guitar slinging Salesforce Administrator/Consultant obsessed with empowering users with Salesforce tools to perform firing on all cylinders.

Mary Mendoza

Mary Mendoza

Denizen of the Greater Boston area, cat lover, bi-lingual (fluent in English and Spanish) Salesforce Administrator and BA, always looking to help end users, simplify processes and leave things better than I found them!

Guest Author Dave Ge

Dave Ge

Sailing Instructor, 9x certified Salesforce Administrator, Math Tutor.

Chauhan Abhi

Abhi Chauhan

From India, 4X Certified Salesforce Developer with Experience in TIBCO and MuleSoft. A foodie, and a DIY type of person who likes helping people.

Zoe Morris Guest Writer

Zoë Morris

President of Salesforce staffing firm Mason Frank International. Under Zoë’s leadership, the company has consistently achieved substantial year on year growth as well as winning many industry-based awards.

Cary Walkin Guest Writer

Cary Walkin

A Chartered Accountant, 10x Salesforce certified, and has an MBA from York University. Before becoming a Salesforce expert, he created a full length video game — Arena.Xlsm — entirely in Microsoft Excel. The game was launched to over 600,000 players & featured by over 150 media outlets.

What are the requirements?

Focus on Force was founded by Martin Gessner back in 2015 to help Salesforce professionals achieve their Salesforce certification goals. Part of our mission is to publish content that will benefit our community of 100,000+ Focus on Force users worldwide. Because of this, we have some requirements in place to maintain quality:

Open to all Focus on Force users of the past and present who are Salesforce certified and/or currently working within the Salesforce ecosystem (i.e. as a Salesforce Admin, Consultant, Developer, etc.)

Articles submitted must be 100% original (we run a plagiarism check), around 1,000-1,500 words in length, well-structured with headings and sub-headings; uses easy, conversational language that is informative, and has never been published yet on other websites, blogs, or publications.

Articles must be Salesforce related with a purpose to inform and educate our users. Focus on Force will not publish articles showing biases against any race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws.

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Focus on Force has 100,000+ account users worldwide, a mailing list of 60,000+  subscribers,

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