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A Working Mother in Salesforce: Defying Odds and Achieving Success

Working Mother in Salesforce

I was in a state of euphoria after I finally managed to pass my Salesforce Administrator certification on my third attempt. After nearly 15 months in the Salesforce realm, I have achieved two certifications and have my sights set on obtaining more. Amidst this journey, there is a deeply personal narrative that has been yearning to be shared for quite a while. I, however, decided to hold back until I achieved something substantial. I believe this is the perfect time to finally share it.

A few years ago, while I was pregnant, I faced a difficult situation when my previous employer forced me to resign because of my pregnancy. While it is not common among companies in the Western world, some countries still hold the belief that pregnant women are incapable of fulfilling their duties. 

What they fail to realize is that women often put in extra effort at work while carrying life and striving to provide the best for their children. Despite facing challenges like dealing with pregnancy symptoms during office hours, attending appointments with my gynecologist, and even defeating the floods in Chennai, India to make it to work; nothing could have prepared me for the sudden and devastating news I received one day — I was ousted!

Surrounded by melancholy and loneliness, I found myself sitting, tossing and turning on my bed, unsure of my future. My husband gave me a few books to read, and one particular story of a determined woman fighting against all odds resonated deeply with me. With the support of my family, I started rebuilding my life. During HR calls, I chose to be honest about my pregnancy, and while many passively congratulated me, only a few employers were genuinely supportive, offering maternity breaks and encouraging me to join them immediately.

In just a span of 25 days, I was fortunate enough to receive job offers from five different companies, all of which embraced and accommodated my pregnancy. Gratefully, I selected a company that placed great importance on my well-being, checking in on my health daily. Additionally, my colleagues were truly exceptional, providing me with valuable guidance, unwavering patience, and unwavering support as I navigated the Salesforce learning process during this significant life transition.

There is no denying that it was an arduous journey. Despite dedicating myself to studying Trailhead, study guides, and practice exams, I encountered difficulties with the specialized terminology of Salesforce during my initial attempt, which took place a mere three weeks before my delivery date. While I was aware that passing the exam was unlikely, I took comfort in the fact that I could identify certain questions and terms after immersing myself in Salesforce for just two and a half months.

Working Mothers in Information Technology

After coming back from maternity leave, I had to begin again while also ensuring the well-being of my newborn. 

This article is dedicated to all working mothers, particularly those who are new to balancing work and taking care of their babies, often feeling overwhelmed and criticizing themselves. It's crucial to recognize that it's perfectly normal to feel exhausted and on the brink of giving up when you're recovering physically, nurturing a baby, and managing work responsibilities. When those moments arise, it's important to pause, take a rest, relax, hydrate yourself, and visualize your future goals and aspirations. And then, look at your baby, drawing strength and motivation from the love and joy they bring.

If your body and mind are not in sync, it may be a telling sign that you need to calm down. Reach out to your family and partner, and communicate your anxieties. Believe me, if you're not feeling well, it will impact both your personal and professional life. Despite being confident about my second attempt, I couldn't cross the hurdle.

Feeling disheartened, I considered quitting, but my colleagues remained optimistic. Taking a break, I focused on a low-hanging fruit — the Salesforce Associate certification, and I aced it! This success uplifted my confidence and rekindled my motivation to continue my preparation.

After two months of preparation, I was both shy and confident inside the exam hall. Within moments of submitting my test, my intuition proved correct — I passed! Seeing the results, I felt a sense of accomplishment, realizing that all the challenges I had faced were worthwhile. 

I want to give a loud shout out to all working mothers, reminding them that they are the strongest beings both physically and mentally. Despite advice against switching companies during pregnancy, I defied the norm and transitioned my career to the IT sector with overwhelming support from my husband, family, and most importantly, the Focus on Force team who constantly motivated me after each setback, ultimately ending with its dazzling success!

Thank you all, XOXOXOX! 


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Nivedita Jha

Nivedita Jha hails from Bengaluru, often referred to as the "Silicon Valley of India," and presently serves as a Product Owner/Instructional Designer at Focus on Force. With two Salesforce certifications under her belt, she has now embarked on the joyous adventure of motherhood, embracing its wondrous journey.