The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Certified Developer in 2024!

We all understand that today's job market is not as good as it was a few years ago. Due to layoffs and economics in the world, sometimes it’s hard to land the first Salesforce job. So, how can you increase your chances of landing your first Salesforce job, or even changing one role in Salesforce to another? I’m going to answer these questions, based on my own Salesforce journey.

My Journey from Junior Admin to Salesforce Consultant (Dorian Sabitov)

So let me first introduce myself: I’m Dorian, a 4x Certified Salesforce Consultant, Developer, Administrator and Author. My current certifications include:

- Salesforce Certified Administrator (SCA)

- Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder

- Salesforce Certified Associate

- Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I

Additionally, I have a proven track record of employment in various companies, serving in roles as a Developer, Administrator, and Consultant. I really enjoy having a mix of various roles and ability to contribute to different projects wearing a different hat. Right now I am combining a part-time Salesforce Administrator job, contributing to the Salesforce community as an Author and also working as a Salesforce Consultant, who helps marketing Salesforce-related services.


Based on the recent Salesforce Certification survey 63% of those who earned certification reported receiving a salary increase. Moreover, an overwhelming 91% of certified individuals felt that their certification enhanced their marketability. Additionally, employees witnessed a 26% boost in their annual earnings following their certification. This data underscores the tangible benefits of Salesforce certification in terms of compensation and job prospects.

Starting Out: My First Steps from Salesforce Admin to Developer

Before I started working in Salesforce, I didn't know much about it, only what I learned from Trailhead's Playground, which is not much. I spent more than a year learning to get a chance to show what I can do. I like to learn, so I was studying a lot. My first job gave me a real look at what you can do with Salesforce, and I loved learning more about it. But, as I kept working, I saw that being an admin was just the beginning. There was so much more to learn and do in Salesforce. I wanted to do more than just simple tasks; I wanted to solve bigger problems and make the system better for everyone using it.

That's when I realized I needed to learn more. I saw that to make a difference with Salesforce, I had to learn more about how to develop solutions within the platform. Although you can find a lot of information about Salesforce on its learning platform, Trailhead, it's impossible to finish all the modules or get all the badges because it's so big. There are so many courses and guides available. That's when I found Focus on Force. It was different because it gave you just the important information focused on certain topics. It was not just about passing exams; it was about really understanding Salesforce and how to use it in real life.

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Focus on Force was just what I needed. You can read information or watch videos if you prefer. They had guides and practice tests based on real situations that Salesforce professionals deal with. This was perfect for me. I didn't just want to pass an exam; I wanted to be good at using Salesforce. And that's what Focus on Force helped me do.


I prepared only with Focus on Force for my exams after passing my first Salesforce Certified Administrator exam.

So, I decided to aim higher. I didn't want to hold just Salesforce Admin certification anymore; I wanted to become a Salesforce Developer. This decision was a big one for me. It meant I had to study a lot and understand the deeper parts of Salesforce. But with Focus on Force, I felt ready. I had a clear path to follow and great resources to help me learn.

This was the start of my journey to becoming a developer and opened an opportunity to work as a Certified Salesforce Consultant right now. It was about getting ready for the challenges ahead and getting excited about all the new things I was going to learn. With Focus on Force guiding me, I was on my way to reaching my goal and making a bigger impact with Salesforce.

The Learning Curve: Focus on Force Courses and Community

My journey to get the Salesforce Certifications with Focus on Force was full of learning and big steps. I found the courses amazing because each lesson was not only about learning; it also made me think hard about Salesforce problems developers deal with every day.

The best part for me was how Focus on Force used real-life situations in the learning stuff. The practice exams and guides made me use what I learned in tricky, often complicated cases. This way of learning made sure I remembered the information and got ready for the kind of thinking needed at work.

I like the practice exams. They were just like the real certification exam in how they were set up and how hard they were, which was very important for getting ready. Each question made me think and use my knowledge, and the clear explanations for each answer helped me understand things better. This practice made me feel more sure of myself and less worried about the exam day.

One great thing I didn't expect from choosing Focus on Force was joining its community. Talking with others who were also learning was so helpful. Whether we were talking about hard topics, sharing study tips, or just supporting each other, being part of the Focus on Force community made the challenging journey easier. Studying alone is one thing, but having friends who get what you're going through makes a big difference.

With Focus on Force, I didn't just learn the technical stuff; I also got better at solving problems, managing my study time, and talking with a group of learners. These skills have been as useful in my work as the technical things I learned.

Looking back at my time with Focus on Force, I see how important the courses and community were for my success. The way of learning was clear and helped me understand each topic well, while the community gave support and motivation. This mix of good learning materials and people to talk to was just what I needed to reach my certification goals.

As I got closer to the end of my studies, I wasn't so scared of taking the certification exam anymore. Thanks to Focus on Force, I felt ready not just to pass the exam but to do really well. My confidence was built on a strong base of knowledge and practice.

Sharing Insights: Guidance for Future Salesforce Experts

 Looking back at what I've learned on my way to getting my Salesforce certification, I'd like to share some tips with others who are just starting:

 ● Study tips: It's better to understand the big ideas than to just memorize stuff. Salesforce has a lot to it, and it's easy to feel swamped. Try breaking your study time into smaller chunks, each on a different topic. Doing practice tests is a good way to see how much you've learned.

Join the Salesforce Community: The Salesforce community is awesome. You can find a lot of help, new ideas, and encouragement from talking to others who are learning, too. Whether on Focus on Force forums or other places online, it's great to connect.

Use real examples: Looking at real problems and seeing how they're solved can help you a lot. This is good for passing the test and for knowing how to do things when you're working.

Don't give up on the hard parts: You'll run into tough spots. But instead of skipping them, try to understand them better. That's often when you learn the most.

Keep learning: Salesforce keeps changing with new updates. Getting your certificate is a big achievement, but don't stop there. Keep learning to stay on top of new things.

Pick good study materials: What you use to study is super important. Focus on Force helped me, and I think it can help others too. They have lots of good materials that are exactly what you need for the exam.

Final Thoughts

My transformation from a Salesforce Admin to a Salesforce Consultant has been nothing short of remarkable, characterized by overcoming challenges, acquiring knowledge, and celebrating achievements. Focus on Force emerged as an essential ally on this path, furnishing the tools and community support crucial for attaining my certification ambitions.

Diving into the Salesforce certification can open a myriad of pathways. Whether you're aiming for the salesforce admin certification, aspiring to become a certified Salesforce Consultant, or even setting your sights on being a Salesforce certified Architect, the journey is full of opportunities for learning and growth.

In navigating the path to becoming a Salesforce certified expert, resources like Focus on Force offer a solid foundation for those wondering how to get Salesforce certified. Through their comprehensive courses, practice exams, and community support, aspiring developers have a guide through the often complex landscape of Salesforce certification. This journey, while demanding, is one of profound growth, learning, and eventual triumph.

Navigating the Salesforce job market requires a blend of education, practical experience, and networking. By continuously learning, staying engaged with the community, and being persistent in your job search, you can significantly improve your chances of finding a fulfilling role in the Salesforce ecosystem. Remember, each step you take builds upon the last, moving you closer to your goal.

Starting this journey can feel overwhelming, but with the right approach and support, it can also be very rewarding. Keep pushing forward, and you'll get there!

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Dorian Sabitov

Dorian Sabitov, IT enthusiast with 4 Salesforce certifications, started as a CRM Admin in 2020. Rapidly advancing and keen on professional and personal growth, he explores new knowledge, enjoys running, boxing, kickboxing and reading for broadening horizons