Focus on People: Richard Hone – Midlife Career Change Towards Salesforce

In today’s interview, we have Richard Hone, a Salesforce learner who is working with a Nonprofit Success Pack partner.  From an electrical engineer with more than 20 years experience, he is now a successful Salesforce developer. He shared that exploring Salesforce for Nonprofit is one of the biggest decisions he made midlife. He went into detail as to how he prepared for his certification: going through the study guides, practice… Read More

Focus on People: Dominick DeFazio – From Sales to Lead Dev

Dominick was in sales when he started his Salesforce journey. As a user, he was frustrated with how the org was set up for the functions that he would use everyday. Determined to improve their team’s processes, he tried to learn Salesforce configuration and went straight to pursuing a PD1 Certification.Read about his insights and tips to help others achieve a rapid on-the-job learning of Salesforce that enabled him to… Read More

Focus on People: Nat Sullivan – From Start by Accident to Start with Confidence

Nat had never heard of Salesforce when she was offered an internal position by her company to be the Salesforce Trainer for North America. Coming from an end-user non-technical background, it felt like she was pushed into deep waters, and forced to swim.  Read how her Salesforce journey has led her to the most challenging, yet the most rewarding experiences of her life. In this interview, she tells us about the… Read More

Focus on People: Julian Virguez – From Java To Salesforce Developer

Read how the Salesforce platform has helped a Java developer to learn and improve his programing skills on a whole new level.  Julian worked as a Salesforce developer in a consulting company. He has been working with Salesforce for more than 5 years and he has so many useful things to share with our community. Keep reading and find out more about Julian’s Salesforce experience and learning process.What is your role… Read More

Focus on People: David Paradise – Finding Yourself On A New Path And Coming Out A Winner

Often, your job tasks or your role could be the reason for learning Salesforce and getting certified. In David’s case, he had to learn Salesforce because he started working for Salesforce after an acquisition.David is currently a Senior Quality Engineer at Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Discover the interesting story of how he had to dive right in to getting his Trailhead wins and his first Salesforce certifications.How and Why did you… Read More

Focus on People: Andrew Sullivan — Getting A Certification At The Start Of My Salesforce Journey

For those who are still at the beginning of learning and experimenting with Salesforce platform, this interview will be a real motivation for taking the next big step.We had a great interview with Andrew Sullivan who is a Senior QA Analyst and is working part-time as a Salesforce developer. He is still at the beginning of his Salesforce journey and he has already earned his first Platform Dev  I certification.Keep… Read More

Focus on People: Ken Seaney — Specific Learning Techniques To Get Your Salesforce Certification

Ken Seaney has some great advice on how to use specific learning techniques to get your Salesforce certification. He is an independent contractor experienced in Lightning, Process Builder and creating Flows, workflow rules, formulas and automated alerts.In this interview he is explaining his preparation process for a specific Salesforce certification. We all can learn something useful from his specific learning techniques, so keep reading and enjoy as much as we… Read More

Beyond Certifications: Blazing Trails and Changing Lives in Appalachia

Beyond Certifications:Blazing Trails and Changing Lives in AppalachiaDuring a visit to West Virginia in 1963, President John. F. Kennedy noted with admiration that “the sun doesn’t always shine in West Virginia… but the people always do.”Kennedy’s words might well be extended to much of Appalachia, a region fraught for decades by economic decline and the myriad problems poverty brings: drug addiction, health problems, and, at times, despair.Yet, in spite of… Read More

Beyond Certifications: Blazing Trails and Changing Lives in Appalachia

A Solution Architect’s Take on Lightning

Russell O’Brienis a Salesforce Solution Architect with a depth of experience in the Computing industry from mainframe and client server to cloud and mobile. He has operated his own Integration Consultancy and has also had extensive involvement in Quality Assurance including Agile Testing. Russell currently lives in Australia and has 13 Salesforce certifications. Lightning Component Interview with Russell O’Brien  In recent times much has been published about Salesforce “Lightning” technology…. Read More

A Solution Architect’s Take on Lightning