ChatGPT Prompting for Business Users

Prompt Engineering Professional Courses

Unlock new opportunities to integrate the power of AI into your everyday work by taking this comprehensive course. Prepare your career for the future by getting the skills to craft effective prompts, critically evaluate AI outputs, and collaborate effectively using AI systems.

Upon completion of this course and successfully passing an online exam, you will earn the highly regarded ‘Prompt Engineering Business Professional Certificate’.

Course Goals

  • Understand the fundamentals of Large Language Models (LLMs) and their applications across various business contexts.
  • Apply different types of prompts (open-ended, specific, and goal-oriented) to optimize outcomes in your business tasks.
  • Demonstrate the ability to combine various prompting techniques for effective communication with LLMs.
  • Critically evaluate AI outputs for quality, and enhance them using advanced prompting strategies.
  • Develop techniques to collaborate effectively with AI, harnessing its strengths to improve productivity, communication, personal and professional growth, and creativity.
  • Exhibit understanding and adherence to data privacy and ethical considerations when interacting with AI.

Lessons & Topics

  • Large Language Models (LLMs): fundamentals and applications in business
  • Diverse prompts to enhance business task outcomes
  • Prompting techniques for effective LLM communication
  • AI output: critical evaluation, and improvement with advanced prompting
  • Effective AI collaboration strategies
  • Data privacy and ethical AI interactions


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