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Platform Developer 2 - Certification Goal

Information on Spring 20 Update

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  1. Kapil Kumar

    I noticed now PD1 content updated according to actual exam syllabus of WIN20 . Hope PD2 content is also getting updated like PD1 few days ago !
    Please confirm ?

  2. Juan Pablo

    I passed the Developer II exam a month ago, focus on force was my primary source for study after completing the trailmix and I can tell that is awesome ! it was really helpful to keep me on the track of the correct subset of subjects and to not lose time looking around for data.
    Thanks focus on force!

  3. Raj

    I see few topics ‘content coming soon’ for platform developer 2 . Is there any specific date for these topics to be updated with contents. I am planning to give the exam end of this month.

    1. Ian

      Hi nkundeti, we don’t have dates yet but we are working hard on these updates and ensure that we release comprehensive and high quality content.

        1. Zrna

          Thanks for purchasing our course. As all the retired content is removed, you can start using existing materials right now, and then get back to ones we will add one by one during the next few weeks.

          1. Sara S.

            Hi Ruben,

            There is no way for users to see which parts have changed. Since Salesforce made a major update on their official exam guide for Platform Developer 2, almost 50% of the sections are new.

  4. Pallab

    Thanks Martin and Team,
    Passed my PD-II today. Your material have really helped me achieve this in 1st try. Have 100% followed your study guide and practice exams and it covered all the areas , specially some areas I had never touched upon as a developer in last few years. Just a note: there were a number of Lightning component questions , if those topics are included , should help developers with not a lot of lightning experience.
    Thanks once again.

    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      Our questions are not ‘dumps’. They are original questions created to help you learn the topics in the exam. Yes we are constantly updating the questions.

  5. GeorgeP

    I’ve sat and passed my PD2 exam. This site helped but it would be good to have more (>50%) questions to answer like there are for the PD1 for example.

  6. Yishuo LYU

    Thanks Martin,
    I’ve just passed my exam yesterday in my second try, and I took the first try before two weeks.
    I think that the guide and the practice here cover most of basic concepts, but you should know, as the exam of advanced dev, It also contains a lot of practical analyses (code snippet), so you need to have some experience to handle it.
    And I recommend you that do not forget the liens in the LearnMore after every module and It includes a lot of knowledge points.


    Thanks Martin, Have passed my PD 2 exams yesterday. Taking this course helped in learning all the sections in a structured way. Thanks once again for preparing this material.

  8. sujalnitdgp

    I passed the test. I am sincerely thankful to Focusonforce for making such a concise course on platform developer ll. It was an uphill task for me, considering the number of topics I needed to cover in order to prepare for the test. But, with the help of this course, I became confident and able to clear the test. Thank you so much, Focusonforce !!!

  9. Agnivesh Arya

    I passed my PD-2 exam a few days back. Most of the questions were based on hands-on experience. The study guide helped me focus my energy in the pain areas, the content as well the links provided along with the course help me prepare for the exam.

    Thanks Martin for collating the content in such a structured way, I will look forward to more certification courses.

  10. Cedric Le Turluer

    I did pass the exam last week. I agree with Elias comment, this study guide is very helpful to get ready for the exam, as it covers every possible topics of the certification, and the rest of the exam could be adressed by your own experience in coding and Salesforce features. Thanks Martin for all this material, I will definitely recommend your website.

  11. Elias Pinheiro

    I passed yesterday the certification exam, In my opinion the real exam is easier that the practise exams from here. Most of the questions you can answer only with experience in coding. The study guide and the practise exams was a great help to clean the cert in the first atempt. thanks

  12. Kavitha Borra

    Thank you for putting together the study guides. They help me a lot.
    I have a question regarding trailhead for PD2 certification. I see that the topics given in the trailhead do not match the exact topics in the exam guide. For example, in trailhead, the ‘Salesforce Fundamentals’ has the topics “Lightning Component Skills and Tools” and “Lightning Experience Development”. However, these are not the topics given in exam guide.
    So my question is does trailhead really help preparing for PD2 certification exam?
    Appreciate your time in responding to this question.
    Thank you.

    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Kavitha, even the trailhead is named Salesforce Fundamentals but doesn’t match the official study guide topics, the Lightning topics would be useful and probably covered in other areas of the exam.

  13. Sanjeev Shah

    Passed the PD2 multiple choice test. Appreciate the efforts to organize the material in a study guide and practice questions. Highly recommend these course.

  14. Tasnim Tailor

    I passed my PD II today. The guided theory helped me understand my pain points and concentrate on those areas. Definitely the test was not an easy one to crack. Thanks Martin for the wonderful course. Would definitely recommend this study guide to anyone looking to stay focused on studying for PD2.

  15. Chellappa Karimanoor

    Hi All,

    I passed my PD II on Monday. The theory given in this course helped so much.
    Thanks a lot to Martin for preparing such a good course.

    As per the exam, it was definitely tougher than the questions in the practice tests .
    I suggest that you add more code and syntax based questions in the practice tests.

    As i said, i am so glad that i bought this course, the theory was super good.
    We can’t just really the SF Study guides each like 500+ pages.


  16. Jon Simmonds

    Hi there,
    I successfully passed the Developer Platform II exam at the weekend.
    Thanks for the help, this course really helped to identify where to target my efforts.