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Salesforce Certified Administrator Study Guide

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This study guide covers all of the topics in the Admin exam. It includes summaries of all topics, screenshots and review questions. The percentage weighting from the official study guide is added after each topic name.


  1. Senthil Kumar

    Hey folks,

    I passed my ADM201 admin certification yesterday and want to thank Focusonforce study guide. I felt it was precise. My approach was slightly different. I used the guide with a combination of practice exams from here and other websites and also finally well reading the salesforce documentation(specific topics) for getting conclusive answers to situational questions.

    I highly recommend FocusonForce, it is a great head start.

  2. Rich Wolfe

    Hello Martin & Co.
    Passed my admin certification exam yesterday on the first attempt. and sure seems to me this site was a huge part of being ready. I think Trailhead is cool (“the fun way to learn”), but your approach seems much better focused (pun not really intended) on the skills needed for the exam. I sometimes thought it helpful to also launch SF in a Trailhead playground and actually see how some of the pages worked hands-on. Will probably be back soon for more study guides. Thanks again…

  3. ruudvishnu10

    Hi Martin,

    Just passed the exam today. Narrowly missed just by 2 points on the first try. Extremely helpful material and very exam specific. I must say, absolutely fantastic work by you and your team in putting all of this together. Kudos!!


  4. flyersfanlloy

    I passed the exam on Thursday. The course and the practice exams were great, but trailhead and just playing around in a dev org were useful as well. One thing that was SUPER helpful was reading the reasons why I got some of the questions wrong on the practice exams. I can tell you that saved me on at least 2 questions on the real exam.

  5. sheejageorge

    I passed my Salesforce Admin exam today . I just used the study guide, mock exams and trailhead to prepare for the exam. Thank you Martin and team for putting this together. I am planning to take my advanced admin exams and will be back here soon.

  6. Peter-Paul Lemmens

    Hi I used this course as the main content for the exam and I passed it quite easily. Also, it gave me a thorough understanding which was very helpful when moving on to the Sales certification, as many concepts on access rights, security, reporting, collaboration and workflow are addressed in that course again, but from a slightly different & more detailed angle.

  7. Cynthia

    Hi Martin, I passed my ADM 201 with 2 weeks of preparation using your study guide and mock exams on my first try. Just wanna say thank you for putting the materials together!

  8. amritpatil

    passed my ADM 201 exam today. had taken various prior courses from simplilearn, udemy, dream force videos etc etc… however the only guide and practise exams that really worked and i felt like i was studying something in depth was this one. Thanks martin. you are a rockstar. i cannot even imagine how much time it takes to create such an awesome in depth guide. specially the explanation for each question. thanks a ton. onto the developer guide from you now.

  9. Abhishekkhosla

    HI congrats on your certification. I am new to salesforce and planning to take certification of salesforce can you please guide how should i go for my certification. There is so much information I am not to understand which one to follow. I have take Admin certification course but need your guidance how to use this course to pass the exam. do I need to focus more on section which says Learn more

  10. Ronty

    Dear Marthin
    Thank you for your nice study material and sample test question. I have pass my ADM 201 (80%) Just now and you are the 1st person (after my family) I like thank you.

    Thank you very much

  11. Sanne Kjær Sørensen

    Dear Martin Gessner
    Thank you for making this excellent study material and tests available. At a very short time I had to learn what was necessary to pass the Administrator exam. And I passed today with a really good score. The best part is that the exam material is accurate as the correct exam. For a period of 4 weeks I spend 1 day a week at work and 8 hours for a weekend reading the study material and doing all the exams (some of them more than 1). If you will like to speed up the process, I can definitely recommend FOCUSONFORCE. Thank you very much.

  12. Aaron Sacks

    Question — Trying to plan my study schedule… how much time (hours) should I spent on each section of the guide? Obviously less for the lower weighted/shorter sections. Anyone have some advice?

  13. Ajit surendar Rajendran

    Hello Martin,

    I have passed my admin exam today but this was my third attempt. your courses are covering the general functionality but the tricky part is on scenario based questions. I felt most of the questions are scenario based and we can pass only if we know how to apply the concepts studied here. two months of preparation and your guides helped me a lot. Thanks!

    Ajit surendar Rajendran

  14. venkataraghuram chattu

    Hi Martin,

    I Passed My ADM 201 Exam yesterday, I must say thanks to you because your material helps me a lot to get my ADM 201 Certification.
    A small request from me please provide more examples and scenarios for topic wise in the materials for better understand the concepts.

  15. Scott

    A great tool that summarizes an overabundance of information into an easily consumable format, which helped me pass with over 90% this past Saturday! Onto advanced admin!

  16. kotnikiran

    hi martin,
    i m new to salesforce and want to appear for 201 admin exams pls help through the processs very confused as there is lot of material out der

  17. Reena

    Hi, Got to know about this website from a friend. I am planning to give the Admin Certification exam in Jan. Please guide on how do I start? Should I first do all the Trailheads or refer to the guide from this site and then do the trailheads. TIA

  18. sfrocky

    Thank you Martin. I have passed my admin 201 certification yesterday 11/8/2017. The course materials were great notes. I believe the practice exams were really really helpful. Thanks a lot.

  19. Thomas

    Sorry if this comment is posted elsewhere. I thought I had written a comment a few days ago, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    I asked what type of material is included in the study guide. Is it a reading summary or are videos included etc. Is there a small sample anywhere to read before making a purchase?

    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Thomas,

      It is a summary of the information you need to know by official study guide topic.
      It includes summary notes, diagrams, screenshots and flashcards.
      We are looking at adding videos in the near future.
      It is all online and update frequently, so there is no sample available, but check the screenshots
      and testimonials.

  20. StevenTang

    Hi Martin,

    I passed the exam on Sunday. Thanks to you and the materials.

    I am thinking to go for the Platform App Builder and the Advanced Administrator next. Any advice on which one I should focus more on and do the exam first ?


    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      That’s great news Steven. For your next one, it depends on which track you are planning to follow.
      If it is Admin, then go for Advanced Admin. If you are following the developer track, then I would suggest App Builder.

  21. Paul

    Hi Martin,

    I passed my Salesforce Admin exam today and found your Study Guide and Practice Exam to be a huge help.

    Thanks so much,

  22. James Harvey

    Hi Martin,

    Yesterday I passed my Admin Exam, your notes and tests were a big help. Thanks a lot, I will be using the next courses when I start studying for the Platform App Builder certification next week.


    – James

  23. claes.bart.bc

    Hi All,
    I will be taken te exam admin on the 9the of october. Will the course admin give me enough body to go for the certification?
    any tips on test exames?
    best regards


  24. nirali1021

    i passed the exam today .Martin your site has help me pass the exam your material is far the best.I recommend others to learn study guide material it has good understanding of the concepts in a proper and easy way .Thanks Martin !!!

  25. Sujata

    Hi I am giving my Salesforce Admin 201 certification next week. Will this site be helpful to me if I read all the study materials and quizes from this site. Please help me..!! I have very less time. Thanks

    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Arthur,

      Yes I would go through Trailhead first to make sure you understand the basics and do the hands-on exercises. Then when you are really preparing for the certification exam, go through these topics and make sure you are familiar with what is in each one, and can answer the review questions. The objective of the study guide is to summarize the key information related to the official study guide topics.

  26. Amruta

    Hi Martin,
    The link in the first module for ‘Customization options for managing events and tasks together’ is not available. Can you please provide updated link or let me know where can I find it?
    Thank you.

  27. Amandeep Sagar

    Great Experience while using FocusOnForce !! Good material while preparing for an exam and understanding the concepts in depth in a proper manner. I got my ADM201 certification last month. Thank you Martin!!