Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 2 Practice Exams

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  1. Roberto Ferro

    I passed the PD2 yesterday! The exam covers LWC more heavily than Visualforce/ Aura. I would add more questions on the lifecycle hooks of LWC as SFDC transitions to the new technology. VF/ Aura are however still relevant when it comes to overwriting standard object buttons/ pdf rendering. Otherwise, the course was very useful in getting prepared!

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hi Roberto! This is a very nice message to start a brand new week. Congratulations on passing the PD2 Certification. We’re glad that we were able to help you in your Salesforce journey. Best of luck on the next certifications that you would be preparing for. Cheers!

  2. Wang

    Has got the PD2 cert today.
    In the test, there is some questions about the Unit Test for SOSL.
    Add the knowledge about this is more helpful.

    Until now, has got all the certifications which has course in FOF.
    Hope more course, like B2C Commerce, Pardot and so on.
    Thanks so much.

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hi Wang! You are awesome. Knowing that you bagged all the certs that FOF is catering to is an inspiring and great feat. Congratulations from all of us here! Cheers!

  3. Morgoth

    I just passed the certification!

    The questions and especially the FocusOnForce Study guide have been very useful for me to learn and consolidate the knowledge necessary to pass the certification.

    Good luck to all!

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hello Morgoth! We are glad to hear that you are now a Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II. Your preparation and diligence surely paid off. Congratulations and the whole FOF Team is happy for your new milestone!