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Service Cloud Consultant - Certification Goal


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  1. Rita Landis

    I passed my certification on my second try, whew! I was wondering how similiar the Sales Cloud Consultant materials are to Service Cloud? Would I benefit from prepping for that next while Service Cloud is still in my head?
    Thanks, Rita

  2. Phil H

    Hi FoF team.
    Passed my Service Cloud Consultant certification last week, first attempt. FoF study material and mock exams played a big part in this (as with my Admin and Platform Builder certs). I’ll be venturing out without FoF support for my next cert however as I’m doing the Non Profit Success Pack Consultants exam. Let’s see how I fare without the bonus of first class study materials that you provide and the mock exams to focus myself on areas I’m weaker in during the last days before an exam. I’ll be back soon enough for probably the Sales Cloud Consultant cert. Thanks for all the great knowledge you provide.

    1. Rielle G.

      Great news, Phil! Congratulations on clearing the exam and thank you for sharing your experience. The whole team is happy to know that we are able to help, cheers!

  3. Sonal

    Hello FOF,
    I’ve passed my Service Cloud Consultant certification today and your study material helped me a lot.
    Thanks a lot FOF team 🙂

  4. Emilia Thunell

    Today I passed my Service Cloud certification exam, a lot thanks to your materials (study guide + exam questions)! Thank you so much, definitely using your materials again to study for future exams 😀

  5. Archana Kamath

    Very pleased to share that i passed my service cloud certification this weekend. For anybody preparing for it, this is what helped me..

    1. I went through FOF content by each section, completed the trailhead for each section and took the test for each section. Made note of key concepts..
    2. Then repeated this for all sections.
    3. Took the super badge in trailhead
    4. Took the 3 practice test in last couple of days.
    5. Revise the key concept notes.

    On the exam, there were not many questions from the practice tests, but the FoF content, along with practice tests, the explanation for each question has helped a great deal.

    1. swshah

      HI Archana. Congratulations on your certification. Thank you so much for sharing how you prepared. Would you also share how much time you spent and overall how long it took? With some of my time consuming personal commitments, am trying to work out some schedule that will help me prep for the certification. Any tips/guide would be highly appreciated

  6. Diego

    Hi FocusOnForce,
    I succeeded on my Service Cloud certification last Friday with a nice score of 88%. A big thank you for your great study guide and the challenging practice exams, that were really aligned with the certification exam contents and complemented fully my experience and Trailhead training. It was really worth it! I continue now with developer and other certifications. Keep up your great work!

  7. Peter Tobac

    Hi FoF team,

    I passed my Service Cloud certification on November 2nd, being my 3rd certification in 2 months time while having no prior Salesforce experience whatsoever.
    At the end I have found a flow that works perfectly for me and allows me to pass a certification in approx 3 days (sharing for what it’s worth):
    day 1 & 2: divide the topics over the 2 days and address them 1 by 1: read through the study guide & perform the topic exam right after (with checking the answers after each question and clicking through to the reference links)
    day 3: scheduling the exam at the end of the day and prep it by doing the prep exams with checking of the questions at the end (and clicking though if needed)

    Now that I’ve found this optimal way of working for myself, unfortunately my target was 3 certifications, so will lay low now for a while 😉

    Thanks again!