Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Study Guide

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Sharing and Visibility Architect - Certification Goal


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Permissions to Standard Objects, Custom Objects, and Fields

Access to other Data

Access to Records

Implications of Security Model Choice


  1. Bala

    The study guide says “The list view can be made visible to the roles associated with the managers of the company, such as sales and support managers.”
    But when creating a list view there is no option to assign list view to “roles”. I can see options for owner, groups and all users.

    1. Anna Focus Team

      Hi Bala, many thanks for taking the time to leave feedback. While you can’t assign a list view directly to a role, the way to achieve this is by first creating a public group, and adding in the desired roles into the public group. You can then select that public group when creating a list view.
      I will refer the slide for review, so that this required extra step is detailed.
      Kind regards.