Focus Rooms



A study buddy awaits you!

FoF Focus Rooms is a safe space that allows Salesforce learners from all over the world to interact, learn, teach, share, support, and help one another in a virtual community that spans all continents.

Connect with a study buddy from anywhere in the world!

Connect with the global community of Focus on Force users worldwide.

Find support in someone on the same track as you!

Get a chance to study topics together with others and ask questions.

Interact with others and meet at scheduled intervals!

Stay motivated to keep learning by meeting with your new peers regularly.

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Join in 4 easy steps!

Add the sessions to your Google calendar

Join by clicking on the green tile when the session starts

Introduce yourself and share what you’re currently studying 

Connect with the group and ask for help if you need any

Focus Rooms — Frequently Asked Questions

What are "Focus Rooms"?

How do I join a Focus Room?

How many sessions will there be in the Focus Room?

How often do the Focus Room members meet and how long are the sessions?

What code of conduct are Focus Room members expected to adhere to as they interact with other users?