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How to become a highly paid Salesforce Freelancer and Independent Consultant

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Have you ever considered becoming a Salesforce Freelancer and using your skills to create a flexible highly paid income that allows you to work from anywhere in the world?

Bradley Rice is one person that did it. After 5 years he is sharing his experience of how he became the ‘highest paid Salesforce Administrator in the world’ in his Salesforce Freelancing course to allow others to replicate his success and build their own Freelancing and Independent Consulting businesses. He gives you actionable, easy to understand steps that will allow you to seize this opportunity.

You may have thought about becoming a freelancer but got stuck wondering:

  • Do I have enough experience to be an independent consultant?
  • How will I find clients?
  • How much should I charge?
  • What sort of legal agreements should I have?
  • How can I document the scope of the work that I will do?
  • How will I keep track of the project and bill for my time?

The Salesforce Freelancing course guides you through the complete process of getting started as an independent consultant. It includes advice for each step along the way and what I found especially valuable are the downloadable templates that are included. Just the templates alone are worth the investment in this course, considering the time, effort and money you would save compared to creating or sourcing these yourself. 

To help you get started and positioned for success, it provides the following:

  • Tips on how to find your first clients

This section even includes text you can copy and paste when introducing yourself to potential clients to help you be more comfortable with these initial interactions.

  • Advice on what rates to charge

This has to do with your experience level and Bradley explains it all for you.

  • What certifications would be useful to obtain

Depending on what expertise you want to have, Bradley explains what certifications to focus on.

  • How to setup a professional LinkedIn Profile

To represent yourself, a typical profile helps but you want to make the adjustments that help highlight you as an Independent Consultant.

  • Checklist and advice on how to have a successful virtual meeting / interview

Many individuals are failing in this area and they don’t even know it. Bradley outlines how to make virtual meetings one of your most impressive attributes.

Once you have your first client, obviously you want to have them for life, therefore you need to impress them by delivering a solution that meets all of the customer expectations and requirements. But as an independent consultant, making sure you have agreements in place to define the scope of the project and protect yourself from scope creep and different customer expectations is vital.

This is where the Salesforce Freelancing course provides a ton of value by having ready-made, project tested templates that you can start using straight away. These include:

  • A Non Disclosure Agreement template
  • Statement of Work / Proposal templates
  • Payment Terms templates
  • Project Plan and Time tracking template
  • Business Process Review template
  • Requirements and Design template
  • End User and Admin Training templates
  • Managed Services Agreement

After finishing a project with a client, it’s important to keep them as a long term client. This will save you from continually having to look for new clients, and helps them as they don’t have to find a new consultant every time they need work done. You offer ongoing defined support services to the client which will provide you with a stable ongoing monthly income. That’s where a managed services agreement comes into the picture, and the course includes a template and advice on how to put this in place.

The other thing that is included in this package and adds a huge amount of value, is access to weekly live coaching sessions and a Facebook group where Bradley himself is there to answer questions as well as other Freelance experts and course members. Having the information is one thing, but having access to someone that can answer your specific questions as you start to use and implement it is invaluable support. The course also offers lifetime access and with new material being updated and added regularly -- this is an incredible value.

If you are interested in becoming a Salesforce Freelancer or Independent Consultant, the Salesforce Freelancing Guide is going to save you a lot of time and give you a jump start to getting your first clients, projects and managing them properly and successfully.


  1. Erick Mahle

    There’s some great feedback here. Other ways is to leverage platforms that help you get connected with companies looking for freelancers. Platforms like that may help accelerate those who may be struggling to start or network their way to get a foot in the door with companies on their own.

  2. Jay Martinez

    Brad- is this on becoming a partner with Salesforce as an official partner or a different option?

    1. Bradley Rice

      This is one of the top questions we see and the great news is that freelance consulting breaks down the borders! This absolutely works with consultants in India as employment laws in countries like the US and Canada are very lax for Contractors and Consultant roles. We have members across the globe, India included, where they can talk in the members only group about how to setup an business and bank account based in the United States (100% legal) so that clients don’t necessarily ever need to know what country you are based in.

  3. Azhar Bahrainwala

    Hello Brad. I am a certified Salesforce Admin with no experience. Is it advisable and possible for me to work as an independent consultant or should I have some work experience under my belt first?

    1. Bradley Rice

      One or two certifications is okay but I would recommend getting some work experience first. However keep in mind the course gives you lifetime access so you can use it anytime, you also get access to group coaching calls that may give you tips and knowledge around the Salesforce world that would make you more qualified for interviews and networking with others! Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  4. DM

    This will be helpful. Will it cover all the project documents like requirement gathering, design document, testing scripts etc..

    1. Bradley Rice

      Yes! It covers the entire requirements gathering process including in-depth documentation on how to prepare the client to gather the correct requirements internally before meeting with you. It also helps prepare you and the client for the questions you’ll need to be answering and the employees that will need to be involved to answer these questions and determine what the requirements are, what expectations are and what final processes will look like. there’s also a requirements and design overview document that will completely outline all of your requirements and the solutions for those requirements, this way there is no confusion between the consultant and the client on what is required and what is going to be delivered as a response to that requirement. I hope that helps! There’s not currently a user acceptance testing script, however this has been requested by others and will be added shortly. The course also offers lifetime access so you will get immediate access to all updates and improvements to the course.