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Salesforce Skills with the Highest Salary Growth in 2024

The skyrocketing demand for Salesforce skills shows no signs of slowing down. With millions of job openings worldwide and salaries consistently on the rise, it's no wonder professionals are turning to the platform for career advancement. But in this ever-evolving landscape, knowing which skills hold the key to unlocking the highest earning potential is crucial.

This blog post dives deep into the latest data to unveil the Salesforce skills with the fastest salary growth in 2024. We'll not only reveal the top earners but also spotlight emerging stars primed for explosive growth. Whether you're a seasoned Salesforce professional or just starting your journey, this analysis will equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your skill development and future-proof your career.

The Salesforce Market: Booming with Opportunity

According to a new study, the Salesforce economy will create 9.3 million jobs and $1.6 trillion in new business revenues by 2026. This translates to immense opportunities for those who possess the right skillset. 

Additionally, studies by Salesforce reveal that certifications can lead to an average 15% salary increase for administrators, highlighting the financial power of investing in expertise.

The Top Earners: Skills Commanding Premium Salaries

Now, let's unveil the skills currently driving the highest salaries in the Salesforce realm:

1. Lightning Web Components (LWC): Building the Future of UIs

LWC, a modern framework for building dynamic user interfaces (UIs) within Salesforce, has become a hot commodity. Its capabilities for creating performant and scalable UIs have skyrocketed its demand. According to Glassdoor, LWC developers can command an average base salary of $120,000, while Indeed reports salaries reaching as high as $150,000.

2. Salesforce Experience Cloud: Crafting Personalized Interactions

Experience Cloud empowers businesses to create custom portals and applications for diverse audiences. The rising need for personalized customer experiences has propelled this skill into high demand. Payscale data shows Experience Cloud architects earning an average of $135,000, while Robert Half reports positions reaching salaries of $150,000+. Certifications like "Certified Experience Cloud Consultant" can validate your expertise.

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3. Tableau Integration: Unlocking Data-Driven Insights

Combining the power of Salesforce data with Tableau's analytical prowess is a winning formula. Integrating these platforms allows businesses to glean valuable insights and make informed decisions. This expertise commands a premium, with LinkedIn data showcasing salaries for Salesforce & Tableau specialists exceeding $110,000. Hired reports positions reaching as high as $140,000. Consider certifications like "Tableau Desktop Specialist" or online courses to master this skill.

4. Marketing Cloud Expertise: Automating the Customer Journey

Marketing automation has become a cornerstone of modern marketing strategies, making Marketing Cloud expertise highly sought-after. Professionals skilled in using this platform to orchestrate personalized campaigns and measure their effectiveness are in high demand. Certifications like "Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist" can enhance your marketability. Glassdoor reports Marketing Cloud specialists earning an average of $105,000, with salaries reaching $120,000+ according to Indeed.

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Emerging Stars: Skills Poised for Exponential Growth

The Salesforce ecosystem is constantly evolving, and new skills are emerging with rapid growth potential. Let's explore three areas on the rise:

Emerging Stars: Skills Poised for Exponential Growth

The Salesforce ecosystem is constantly evolving, and new skills are emerging with rapid growth potential. Let's explore three areas on the rise: 

1. Automation: Streamlining Workflows and Boosting Efficiency 

Automating repetitive tasks within Salesforce is crucial for improving efficiency and productivity. Skills like utilizing tools i.e. Flow and Process Builders are in high demand. While data on specific salary premiums for automation skills is still accumulating, the increasing adoption indicates significant growth potential. 

2. Salesforce Einstein AI: Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence 

Salesforce Einstein AI is transforming how businesses leverage data and personalize interactions. Skills like understanding AI concepts, interpreting reports generated by Einstein, and using Einstein features in workflows are becoming increasingly valuable. As AI adoption grows, salary trends for these skills are expected to follow suit. 

3. Data Analysis: Turning Insights into Actionable Strategies 

The ability to analyze Salesforce data effectively and derive actionable insights is crucial. Businesses need professionals who can understand trends, identify opportunities, and translate data into strategic recommendations. Data analysts with Salesforce expertise are in high demand, with Indeed reporting salaries reaching $110,000+. Certifications like "Salesforce Certified Data Analyst" can validate your expertise in this field.


The ever-evolving Salesforce landscape presents exciting opportunities for those who stay ahead of the curve. By focusing on the top earners and emerging stars we've highlighted, you can make informed decisions about your skill development and future-proof your career. Remember, the key to success lies in: 

  • Continuous learning: Embrace the growth mindset and dedicate time to upskilling. Utilize resources like online courses and certifications to stay updated. 
  • Specialization: While being well-rounded is valuable, developing deep expertise in a specific area can significantly increase your earning potential. 
  • Staying informed: Keep track of industry trends and emerging technologies to anticipate future demand. 

This blog post is just the beginning of your journey. Remember, the most valuable skill you can possess is the ability to learn and adapt. Embrace the dynamic nature of the Salesforce ecosystem, and you'll be well-positioned to not only survive but thrive in this ever-evolving landscape.

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