Business Analyst Accelerator Workshop

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Welcome to Focus On Force Business Analyst Accelerator!

We are excited to have you onboard for this transformative learning experience.

  • The workshop is scheduled to start on April 24 and will end on May 31, with a total of 12 sessions over a period of six weeks.
  • The 2-hour sessions will take place twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:00 PM US CST time.
  • As we progress with the workshop, the course page will be updated with the slides and recordings used during the live sessions.
  • The session calendar will be updated when the session recording is already available.
  • Go to the Introduction Lesson page located on the left sidebar to learn more about the agenda and how to navigate through this course.


  • Please submit all assignments before June 4th.
  • Topics are marked as completed upon the approval/review of their corresponding assignments by our team.
  • You can mark other lessons/topics as complete by navigating to the bottom of the topic page and clicking on the "Mark Complete" button.
  • Once all lessons and topics have been marked as completed, a "Print Your Certificate" button will appear on the course page, allowing you to generate your certificate.

Joining the Sessions

  • Scroll down to access the session on the course page.
  • Look for a yellow box, which will turn green and display "LIVE" 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  • Click on the green box to open a new window.
  • If prompted, click on "Launch Meeting" to open the Zoom app on your computer or device.
  • Alternatively, you may see an option to "Join from your Browser." This will allow you to join the meeting directly from your web browser, without needing to download or install the Zoom app.
  • Simply click on the "Join from your Browser" link and follow the on-screen instructions to join the meeting.

If you encounter any technical issues, please don't hesitate to contact us at for assistance.

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    1. Sandeep Focus Team

      Hi David, congratulations on passing the Business Analyst exam! We’re proud to have helped you along the way. Well done!