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  1. Matt

    Hello FoF,

    One thing I’ve noticed missing from the practice exam and study guide are any references to Canvas apps as an integration solution. Is that because you (the FoF team) believe they are irrelevant to the exam? Curious as to why they are excluded.


    1. Ian Focus Team

      Hi Matt, thank you the inquiry. The Canvass app may have been excluded as it has not mentioned as a solution in any of the patterns and strategies found in Salesforce’s main integration pattern documentation ( However, we’ll have the materials reviewed as this should be covered briefly at the very least in a relevant topic.

  2. Dimitrios

    Good day FOF team,
    the question bank comprises from a set of questions for each section or is independent?
    practice exam 1 / 2 contain questions from the section exams or are independent?

    1. Rielle G. Focus Team

      Our Question Bank is the repository of all our questions, which includes those from both the Practice and Topic Exams. Regarding the Practice Exams, the questions they contain are also sourced from the Topic/Section Exams. This design ensures that learners experience a cohesive and consistent set of questions throughout their study journey with us. By encountering these questions in multiple contexts, it reinforces learning and prepares them more effectively for the actual examination.

      I hope this provides clarity on how our questions and exams are structured. Should you have further inquiries, please feel free to reach out.