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Salesforce Certified App Builder Study Guide

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This study guide covers all of the topics in the Platform App Builder exam. It includes summaries of all topics, screenshots and review questions. The weighting from the official study guide is shown before the topic name.

Platform App Builder - Certification Goal


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  1. N Ray

    Hi all, I just cleared the app builder exam by just spending two full days on preparation mainly from Focusonforce exam prep materials and some study up on trailhead . I have to say HANDS DOWN your materials and sample exams have helped me clear the exam on first try. A few observations this exam had 65 questions(1 hour 44 min duration) (as opposed to 60 that the practice exam had), some questions really racked my brain to understand the real ask, I have to admit there were very few straightforward questions so its very important to read the question and the options thoroughly to pick the correct answers since they will quiz you very well on the capabilities. Wanted to say a big thanks to the Focusonforce team for such a detailed course catalog and for highlighting all the tips that one needs to remember, the question banks and the flip cards were very helpful.

    1. Rielle G.

      Amazing news, N Ray! Congratulations on clearing the exam, and thanks for sharing your experience with the community! The whole team is happy to know that our materials helped! Cheers!

      With regard to the number of questions, there are 5 non-scored questions included on the exam, hence the reason there are a total of 65 questions.

  2. Thomas Zeller

    Hello Focus on Force Team,

    Thanks for the great study material (and practice exams as well)! Got my App Builder certification yesterday after studying just one week … My piece of advice to all students: after you get some certification, use the momentum and get another one. For instance, Admin cert has a lot of overlapping with App Builder, both of them just have a little different emphasis on certain topics. If you wait too long, you might need to re-study many things, especially if you do not use Salesforce in your daily job.

    Happy studying and good luck!

    1. Rielle G.

      Amazing news, Thomas! Congratulations on clearing the exam! The whole team is happy to know that our materials helped, and thanks for sharing your experience with our community! Cheers!

  3. Daniel Dammous

    I’ve been hearing here and there that Salesforce is not recommending Workflows anymore.
    If that’s true, did the test got updated this year to not consider Workflows as a recommended tool for automation or can I keep trusting when it is stated that Workflows are best for some scenarios?

    1. jaymalik

      There are certain scenarios where the automation solution is simple enough that it can be addressed by using a workflow. Although Salesforce hasn’t explicitly said that they are retiring it, they have said that they will no longer be providing updates to its functionality. So in terms of automation solutions that would require flexibility for future requirements, Workflows aren’t recommended.

    1. Dan Lambeth

      yes, they will accept that. there is a download that you can run beforehand to confirm your system’s suitability. before the exam, you will need to remove extraneous material from the test area. There are instructions for what to do.

    1. Rielle G.

      Hi Lisandro, there was a recent update on the official exam guide for App Builder –

      From 9 categories, it was consolidated to 5. Most of the detailed objectives from the categories that were retired will be migrated to Salesforce Fundamentals. To know more details about this recent update, please check the blog post that we published –