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  1. Viachaslau Dudkin

    Passed the exam today! And it’s my time to write the review. I’ll try to do my best to express my hones feelings and impressions after I’ve experienced the real exam and can compare questions.
    But first of all, I want to thank you guys (who maintain and update this platform) for your effort to help us train ourselves towards the challenges SF certification exams pose on us.

    Based on my personal experience I can say with confidence that the best value one can get out of this tests is the they prepare us to handle disgusting, un-logical, tricky and unprofessional questions that you may face during the real exam.

    A lot of questions included in the training exams are weird, feel strange and unnecessary, but in the end they actually help you with the real exam, which questions are much worse. During the real exam, they don’t try to asses our developer knowledge and professionalism, they try to trick and fool us, to catch us, etc. My overall impression of the real exam is super bad. Very disappointing. Instead of directly and specifically testing knowledge regarding aspects of development and administration on the platform through clear, logical questions, they make tricky questions aimed to confuse and mislead. Many questions are structured in such a way that it is not clear what exactly they want from you. Sometimes is difficult to connect the question and answer options as it seems as if they are about different things. There was even a question where, as for me, there was no correct answer. In short, this is not how certification should go.

    If I were to point the areas that must be improved, those are my thoughts:
    1. No one trying to remember the exact names and positions of the UI elements regardless of what part of SF it is, etc, especially considering the fact that they are subject to change via SF official releases. Both this training course and real exam have a lot of question related to the weird names of various SF features that usually do not represent what they do. Thats just as disgusting as it is unprofessional. No one care of stupid “product” names of features.
    2. Next good example is related to the fact that this course has a lot of questions related to the developer console and its contents. The issue here from my point of view is that a professional SF developer who is working on an enterprise project will use Developer Console extremely rarely, as it is not a real IDE or a tool that should be used for development in general, thus, a lot of questions regarding the exact names and position of various dev console elements, tabs, buttons, checkboxes are simply absurd. They created a false impression that dev console is the main dev tool of the sf developer which is absolutely not.
    3. The idea of “manual low-code automation first” is incorrect at the fundamental layer. Because of it there are tons of badly structured/designed low code automation that leads to the breaks in code in production orgs.

    1. Sandeep Focus Team

      Hello Viachaslau, Congratulations on passing your Platform Developer 1 exam! We appreciate your detailed feedback on your experience with the practice exams and the actual test. It’s great to hear that you found value in the practice exams in preparing for the challenges of the certification exam.

      Your insights regarding the nature of the questions, especially the focus on tricky and misleading ones, are valuable. It’s understandable that you found some aspects frustrating and illogical. Your points about the areas that need improvement, such as the reliance on memorizing specific UI elements and the emphasis on the Developer Console, are well taken.

      Your feedback will be helpful for us to review and update the materials to better reflect the real-world scenarios and make the preparation more targeted towards the actual skills and knowledge required for Salesforce certification. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and congratulations once again on your achievement!

    1. Sandeep Focus Team

      Hi Lucia, that’s fantastic news! All that hard work and preparation really paid off. Congrats on passing the Platform Developer 1 exam. We’re all so proud of you!

    1. Sandeep Focus Team

      Congratulations hibatallah, on passing your PD1 Certification exam. That’s fantastic news! We’re glad to hear our explanations were helpful, even if the actual exam questions felt a bit tougher. We’re always happy to support our users in achieving their goals!

    1. Sandeep Focus Team

      Hi Joseph, Congratulations on passing the Platform Developer 1 certification exam today! 🎉 We’re thrilled to hear that our materials helped you prepare effectively. Keep up the fantastic work! 👏