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Platform Developer 1 - Certification Goal

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NOTE: The Full Practice Exam draws from the entire set of questions and the number from each section is weighted according to the latest official exam outline.

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    1. Rielle G. Focus Team

      Awesome news, Eric! Congratulations for clearing the certification exam! We are glad to know that we are able to help, cheers!

  1. Chris Bozwell

    Hooray! Just passed the PD1 today thanks to the Focus on Force material. Must say though that the exam was a lot harder than the Admin exam. I knew after about 15mins I was going to pass the Admin but the Dev exam I was worried right to the end as a lot of the questions were not obvious. The material from Focus on Force is in-depth but I think you need to practice the skills to get the information to stick. I just used the study guide.

    1. Sandeep Focus Team

      Hi Chris, 🎉 Congratulations on acing the PD1 exam! Your dedication to using Focus on Force materials paid off, and it’s awesome to hear about your success. 🌟 The challenge of the Dev exam may have been tough, but your perseverance shines through. Keep rocking those Salesforce skills!