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Platform Developer 1 - Certification Goal

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Salesforce Fundamentals
Data Modeling & Management
Process Automation & Logic (Part 1)
Process Automation & Logic (Part 2)
Process Automation & Logic (Part 3)
Process Automation & Logic (Part 4)
User Interface
Debugging & Deployment

Note: Practice Exams 1 - 4 have been replaced with the Full Practice Exam. The Full Practice Exam draws from the entire set of questions and the number from each section is weighted according to the latest official exam outline.



    Hi Team,

    I would like to ask one question here, will this complete practice exam will shuffle same 60 questions again and again or new questions will be added after completion of 60 questions.

    Thanking you in advance.

  2. Thomas Schmidt

    Hi, as i am really productive in learning with the materials offered by focus on force, i would love to see an additional feature which i am thinking about quite often.
    After you have answered a question right or wrong, an additional link (just as with the links to other resources) to the exact sheet of the study material (if the user owns study material and exam questions) would be awesome.

  3. Krishna Bidwai

    Hey Team,

    One Question: So there will be only exam instead for four exam for practice? It is really helpful to have 4 practice exams as we get much more questions and the solution to answers will help us to expand our knowledge.

    Please keep them.

    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      The one practice exam draws from the entire set of questions, dynamically with the latest weightings, that we will adjust every release. The existing exams are a set of questions that make it hard to adjust to the correct weighting when it changes. Also, new questions are not added to the existing 1 – 4 exams as they are already full. By doing the topic exams first, you will encounter all questions and solutions. Then do the practice exam, and it will have a random set of 60 questions and solutions, correctly weighted, that will be similar to the actual exam.

        1. Martin Gessner Post author

          Hi Mauricio, there is exactly the same number of questions, just a different improved way of delivering them. The 4 current exams are fixed, which meant as new questions were added to the topic exams, they could not be added to 1-4 (as there were already 60 questions) and the weighting could not be updated easily. With the new format, you get a mix of all questions and with the current weighting. There is still the same number of questions, and it is a more realistic experience, as when you take the official exam, you will get 60 questions from the question bank. We suggest you do all of the topic exams first so that you go through all of the questions, then do the practice exam for a mix of questions.

          1. Mauricio Murillo

            Does it mean that if I retake the full exam, the questions will change (so it would be like a different exam)?

          2. Zrna

            Hi Mauricio, yes, that will be the case, as the questions are randomized so it’s likely that you will get different ones with every retake.

  4. pa1sforce

    Passed my exam on Monday. I did see some Lightning questions. Overall good revised material just in time. Time for next certification. Recommend this course and go to the answer explanations of each question and also corresponding links and read through them. Thank you

    1. Ian

      Hi Marcelo, we’ve reviewed our questions database and didn’t find a duplicate for the question. Nevertheless, let us know if it does happen again on your end. At the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out. Thank you.

  5. Eika Chiu

    Today I just passed the platform developer 1 exam with pretty high score. And also last month I had passed the administrator exam as well. I should say the real exam is very much like the practice I did here on the platform. Actually I feel the practice questions were even much harder than the real test. I only get about avg 70% correct at the practice questions, however I get 88% correct at the real exam. The detailed explanation after each questions, really helped my understanding greatly. Besides preparing for the exams, Exam Practice (with detailed explanations) is really a good learning material for understanding some hidden important topics in salesforce platform which is even not heard before by an experience developer. It offers good assistance in real working thinking, and job interview as well in my own opinion. Today is 03/06/2020. And next month I will face my Service Cloud Certification exam, I am confident with the study materials and practice exams here I will definitely pass it again. Hope everyone study here can get successfully a PASS to the exams they are preparing for well. Good luck!

    1. Rielle Gregorio

      Amazing news, Eika! Congratulations on clearing the PD1 certification exam. The whole team is happy to know that our study guide and exams helped you in getting certified! Good luck with your Service Cloud exam next month, we hope that our materials will be a great help again, cheers!

    1. Zrna

      Hi Christina, our update is in process, but we cannot guarantee that it will be 100% down in 2 weeks. However, many of our users passed the official exams and got certified during our update, so it’s really up to you to decide are you ready to take the exam.

    1. Zrna

      Hi Yuvraj, thanks for your interest in our course. Some new questions are already added, but the update is still in process and we expect it to be completed in a few weeks.

  6. Alberto DAmico

    Hi all. Passed PD1 (WI20) today. First things first, I am not a developer and never will be: I just needed to get the Application Architect “bonus” cert. I am happy for myself, but I have mixed feelings on all the rest.
    The exam itself is way more difficult than anything on the internet (here included) lets you think. I am well aware that there are some topics on which I have only a limited knowledge (Visualforce, Lightning experience, test classes) and so I am a sort of borderline case, but I am pretty sure that a “normal” Platform Developer does not know outright at least of the questions I got today. I mean some (apparently the majority) of the questions are not really about developing and/or can be solved with a good train of thoughts from basic principles. But some of them are really discouraging: exoteric syntax questions, remote visualforce tags, etc. Things that, IMO, if known by heart, absorb brain real-estate that can be surely allotted for more interesting things.
    But, more importantly, these questions are, still IMO, quite useless, if not supported by a “study-for-the-exam” oriented documentation, taht is actually missing.
    Moreover, from my functional perspective, I noticed also that what I think is the most important and (not easily found) skill of a developer is not highlighted and tested in the exam: when you should NOT develop and go for customization instead.

    Anyway, the tests here were useful and I would recommend them. even though I think a bit old: for example, today I had at least ten question on details of developing lightning components and here there are just a few and at a much general level. More than that, the questions I had today were definitely less straightforward than the ones found here, even if they were apparently about the same topic.

    I have done these tests to skill up and they actually boosted my general knowledge (but I started really from zero) and exam-oriented self-esteem, but, as I wrote in the feedback at the end of the exam, “Exam is hard and quite impossible to prepare. Trailhead is useless.”

    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts on the exam. We are continually updating them e.g. adding more on lightning components, and with the latest revamp of the exam structure, adding new content and updating most of the other sections.

      1. Alberto DAmico

        Hi Martin, thanks for publishing my rant, that, I hope it is clear, is not against you and your great platform. Apart form giving me basic concepts, it has a great boost for my self-esteem and really helpful for facing the exam.

  7. goldfarbmh

    Passed PD1 certification exam on my first attempt today! FoF Practice Exams were incredibly helpful, although I would not solely rely on this resource for studying/preparing as it is missing a lot of granular detail and a few core concepts, it was definitely a major contributor to my success and I am not sure I would have passed without it.

  8. Kris

    PD1 Course and Practice Exams were really very helpful. Yesterday I passed my exam in first attempt. Many thanks FocusOnForce Team – I’ll recommend you to anyone who will ask how did I prepare. Keep up good work !

  9. Carl

    Would highly recommend the practice tests. I passed the Admin, App Builder, and Developer I within 4 months of each other using Trailhead and these tests.

  10. sharif.m.ny

    I have been through the Topic exams and the Practice exams; however, it seems like there’re barely any questions related to Aura development, components, Force:recordData, LWC, batchable apex or asynchronous coding. Is Visual Force still the most relevant to PD exam when most of the developments are done in Aura and LWC components these days?

    1. Ian

      Hi sharif, we update our study guide and practice exams to match with the Platform Developer 1 exam objectives. Visualforce is still a big part in the exam guide. For Lightning Components, one is required to have good understanding of what their benefits are, as well as the resources they contain. Batch Apex or asynchronous coding are mentioned in the Platform Developer 2 exam guide.

    1. Ian

      hi Agnieszka, thanks for the feedback. I assume you are referring to an exam question regarding skipping code coverage for an Apex test run in the Developer console? If the Skip Code Coverage option is ticked in the Developer console, then no data about coverage information is stored nor displayed. Can you please post your question/feedback in the exam question you are referring to so that we can track it? Thanks!

  11. liquiddil

    I would suggest that you have the right/wrong answers scroll with the page when reviewing the tests. It’s annoying to scroll back up just to find the next wrong question.

  12. Pinaki Mukherjee

    I passed my developer exam yesterday and got around 80%. I was very confident on testing section but got the lowest marks on that :). Anyways, I want to say thanks, this course really helped. The questions are not exactly same but similar, so going through the explanation link is important. Best of luck to everyone and happy thanksgiving.

  13. Anthony Kelly

    Got certified as of yesterday, and passed with ~84%! I purchased both the Study Guide and the Practice exams, but found the latter much more useful. The Study Guide is hard to follow for me; it’s fantastic info, but it’s almost all bullet points and graphics and no logical, narrative structure. The exams were extremely helpful though, and I credit a huge part of my success to them. Thank you!!

    1. Sara S.

      Congratulations on clearing the exam, Anthony! We are glad to hear you found the materials helpful. We will also take note of your feedback regarding the study guide and will think of ways to improve it.

  14. Charles Hough

    I just passed the Developer I certification on Friday. I felt well prepared for the exam after going through Trailheads, Studying the Focus on Force Study Guide and taking all the practice exams until I was comfortable with the material. I have not used Salesforce professionally so these were the only sources of my Salesforce knowledge. I would suggest using the official Salesforce reference materials to go deeper on any topics you are not comfortable with, before taking the test. Thanks to the team from Focus on Force for putting together these great materials. I plan on using FOF for any future Salesforce Certifications.

  15. Vinicio

    Thank you for all this material.. I passed my exam yesterday.
    However, i have to say that the questions in the exam were more complicated and asking specific details, not all of them but most of them.
    Thank you again for the material!!! very useful.

    1. Zrna

      Hi Vinicio, congrats on passing and thanks for sharing your experience from the exam. We will take your comment into consideration and see how can we improve our exam to help more.

  16. nicholasjamesandrew

    Purchased the Test and Course for Platform 1 after failing my first attempt with a ~60%. After working through the course materials and exams, I passed easily with an 80%! Thank you very much!

    1. Zrna

      Hi Nicholas, congrats on passing the exam and thanks for sharing your experience. We’re happy to hear that the course helped.

  17. Franjo Gregorić

    This Course helped me enormously in passing the Platform Developer 1 exam.
    I reccomend it to everyone who is planing to take the Platform Developer 1 exam but have in mind that this course doesn’t include the same questitons that are in the exam but similar. Nevertheless I’d say that buying this course is a must if you want to get your credentials.

  18. brianna.dardin

    I passed the PDI exam for the first time today! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of these practice exams. Thank you so much for putting all this together!

  19. beaubrissette

    Passed the test today! Couple notes:
    The test is hard and really challenges your core knowledge of salesforce so dont focus on getting the questions in the practice exam right, learn how salesforce works from them.
    most of the types of questions revolve around what tools should you use to implement this solution if that helps.

    this material was definitely instrumental for me

    1. Anirban Samanta

      This comment could not be more accurate –> “dont focus on getting the questions in the practice exam right, learn how Salesforce works from them”…. did the same exact mistake of getting the questions right & failed today…gonna try again soon

        1. Anirban Samanta

          Well…one thing I have understood that you definitely need atleast the basic understanding / logic of Visualforce & Apex code before appearing for this beast…& the best way to do the same (atleast what I have discovered so far) is through doing the trailhead official trailmix…

  20. mgejo89

    I passed today. Altough the exam was like 50% harder than these test exams. Intense Visualfore questions. Practically no Async Apex tough

  21. Charlie Powell

    Hi, It seems like a lot of questions regarding security and relationships are expecting the answer to be Master-Detail when independent security settings are needed. Don’t the Org-Wide Sharing Defaults with the options of (Controlled By Parent, Private, Public Read Only, Public Read/Write) mean that child records in a Master-Detail relationship can have their own security?

    1. Ian

      Hi Charlie, when a child object has a master-detail relationship to a parent object, its Internal Access settings will be fixed to Controlled by Parent. So, with master-detail relationships, child objects cannot have their own security settings.

  22. SriRama

    Passed PD1 on 9th Sep’19 . FoF practice exams really helped a lot . Questions were tricky, but reading docs from salesforce also helped especially for formulas,roll up summaries and automation tools. No heroku questions. 2 questions on IDE . Thanks Focus on force !!!

  23. Raushni Juneja

    Hi, Logic and Process Automation Part2 Question – what will happen when the following code is executed? trigger CaseTrigger on Case(after insert){…..} Answer – there is reference link which is not working – 404.

  24. Shweta

    I cleared my SF Platform Developer 1 exam today.
    Your course has been very helpful in my prep because I have no prior work experience in SF.
    There were no questions on Heroku or IDE for my session.
    The level of complexity of the questions in the exam seemed more or less the same as the questions here.

  25. sales82

    I paased my PD1 today, the questions very tricky, read through the options carefully to eliminate some and pick the right ones, the test papers helped a lot to understand my strong and weak points and work on those. No questions on Heroku and IDE. Thank you focusonforce team.

  26. santiago bermudez

    i passed 1 hour ago, it was though, make sure you do every topic questions and make read the links provided, i studied from quizlet and proprofs too , some questions are wrong but you have to go and search documentation , but i owe it to focus on force.

  27. fdaoud

    I passed on my first attempt today with about 85% in most categories! This exam is difficult. The exam prep resources from this course was extremely helpful. Don’t memorize the questions! Make sure you understand why an answer is correct and why other answers or wrong.
    I was not given any questions in regards to Heroku.
    Some things I wish I would have studied more on:
    Difference between master-detail relationships and lookup fields.
    Understanding cross-object fields and how they work.
    Understanding the Ant Migration tool.
    There were quite a few Visualforce questions regarding controllers and page setup in general.

    Good luck! You can do it!

    1. Zrna

      Congratulations on passing the exam and for sharing your experience here. We’re always happy to hear that our materials helped a user to get certified.

  28. tjtejaprakash

    I just passed the SFDC Platform Developer 1 exam on the first try. These practice tests were very useful, the exam is a little bit harder but overall I saw a few questions repeat from the practice tests. I would advice anyone to go through the reference material provided after each wrong answer. Its a really great website if you are taking a certification exam.

    1. tjtejaprakash

      P.S. No questions from Heroku in the exam. Questions based on testing and deployment were tough. If you are taking an online proctored exam make sure you have a USB webcam, as the examiner stopped my exam and asked me to make sure the camera was on the side and he/she could see the me,the monitor,keyboard and the mouse.

  29. JOseph Horvath

    Thank you for this awesome course. Just passed my PDI (SU19) exam today. These practice were absolutely helpful. No Heroku, No IDE. A lot of question on Rollup summary – Cross object formula fields and the relationship types (Lookup, master-detail, hierarchy)
    A lot of questions were very close to that can be found here.

    1. Sara S.

      Congratulations on clearing the exam! Thanks for the pointers as well. I’m sure other people will find that useful.

      We received feedback from several people that there are no Heroku questions. However, it is covered in the official exam guide so we want to be on the safe side.

  30. Adam Davis

    Just passed my exam. These practice exams were extremely helpful. Most questions were slightly more difficult while others were close to verbatim what is found here. No questions on Heroku.

  31. here to practice

    Roll up summary is only for master record in a master detail relattonship right? so why we can Create a roll-up summary field on the Account object that performs a MAX on the Opportunity Close Date field ?
    Account and Opportunity are Look up not master detail

    1. Ian

      Hi Hanane, yes, the metadata configuration shows that is a Lookup relationship, but it behaves like a Master-detail relationship. This is more of how Salesforce configured this relationship when they started building the platform and didn’t change it since.

  32. here to practice

    Hey, i wanted to take the test today but i fuguered out that it’s impossible before 20 august because they want to update the questions, what does it mean they will update the questions? will they change the whole tratégie of the questions? like a new system of questions or comething like this?

    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      Each release the questions are updated, so currently they would be working on updating them for Summer 19. Usually, there are not a lot of changes but the questions are reviewed to make sure they are still correct due to any release updates to functionality. It is also possible that the exam objectives will be updated. Once the new exam outline is released we will check and also update accordingly.

      1. here to practice

        i’m trying to searche for Platform Developer I Certification Maintenance (summer’19) but i can’t find it, how can i prepare for the exam this wednesday if he contains updates i don’t know about them

  33. Pavan K Ananta

    Passed my PD1 yesterday in my 1st attempt with 3 weeks of prep. The course is quite good for understanding the concepts and the questions are also cover the syllabus. Really great work! Keep it up


  34. filippe103

    I will take the exam next friday and i´m using this course to study. The practice questions from this course are on the same level of difficulty as the exam?

    1. Sara S.

      It seems like the answer to that is subjective based on the varying feedback on the forums. Check out the thread for those who passed the exams for tips!

        1. Martin Gessner Post author

          I suggest that you concentrate more on if you really understand the topics and why the answers are correct and incorrect, instead of focussing on the actual scores. While the scores can give a general indication, it is better to rely on your confidence in if you understand the topics thoroughly.

  35. Ron Kiker

    Took the course. Passed the Exam. There were no Heroku questions, but some question-subjects that could be added here. Really know the Order of Execution inside and out – I used a mnemonic device to remember it. Knowing what components the Metadata API is helpful too.

      1. Jaime Perry

        Lion Visits Tiger
        L – Load (Record is loaded or initialized/field values loaded into SObject)
        V – Validation (System validation rules)
        T – Triggers (Before triggers executed)
        Voicing Displeasure to Tiger
        V – Validation (System and custom validation rules)
        D – Duplicates (Execute duplicate rules)
        T – Triggers (After triggers executed (record is first saved, not committed to db))
        ASsuming AUTOmatically they Would Fight
        AS – Assignment (Execution of assignment rules)
        AUTO – Auto-response (Execution of auto-response rules)
        WF – Workflow rules (Execution of workflow rules (field update executes triggers)
        he Pounced, ESCalating the ENTanglement, Removing Fur
        P – Processes (Execution of process builders and flows)
        ESC – Escalation (Execution of escalation rules)
        ENT – Entitlement (Execution of entitlement rules)
        R – Rollup (Rollup summary fields updated)
        F – Formula (Cross-object formula fields are updated)
        the Pride Shared the Conquest, Party on!
        P – Parent (Parent and grandparent records are saved)
        S – Sharing (Criteria-based sharing rules are evaluated)
        C – Commit (DML operations committed to db)
        P – Post-commit (Post-commit logic)

        Lion Visits Tiger
        L – Load (Record is loaded or initialized/field values loaded into SObject)
        V – Validation (System validation rules)
        T – Triggers (Before triggers executed)
        Voicing Displeasure to Tiger
        V – Validation (System and custom validation rules)
        D – Duplicates (Execute duplicate rules)
        T – Triggers (After triggers executed (record is first saved, not committed to db))
        ASsuming AUTOmatically they Would Fight
        AS – Assignment (Execution of assignment rules)
        AUTO – Auto-response (Execution of auto-response rules)
        WF – Workflow rules (Execution of workflow rules (field update executes triggers)
        he Pounced, ESCalating the ENTanglement, Removing Fur
        P – Processes (Execution of process builders and flows)
        ESC – Escalation (Execution of escalation rules)
        ENT – Entitlement (Execution of entitlement rules)
        R – Rollup (Rollup summary fields updated)
        F – Formula (Cross-object formula fields are updated)
        the Pride Shared the Conquest, Party on!
        P – Parent (Parent and grandparent records are saved)
        S – Sharing (Criteria-based sharing rules are evaluated)
        C – Commit (DML operations committed to db)
        P – Post-commit (Post-commit logic)

          1. Sara S.

            Hi Hanane, our practice exam questions are original and created by our team.

  36. Tejkaran Singh Anand

    I cleared PD1 exam about 10 days ago. Being a newbie to salesforce and having about 1.5 years of full-stack software development experience I could pickup Apex and visualforce quickly. I learned all the fundamentals from the trailhead and took up Focusonforce for mock tests. The questions here were totally relatable to one that appeared in the exam. Almost 80% of the questions were similar with different values/scenarios.

  37. Larry Spackman

    Just passed my exam today, but not a single question from the question bank in this course was actually present on my exam. I went through every question except the “Testing” and “Debug and Deployment Tools” topic exams, and every single question on my actual exam was different.

    I think the actual cert exam was recently changed or I misunderstood this course. Memorizing the questions and answers in this course is not a valid strategy for passing the actual exam.

    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Larry, you should not expect that any of the questions will be the same, our questions are practice questions designed for learning. We definitely do not recommend memorizing the questions and answers, we suggest that you use them to identify the areas that you know well and those that you need to learn more about.

  38. Lavanya Sadurla

    Notes:What are the recommended tools for deploying metadata from one environment to another?

    unmanaged packages is given wrong

    Please check the answers. In the material unmanaged packages u mentioned

  39. Joe Kennedy

    Passed my Dev 1 yesterday at the close of DX ’19. Focus on Force was key in getting me up to speed in just 3 weeks of hard study. It was close but I got it. Every week you can give yourself and spend in the documentation is key. The fact that there is linked documentation for every question is worth its weight in gold. To be clear it’s not mastering the practice tests that will get you to where you need to be but rather allowing the practice exams to expose your knowledge gaps and then filling those by reviewing the documentation.

  40. dbrown

    Just passed my PDI certification at TrailheaDX. I used a combination of the study guide and the practice exams. Make sure you have a good understanding of object relationships and when/how to use them. A bulk of my study time was spent in the logic and automation sections followed by the testing, and debug and deployment sections. Great material here !

  41. Yahel Gaver

    Hi, Just pasted the exam today. Thank you very much, the questions in this site are representative+ the fact that there’s an answer+ explanation leverages the learning process.
    Some impression regarding the test, Not even one question about Heruko. 2-3 question about the scheme, important to understand and to know the syntax. 3-4 questions about lightning components= a basic one. 2-3 questions about deploy and migration. 60-70% are situation related questions which acquired deep understanding . All in all, I’ve search for every peach of information from the internet, and solved as many dumps questions as I could find (300-400). In the test itself I’ve met only 5-6 question out of these dumps. Thus this site was the most significant source of knowledge for me. Thank you very much

  42. Michael Ng

    I passed this exam today on my first attempt. This practice exam was helpful. Some practice questions on schema class methods using with SOQL would be helpful.

  43. Musarat Sayed

    hi All, I passed my PD1 exam today. I did Trailmix of certification thoroughly which is time consuming but worth the effort. i did focusonforce test and they were totally worth it. My experience is there were almost 3 questions on Roll Up Summary fields. Controller and visualforce understanding is very important to crack this exam. The webinar was given by salesforce was also useful. Apex testing and understanding of test methods was a very big part of exam questions.

  44. Rick S

    I passed this exam today with a high score. These practice exams helped a lot, but (as expected) did not cover everything I had questions on. Thank you for this awesome content!

  45. Cole Enright

    Barely failed the exam yesterday by a question or two. I was getting 60-75 on the practice exams. Very similar questions. Nothing heroku related. More focus on controller to page code question . Data modeling and SF fundamentals questions were much more vague which tripped me up greatly. (50% on both sections is what killed me). I am confident I will pass the exam later this week after consistently hitting 85%+ on all practice exams AND understanding the question explanations.

  46. Matt Klauke

    FOF, Thanks for the material. Passed the exam today, the study guide and practice exams do a good job of preparing you for the exam. I had no Heroku questions

    1. Sara S.

      Congratulations on passing the exam, Matt! We are glad the materials helped.

      Thanks for letting us know about the absence of Heroku questions.

  47. Federico

    This course definitely helped me pass the exam, but dont expect these to be questions that are in the exams. There will be some very similar.

  48. Neil

    This set of Practice Exams help me in passing the Platform Developer I exam today. I would recommend going through the topics, and where you get a wrong answer, study the reference material in the link, and also the chapter that link falls into to provide context as to why the answer is right or wrong.

  49. Luke Buthman

    For multi-select questions on the actual exam, does it specify how many answers to choose as it does in these practice questions? For example, when the questions here state: Choose 2 answers.

    1. Sara S.

      We have checked and updated the materials based on the Spring 19 exam guide objectives. We are constantly updating the content to ensure it is the latest functionality.

  50. Shiladitya Bhattacharya

    Thank you team for the great question bank. I passed the exam today. I would recommend anyone to take time go through each question, specially justification and links. Understand the concept. Thank you again.

  51. Dinesh Kharabe

    This is a long overdue comment….. I enrolled in practice exams for Admin and Developer on this website and the question Bank has been spot on to help me guide through gaps on my learnings and getting certified in both of them. I would recommend anyone to enroll in your course before they appear for the actual certification exam. Planning for the next one already.


        Sorry I did not login last few weeks. Questions will not come as they are but if you read the explanation/reference on each practice exams that will definitely help to pass the exam. I referred to only this site.

  52. barbers20

    I’ve seen multiple practice exams. Some say “select all that apply” and others, like these say “select 3 or 2”. What is the actual test like? Does it tell you how many options for each question?

    1. Sara S.

      Hi Guilherme, congratulations on passing the exam! I would like to clarify that our practice exam questions are all original and we do our best to cover the same topics using the same wording style as in the certification exams.

    2. SF Learner

      Hi Guilherme,

      Were there any subjects or topics that surprised you, or that you found significantly more difficult than what the Focus on Force study guide and tests review?

      Congrats, by the way!

  53. mb

    Thanks you, i really appreciated explanations which were helpful.

    I have one suggestion about practice exams , if there is 3 answers possible, why we don’t make necessary to choose 3 answers? No more, no less, to reflect similar conditions like in Salesforce exams.

  54. Salesforce_Sunny

    Thanks Martin for your awesome material. I took the exam today and passed with below score .. thanks again

    Salesforce Fundamentals: 100.00%
    Data Modeling and Management: 87.50%
    Logic and Process Automation: 82.14%
    User Interface: 100.00%
    Testing: 100.00%
    Debug and Deployment Tools: 100.00%

  55. Srithej Adusumilli

    Got my PD-1 certification today. Thanks to everyone who contributed to questions and suggestions in the comments. Explanation for every questions and the link to Salesforce references made it easy to understand the concepts and prepare for what to come.

  56. Tyler Schacht

    Make sure to understand the concepts behind each question. Each time you miss a question in the practice exams, DIG IN and understand why. I just passed the exam and i would say 70-80 percent of the questions were on concepts that were drilled into me here.

    There are one-offs like heroku questions (got 1 of these, but i’ve seen people say 3 or 4), VF apex tag rote memorization (got 2 or 3 of these), and metadata method memorization (i had 2 or 3 of these).

    Test strategy: Unless you are really sure of the answer, mark your answer and select ‘mark for review’ and come back to them. I was able to reverse engineer a couple of metadata method syntax questions because questions later in the test gave examples of that same syntax.

    Good Luck!

  57. tamswe

    Took my certification exam today and passed! Thanks to Martin and anybody else who contributed to this material. Definitely one of the contributing factors of receiving my cert!

  58. madasu2310

    Got My cert Yesterday!!! This is a great tool for practicing the questions. Thanks, Martin for this material. This is my 4th cert I’ve got using this site. got 5 total.

  59. Bruno Bergs

    Hi, Martin!
    I had a plan for 1 day challenge which end up with 3 day study of material provided in Exam practice 1 – 4.
    Even I could find only around 10 similar questions in real exam, I believe this exam practice did help me to pass the certification.
    Thank you 😉
    But still I could wish some more practice exams, to cover more details.
    Kind regards,

        1. Sara S.

          Hi Pranav, we are slowly rolling out a “Question Bank” type of exam. It will have 20 randomly selected questions from the entire question bank of a given certification. The questions are random, but the numbers of questions from each exam guide topic are based on the official exam guide weightings. For PD1, maybe we will have it in late February.

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    I was asked a question – How can we use SET to limit the results from a SOQL query … I vaguely remember what options were given but one of the option was to use .containsALL .. have you come across such concept ?

  61. Salesforce_Sunny

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    Good luck!

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    Thank you so much, FocusOnForce Team! I am now a Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I. That’s the thing I needed to finally change my job to start a salesforce career.

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    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Jonathan, IDE is still mentioned in the official study guide objectives so it may still be in the actual exam. If the study guide objectives change in the future and no longer mention it, we will update / remove the references.

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    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for the feedback. Yes we are aware of that, it is a challenge to maintain the question weightnings when topics change over time, but soon we plan to add a ‘question bank’ function that will draw the questions according to the weightings from the total question bank, so that will solve this issue.

      1. Larry Spackman

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        I was pretty shocked when I went through all the full exams and then realized they didn’t include every possible question. I would have expected that by doing every full exam completely and multiple times, that every possible question would be covered.


        1. Martin Gessner Post author

          Hi Larry, to make sure that you have covered every question, we recommend that you do the topic exams first, they will include all the questions. Then do the practice exams, even though they don’t contain every single question, they can be used to gauge your strengths and weaknesses.

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    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      No they are not. They are for learning purposes and cover exactly the same topics, but are not the same questions. Our questions are original and will help you learn what you need for the exam.

    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Matteo, the latest study guide has added one objective into the Salesforce fundamentals section, regarding Heroku. We have added questions regarding that and also a section to the study guide.

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    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      Hi Shiva, sorry to hear that you are having trouble. This has been reported before, and it is either a browser, internet or firewall issue.
      Can you try another browser?

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    Focus areas:
    Apex programs- If you know the basic programming and OOPs, you can answer for the logical questions based on program. I would highly recommend to go through basic functions provided by apex
    Trigger: When to use what trigger? Before or After ?
    Unit Test – You should know the basic thing like declaration, Methods being tested and Assertions
    Deployment – Go through all the tools and theirs uses
    Configuration – Few of questions will be from configuration about the fields/Relationship/Workflow/Process builder – These are easy to crack

    I think if you have given Admin and Platform App builder- You can provide answer to, at least 10-15 questions easily without worrying much about the program so focus more on Apex class/Trigger

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    Data Modeling and Management: 100%
    Salesforce Fundamentals: 83%
    User Interface: 100%
    I’m working on Admin I right now, I’ll definitely buy the Admin I package once I’m done with trailhead!
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    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      That’s great Tushar, happy that it helped you. Yes we spend a lot of time to make sure the questions have a good explanation as it helps to learn the reason for the answer.

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    Exam: Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I (SP17)
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    Section-Level Scores:
    Salesforce Fundamentals: 100%
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