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Service Cloud Consultant - Certification Goal

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  1. Vijaya Kodepaka

    Hi Team,
    I have given my “Salesforce service cloud certification ” test yesterday, and have passed with good percentage.
    A big thanks to focus on force, the practice tests definitely helped me to prepare well. I have no prior experience in salesforce till date. But keen to build my career in it. What I have done is, completed the trail head practice , along with the super badge, and for a month I have used focus on force practice tests. I have also gone through the reference links provided in the answers to get the full knowledge of the concepts. Most of the questions concepts which I have encountered in the test are covered in focus on force practice tests. Just thought of sharing so that it will be helpful to everyone. All the best to everyone who is aiming for the test.


    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hi Vijaya! We are glad to know that you have passed the Service Cloud Certification. Congratulations on this milestone. It is our honor to be able to prepare you well for the exam you had. Great job! On to the next goals that you have set! We wish you all the best on your next certifications. Job well done!

  2. Niharika Mishra

    Hello Team,

    I have passed my Service Cloud Consultant certification yesterday!! I would like to thanks to the whole Focus on Force team for their great effort as the practice exams and study guide is very helpful and structured. I also used them for my administrator certification. Highly Recommend! Have a great day ahead 🙂

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Niharika, hello! We are very pleased to know that you passed the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant certification. Thanks for sharing that to everyone. The Team is happy to know that the materials that we are keeping relevant and up-to-date were helpful to you and your preparation. Congratulations on a job well done!

  3. Sara

    I passed the Service Cloud Consultant Certification last night, thanks focusonforce! I also used your practice exams to help prep for the Admin Certification that I took in Jan., which I passed the first try – very helpful! Now working on Sales Cloud Consultant 🙂

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hello Sara! We are glad to hear that you are now a certified Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant. Your preparation and diligence surely paid off. Congratulations and the whole FOF Team is happy for your new milestone!

  4. Jennifer Moore

    Hi! I’ve been using FoF for all of my certs and it’s been Great! One question/comment…..for the “Implementation Process” that is both in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud courses (and I assume in others as well), can there be consistency in the first step naming convention? The diagram sometimes says “Plan” and other times says “Discover”. It could be confusing, but mostly it’s just inconsistent in the charts and text. It could even be Plan/Discover I supposed. Thanks!

    1. Belle Focus Team

      Hi, Jennifer! We are glad that you liked our materials! Thanks for your feedback. Previously, the Implementation Phases charts start with the ‘Discovery’ phase. These were updated last year to remove the ‘Discovery’ phase. We will revisit the slides to make sure we did not miss anything. We appreciate you reaching out to us!

  5. Kathy Dunne

    Hi! I just passed the exam, thanks in part to the FoF practice tests. While I’m remembering, I wanted to let you know that there were two questions on my test with ‘Lightning Guided Engagement’ as options. I had not encountered this feature in any of the Trailheads or practice tests. I did not get the FoF study guide for this exam so not sure if it’s mentioned there. In any case, you’d help a lot of folks if you include a question or two about it, especially since it’s not mentioned in Trailhead.

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hi Kathy! Congratulations on passing the Service Cloud certification. Your preparation and diligence surely paid off. Congratulations and the whole FOF Team is happy for your new milestone!

      This is also to confirm that the Study Guide for Service Cloud contains discussion about “Lightning Guided Engagement”.
      As for the Practice Exams, we have verified that we have several questions for it and are housed on these topics:
      Service Console>Given a scenario, identify the appropriate Service Console features to meet the business need.
      Service Console>Explain how different Service Console features work together to deliver business value.
      Service Console>Given a set of business requirements, describe how a feature should be implemented.
      Interaction Channels>Describe the use cases and functionality for each interaction channel.

      Cheers to your achievement, Kathy! On to the next certification goals that you have!

  6. Lara Richardson

    Focus on Force – thank you for the excellent training materials and test question. The Focus on Force questions were more difficult than the actual exam so I felt very prepared. I was able to pass my Service Cloud Consultant certification on the first try!

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hello Lara! We are glad to hear that you are now a certified Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant. Your preparation and diligence surely paid off. Congratulations and the whole FOF Team is happy for your new milestone!

    1. Belle Focus Team

      Hi, Paul! Thanks for your feedback. We’ve updated the affected slides during our Winter ’22 updates. We will double check to see if we’ve missed any slides. Again, we appreciate your feedback!

  7. Priyanka Taunk

    I just passed the service cloud consultant cert, the practice exams and the guidance information on here have been really useful, thank you! For anyone prepping for this, make sure you also complete the trailhead modules before you start taking the practice exams – it will make your preparation much easier and increase your confidence level to take the exam. Thank you FoF team.

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hello Priyanka! We are glad to hear that you are now a Salesforce Certified for Service Cloud. We will continue to do what we do best — keeping the materials as relevant and up-to-date to be able to help more users like you. Congratulations and the whole FOF Team is proud of your achievement!

  8. Ranil Goonesekera

    I am curious to know how many questions are in the Service Cloud Consultant certification question bank at FOF? Also I am assuming that the questions get shuffled each time I reset and take the practice exam. I like the questions and bit of twists that come with some to keep me gounded. Thanks – Ranil

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hello Ranil! For Service Cloud, FOF has 415+ questions in the Question Bank overall. We also do Exam Refreshes on a regular manner to make sure that the Practice Exams would be shuffled accordingly for users preparing for their certifications. Best wishes!

  9. David C Colson

    Hi, I’m looking for a question or questions that cover data migration strategies. Something like: Which approach should be used for the data migration?
    Thank you!

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hello David. Thank you for your inquiry. You might want to check these sections for Service Cloud (1) Implementation Strategies under detailed objectives: “Given a scenario, determine appropriate contact center licensing and deployment strategies.” and “Given a scenario, determine how to facilitate a successful consulting engagement”, (2) Service Cloud Solution Design under detailed objective: “Distinguish the key components that contribute to performance optimization within a design.” and (3) Knowledge Management under detailed objectives: “Given a scenario, describe the considerations when migrating from knowledge to Lightning Knowledge” and “Understand the key factors to consider when implementing a Knowledge data migration strategy”.