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Service Cloud Consultant - Certification Goal

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    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hi Parag! We are glad to know that your Salesforce certification preparations were fruitful. Congratulations on passing Service Cloud. Happy to learn that the Question Bank Exam helped you well. Cheers!

  1. Juha Toiminen

    I see you’ve included a lot of neat questions about Salesforce Classic in here. I’ve just started studying Salesforce 2 months ago and all I’ve focused on for the exams has been Lightning Experience. That has been enough for Administration and Sales Cloud certifications. Why is it that in Service Cloud we have to know so much about Classic features and feature names? I’ve for example stumbled upon feature “Pinned Lists” for many times now and just today realised it’s not a feature for Lightning (different name), but Classic.

    It all seems quite confusing, can you please explain what is the reasoning behind this?

    1. Belle Focus Team

      Hi, Juha! Thanks for your feedback. We only retained classic content for the Service Console topic to provide a better comparison between the Lightning and Classic Service Console features. We have removed classic features that already have Lightning Experience counterparts. We are going to work on improving the presentation of Lightning Experience and Classic features. For now, you may reach out to us if you have any questions.

      Also, the pinned list is available in Lightning Experience too. Please refer to this article for more information:

      Pin List Views in Lightning Experience

      1. Juha Toiminen

        Right, yeah that is true. But what I meant was that for example Service Console section talks alot about pinned lists while I understood them as you mentioned in your reply.

        What was meant by “Pinned Lists” was actually “Split View”. As In Lightning Experience, split view replaced pinned lists.

        Some of it is really confusing but once you learn Classic terminology it becomes more clearer. I just really doubt the actual Service Cloud certification will test us about it like that. I might be wrong though.

        1. Belle Focus Team

          Hi, Juha! We understand where you are coming from. As we haven’t planned the complete removal of all classic-related features due to some restrictions (e.g. the Salesforce question could still throw classic-related questions), we will discuss the improvement of this particular section of the Service Cloud study guide. Rest assured that our effort on improving our materials is continuous on a daily basis, so your feedback is really useful.

  2. Abhirup

    I just passed the exam today and I can’t be more than happy, the study guide and practice exams are really really helpful. Thank you FOF team for the excellent study materials and practice exams!!

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hello Abhirup! We are glad to hear that you are now a Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant. Your preparation and diligence surely paid off. Congratulations and the whole FOF Team is happy for your new milestone!

    2. Ritesh Soni

      Hi Abhirup,

      Could you please let me know if practice exams are enough to clear this certification?
      Do we get the questions from these dumps

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Sasidharan, we wish you all the best as you take your examination early next week. May you be able to get through it in a breezy fashion. The FOF Team is cheering for you. Good luck!

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hello Richard. We are in high hopes that our materials will help you prepare well for your examination. The topics covered in the study guides and practice exams are concentrated on the objectives in the exam outline. We recommend you taking the practice exams over and over until you obtain the highest score possible. It’s highly recommended also to reference trailhead and other Salesforce documentation when you encounter topics that may still not be very clear to you, or you may post your inquiries here or in the feedback forums. Lastly, it’s best to gain more hands-on experience in the Salesforce platform especially if you don’t work with it on a regular basis. Best wishes!

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Heya Andy! Congratulations on passing the Service Cloud certification. Time for a celebration. You deserve a cold beer…or two! Cheers!

  3. Pradeep M

    I had scheduled the exam for today but didn’t get a chance to study like on Trailhead and everywhere else. So, I just worked on these practice exams for the last 5 days, and I successfully passed today. Thank you Focus on force!

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hi Pradeep! This is a very nice message to start a brand new week. Congratulations on passing your Service Cloud Certification. We’re glad that we were able to help you in your Salesforce journey. Best of luck on the next certifications that you would be preparing for. Cheers!

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hello Sanna! We are glad to hear that you are now a Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant certified! Your preparation and diligence surely paid off. Congratulations and the whole FOF Team is happy for your new milestone!

  4. Wen C.

    I completed the questions about the 1st topic on PC and would like to review that on a tablet. Is it accessible on a tablet like iPad? There is no response when I click on that topic.

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hi Wen, thanks for reaching out. The progress is saved to a user’s browser and not the FoF account for privacy purposes. While its not ideal, an option is to finish the exam on the tablet, then come back to it on your PC and use the “retry incorrect” option. This would allow you to continue with those that were not answered and those that were marked incorrect on the iPad.

  5. Graham Quinn

    I passed on my first try. I am a manager of a large Service Cloud call center. I couldn’t have done it without the support from this website. I did the entire trailhead over the last year which helped me get a good baseline. I put in a 4-week plan to practice an hour a day for three weeks and the last week just did exams. Worked for me.

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hi Graham. CONGRATULATIONS! We appreciate you giving the other users who will be taking their exams soon a glimpse of how your study preparations were. We hope that you could recommend FOF to your call center colleagues. Glad to know that our materials were able to help you achieve your goals. Cheers, mate!