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  1. Andrew Talbott

    Thanks for the help Focus on Force!!! Passed my Service Cloud test today on first try.
    To pay it forward thanks for those who have posted I wanted to pass along my notes.

    My process to was honestly a 1 month deep dive. I was previously very SF knowledgable (many years as a consultant and Admin, Sales Cloud, CPQ) but have VERY VERY limited knowledge of Service beyond that of Cases was an object.

    1st – to a FOF practic test and saw I had a lot to learn 🙂 (55% score!)
    2nd – Jumped in and completed the the entire officially published trail thats on Trailhead
    3rd – Returned to FOF and methodically went through the different sections. Used the system I have previously where I keep on ongoing google doc of questions I obviously need to learn more about
    4th – finally jumped back in and took another of the practice tests and was now scoring in the 80s
    5th – Passed in 35 days time.

    About the Test:
    Honestly thought the Test was difficult but fair. I saw lots of talk here and online with practice tests not matching the actual exam. Here and on the Reddit threads I was getting scared that FOF was possibly a waste of time. People saying the questions questions being much more difficult.
    Taking the actual test the questions weren’t like the 4-6 sentence ones you have to re-read 10 times. They were short, 1-2 sentences and to the point.
    They really felt like they did mimic many of the areas FOF tested on! The hardest part are the ones where you are positive 2 of the answers are right. But this is actually something FOF kind of helps with. Reading the questions closely and see the trick.

    Anyways…Good luck all. I will be sure to return to FOF anytime the offer a course for a Cert I am going for

    1. Starkey

      Andrew, thank you for taking time to share your experience to other FOF users. May they be able to pick up at least a thing or two on the what you have detailed on your comment. The whole team here is celebrating with you on your newly acquired certification. CONGRATULATIONS on bagging the Service Cloud cert on your first try. That’s some great achievement. Cheers to that! See you in the near future as you prepare for your next certification goals!

  2. Mariana

    Hello, Just passed on my “Service Cloud Consultant”! Thank you FOCUSONFORCE! Topics I had difficult to answer: Service Console Deployment; ” Mass Transfer Records usage; Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool Features and Considerations – Files from custom file fields in Classic Knowledge articles . Path (Experience Builder Site Component). Hope that helps!

    1. Sara S.

      Hi Jackie,

      We will look into this. If you encounter another link that is not working, please use the ‘Provide Feedback’ button on the question so we can fix the link right away.

      Thank you!

  3. Martin Gessner Post author

    Yes Service Cloud is mainly Lightning, however there are still some objectives in the exam outline that refer to features that are not available yet in Lightning. As features become available in Lightning, we update our materials.

  4. James McEvoy

    Some are just general flow / process builder questions with no real tie to case management. Good for knowledge but muddies the waters a little – just my .02 🙂

    1. Belle

      Hi, James! Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We have taken note of this, and rest assured that this will be included in our ongoing updates.

    1. Belle

      Hi, James! Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. We reuse and map questions across different certifications if they fit with each other’s objectives. This is the reason why you would see questions from App Builder in the Case management section.