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Platform Developer 1 - Certification Goal


Please be informed that Focus On Force has recently updated this Certification Course to reflect a more modern, stylish and accessible UI.

As you may have observed, we have cleaned up the Main Lesson Page to only show the Main Objectives, Mindmap (also available in Topic pages), and Feedback -- allowing you to have a more clutter-free workspace. We have created separate Topic Pages for each detailed objective which you can access at the left hand side of the page. Upon clicking, you will be presented with the Detailed Objectives under the Section that you have chosen. Additionally, we have put "Topic Progress" indicators which could guide you better on your progress.

For mobile users:
On the Main Course Page, you will see the Lesson Table wherein Percentages and Sections are listed. On the upper right hand side of the table, you will see options to "Expand All" and "Collapse All". If you click on "Expand All", it will give you the option to pick which objective you would like to access.


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Salesforce Fundamentals

Data Modeling and Management

Process Automation and Logic: Declarative Features

Process Automation and Logic: Basic Apex

Process Automation and Logic: Advanced Topics

User Interface

Testing, Debugging and Deployment: Testing

Testing, Debugging and Deployment: Debugging and Deployment


    1. Rielle G. Focus Team

      Hello Arvind, the whole team is happy to know that you find our materials helpful! We wish you all the best on your certification goals! Cheers!

  1. Sylwester Kremiec

    I’m just starting – this is my second attempt to complete the course. I guess it will be tough as I don’t have experience with OOP but I’m going to give my best:
    1. Complete the study guide
    2. Complete trailmix on Trailhead
    3. Complete the mock exams
    4. Read about about Java to have better understanding of OOB conecpts.
    5. Complete the Java ecourse to have better understanding of OOB conecpts.
    6. Watch some tutorials on Youtube
    7. Read some books about Salesforce and apex from Amazon
    I give myself 100 days to get preparred for the exam.

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hi Ashley! We are glad to know that you have passed the PD1 Certification. Congratulations on this milestone. It is our honor to be able to prepare you well for the exam you had. Great job! On to the next goals that you have set!

  2. Hetile Mabunda

    Just so excited to start this course, I’m on my 4th attempt at Dev 1 and I hope this will really help me study more in-depth. Looking forward to posting my success story soon

    1. Starkey Focus Team

      Hello Hetile! We will continue to do what we do best — keeping the materials as relevant and up-to-date to be able to help more users like you. Excited to read about your success story real soon. We wish you the best!