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Platform Developer 2 - Certification Goal


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  1. Claude Manahan

    I just recently passed my PD2 exam, and all I can say is that this study was tremendously helpful! The topics were spot on, though I had to do additional reading in the Developer Notes and do Trailhead modules, especially on LWC and Aura components.

    1. Starkey

      Thank you for the tips you gave the other users, Claude. We’re sure that they would find that helpful. Moreso, CONGRATULATIONS on passing the PD2 Certification. We are glad that we were of help to you as you went along your Salesforce journey! Cheers!

    1. Starkey

      Hello Soobin! We are glad to hear that you have passed the PD2 Certification, that is great! We are happy that the materials were helpful to you in reaching your certification goals. Cheers!