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This study guide covers all of the topics in the Admin exam. It includes summaries of all topics, screenshots and review questions. The percentage weighting from the official study guide is added after each topic name.

Administrator - Certification Goal


Please be informed that Focus On Force has recently updated this Certification Course to reflect a more modern, stylish and accessible UI.

As you may have observed, we have cleaned up the Main Lesson Page to only show the Main Objectives, Mindmap (also available in Topic pages), and Feedback -- allowing you to have a more clutter-free workspace. We have created separate Topic Pages for each detailed objective which you can access at the left hand side of the page. Upon clicking, you will be presented with the Detailed Objectives under the Section that you have chosen. Additionally, we have put "Topic Progress" indicators which could guide you better on your progress.

For mobile users:
On the Main Course Page, you will see the Lesson Table wherein Percentages and Sections are listed. On the upper right hand side of the table, you will see options to "Expand All" and "Collapse All". If you click on "Expand All", it will give you the option to pick which objective you would like to access.


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Admin Study Group Videos

Configuration and Setup I

Configuration and Setup II

Configuration and Setup III

Object Manager and Lightning App Builder

Sales and Marketing Applications

Productivity and Collaboration

Service and Support Applications

Data and Analytics Management

Workflow / Process Automation


  1. Temi Oladapo Akinwotu

    Hello. I just purchased the Study guide and cannot access the resources. Each time I click on a lesson it just refreshes the administrator study guide home page, it doesn’t display the contents. I have use 4 different devices including mobile, same.

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      May we suggest for you to (1) clear your system’s cache, (2) log out of your FOF account and (3) log back in? These troubleshooting steps most of the time resolve end-user issues.

  2. M. Tilbury

    I passed the Salesforce Admin Certification today! Thank you so much for creating the study and the exam questions, I don’t think I would have passed the exam without these two materials.

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hi Manoucheka! This is a very nice message to end the week. Congratulations on passing your Admin Certification. We’re glad that we were able to help you in your Salesforce journey. Best of luck on the next certifications that you would be preparing for. Cheers!

  3. Nisha R

    Passed my Salesforce Certification exam..!! Tons of thanks to all who are behind this preparation guide. It has helped me tremendously. I completed the entire topics and covered all the practice tests and the exam appeared easy than the practice tests.. The study groups also helped me to understand the concepts thoroughly. I already purchased my second study guide with same expectations. Thank you !!

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hi Nisha! This is an accomplishment worth of a celebration. Congratulations on passing the Administrator certification. Comments like these make the FOF Team even more motivated and dedicated in making sure that our materials are relevant and up-to-date. We are happy for you. We wish you all the best as you prepare for your next goal!

  4. Habeeb Abdulkader

    Hello! Passed my sf admin cert on my first attempt yesterday! Little tougher and trickier thank I expected but all credit to focusonforce study and practice guides! The structure and depth definitely helped me pass. Look forward to the next. Thank you!

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hello Habeeb! Passing on the first try is great. Cheers to that milestone. It’s a pleasure for us to know that the FOF materials have been very helpful in preparing you for your actual certification. Best wishes on your next certification goals!

  5. Kathy Cunningham

    Hi, in the User Request Scenarios, the solution was to add the sharing button to the Contracts Page Layout; however, there isn’t an option to do so in the contract layout palette. Could you give insight as to why or what I’m doing wrong?


    fyi, here is the specific scenario I’m referring to:
    SCENARIO – Typically, no one should be able to see each other’s contracts, but users share on a record by record basis when needing help with re-negotiation.
    SOLUTION❖Set OWD to Private for contracts. ❖Put the “Share” button on the contract page layout, and show users how to manually share the records.

    1. jaymalik

      In the OWD, the setting for Accounts and Contracts is the same. Yes, you wouldn’t find the sharing button on the Contract page, rather you share the account record that the contract is associated with.

  6. Fay Othitis

    Passed my Salesforce Administrator Certification exam! Thank you Charly for explaining the Salesforce Platform in a clear and concise way! Your study sessions helped me a great deal and I will continue to follow along the new sessions as they are posted!

    1. Chris Spurgeon

      Congrats Fay. This is encouraging! I took my first one a couple weeks back and didn’t pass. Doubling down and now have the retake scheduled for 12/10 and am getting much more favorable results in the practice exams.

      1. Luis Escalante

        Hi Chris, I had the same experience. Did my exam around 3 weeks ago and did not pass and have it again on the same date like yours. Any different related to your study are you doing right that you could advice me? Thank you in advance.

  7. Travis Rosenwinkel

    Hello, Each time I click on a lesson it just refreshes the administrator study guide home page. I made sure pop-ups and redirects are enabled but still no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hello Travis. This should be fixed already. Kindly perform the following: (1) Clear cache, (2) Logout of your FOF account then (3) Re-login. You should be able to access the materials properly after that.

  8. Bill Smith

    Just took the exam and passed! I never would have passed with FocusOnForce’s study guide and practice tests. Thanks for putting together such a great resource.

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hi Bill! This is a very nice message to start a brand new week. Congratulations on passing your Admin Certification. We’re glad that we were able to help you in your Salesforce journey. Best of luck on the next certifications that you would be preparing for. Cheers!

  9. Anne-Laure GRAFTIEAUX

    Thank you!!!!
    I’ve just passed my admin certification, I don’t think I could pass without the study guide and the exams.
    The material is very good, just as the same level that is expected on the exam, thanks a lot !!!!

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hello Anne-Laure! We are really glad to hear about your results. The whole FOF Team would like to wish you all the best for your future endeavors and certification goals. Cheers on being a Certified SF Administrator! You did well!

  10. Chris Spurgeon

    Hey guys. Just took my Admin exam for the first time today. It didn’t go well. In hindsight, I spent most of my time studying and preparing for configuration and Setup. Given these kind of results, how much they are weighted, how long would you recommend I take before scheduling my re-take?

    Thanks in advance.

    – 85% – Service and Support Applications
    – 62% – Data and Analytics Management
    – 50% – Configuration and Setup
    – 50% – Productivity and Collaboration
    – 40% – Workflow/Process Automation
    – 33% – Object Manager and Lightning App Builder
    – 28% – Sales and Marketing Applications

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hello Chris. Sorry to hear that you found the Certification Exam challenging. There is no “recommendation” set in stone as to when a user should reschedule and retake. This is due to varying learning methods, availability to prepare and study etc. What we recommend though which we feel might be helpful for you is to visit this page: On that page, you may set timeframe for yourself according to your circumstances. We wish you luck as you prepare for your 2nd take. Best wishes!