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Salesforce Certified Administrator Study Guide

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This study guide covers all of the topics in the Admin exam. It includes summaries of all topics, screenshots and review questions. The percentage weighting from the official study guide is added after each topic name.

Administrator - Certification Goal


Please be informed that Focus On Force has recently updated this Certification Course to reflect a more modern, stylish and accessible UI.

As you may have observed, we have cleaned up the Main Lesson Page to only show the Main Objectives, Mindmap (also available in Topic pages), and Feedback -- allowing you to have a more clutter-free workspace. We have created separate Topic Pages for each detailed objective which you can access at the left hand side of the page. Upon clicking, you will be presented with the Detailed Objectives under the Section that you have chosen. Additionally, we have put "Topic Progress" indicators which could guide you better on your progress.

For mobile users:
On the Main Course Page, you will see the Lesson Table wherein Percentages and Sections are listed. On the upper right hand side of the table, you will see options to "Expand All" and "Collapse All". If you click on "Expand All", it will give you the option to pick which objective you would like to access.


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Admin Study Group Videos

Configuration and Setup I

Configuration and Setup II

Configuration and Setup III

Object Manager and Lightning App Builder

Sales and Marketing Applications

Productivity and Collaboration

Service and Support Applications

Data and Analytics Management

Workflow / Process Automation


  1. Ryan Jordan

    I have to send a big THANK YOU to the entire Focus on Force staff for the Study Guide and Practice Exams. I passed my Admin exam with ease just because of FoF. I’ll be spreading the word about what a good job you guys have done. Keep up the good work!!

    1. Rielle G. Focus Team

      Awesome news, Ryan! Congratulations on clearing the admin certification exam, and thank you for sharing your experience! The whole FOF team is happy to know that we are able to help, cheers!

  2. Jodi Moskal

    Big, huge, massive (picture Pretty Woman in the expensive clothing store meme but without the “mistake” part), thank you to FoF: For the amazing (and entertaining) educational and fun study groups with Charly, for the awesome videos and slides and for the very helpful practice exams. I am not from the SaaS industry. I’d not heard of Salesforce prior to a few months ago. I’ve never, ever administered a CRM. I climbed ladders, wore a hard hat and installed wires and fibre optic cables for two decades.
    I was hired on Sept 10th to do a job I knew nothing about. Because of you, your team and the support of my incredible new employer, I’ve passed the admin cert and have entered a new and exciting world at the tender age of 55. Your pricing is affordable, living up to Salesforce’s inclusive values, your content is unmatched and I am so grateful.
    Wishing you many years of success. I will be referring everyone I know to you.

    1. Rielle G. Focus Team

      Amazing news, Jodi!!! Congratulations on clearing the certification exam! We are all extremely proud and happy to see you thriving with your certification goals! Cheers!!

      1. Jodi Moskal

        You can do it, Blixa. Take advantage of everything FoF offers – do all the exercises, attend all the classes/study groups or watch the videos of previous sessions if there isn’t a class currently going on, do the practice exams over and over and over and finally, make sure you are doing all the extras they suggest too – when there’s a Trailhead link or any link, on the study guide, click it and do the work. I took a ton of notes – yes, old-fashioned, hand-written notes and filled 250 pages. I found reading them weekly made sure I didn’t forget anything that I’d learned earlier. You got this. Wishing you the best of luck on your exam day.

  3. Safwan Burki

    Thank you for all the content on this site. I usually don’t exam well even though I know my way around Salesforce. Doing the past papers built my confidence and I passed my Admin exam first time yesterday.

    1. Rielle G. Focus Team

      Amazing news, Safwan! Congratulations on clearing the Admin certification exam! The whole community is happy to know that we are able to help! Cheers!

  4. Faried Benn.

    Hi Guys, just enrolled on the Salesforce Administrator Study Guide and Exam all the way in South Africa…any advice or information would be appreciated. Still going through the layout as well….super excited but nervous as well…

  5. Hoon Sing Li

    Hi, Just wanted to thank all the staff at FOF for your excellent training materials. Just passed my Admin cert and will be starting work on Platform App builder next i think. Any thoughts on whether it is sensible/feasible to study both for App Builder and Advanced admin at the same time or is it more sensible to do these one at a time? thanks Hoony

    1. Rielle G. Focus Team

      Hi Hoon! Thanks for taking the time to share the great news! We are happy that we were able to help in your first certification achievement. It is recommended to study for one certification at a time. However, topics on Platform App Builder and Advanced Administrator are pretty related. In this case, you could spend 3 to 6 weeks studying for the Platform App Builder and have a 1-week interval to allot studying the Advanced Administrator exam before scheduling and taking it.

  6. harshu v

    Thank you focusonforce for the study guides and admin group study videos. I passed my exam yesterday on first attempt. The practice exams and detailed solutions helped a lot. Thank you !!

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hi Harshu! We are glad to know that you have passed the Admin Certification. Congratulations on this milestone. It is our honor to be able to prepare you well for the exam you had. Great job! On to the next goals that you have set! We wish you all the best on your next certifications. Job well done!