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Salesforce Certified Administrator Study Guide

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This study guide covers all of the topics in the Admin exam. It includes summaries of all topics, screenshots and review questions. The percentage weighting from the official study guide is added after each topic name.

Administrator - Certification Goal


Please be informed that Focus On Force has recently updated this Certification Course to reflect a more modern, stylish and accessible UI.

As you may have observed, we have cleaned up the Main Lesson Page to only show the Main Objectives, Mindmap (also available in Topic pages), and Feedback -- allowing you to have a more clutter-free workspace. We have created separate Topic Pages for each detailed objective which you can access at the left hand side of the page. Upon clicking, you will be presented with the Detailed Objectives under the Section that you have chosen. Additionally, we have put "Topic Progress" indicators which could guide you better on your progress.

For mobile users:
On the Main Course Page, you will see the Lesson Table wherein Percentages and Sections are listed. On the upper right hand side of the table, you will see options to "Expand All" and "Collapse All". If you click on "Expand All", it will give you the option to pick which objective you would like to access.


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Admin Study Group Videos

Configuration and Setup I

Configuration and Setup II

Configuration and Setup III

Object Manager and Lightning App Builder

Sales and Marketing Applications

Productivity and Collaboration

Service and Support Applications

Data and Analytics Management

Workflow / Process Automation


    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hello Vijayasimha! We are glad to hear that you are now a certified Salesforce Administrator. Your preparation and diligence surely paid off. Congratulations and the whole FOF Team is happy for your new milestone!

    1. Rielle G. Focus Team

      Awesome news, Harshal! Congratulations on clearing the exam, and thank you for sharing your experience! The whole team is happy to know that we are able to help. Cheers!!!

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hi Juliette! This is a very nice message to start a brand new week. Congratulations on passing your Admin Certification. We’re glad that we were able to help you in your Salesforce journey. Best of luck on the next certifications that you would be preparing for. Cheers!

  1. Baladevi Chelladurai

    I passed my SF exam on first try …Thank you to the Focus on Force team. The study guide and practice exams helped me. Many thanks to Charly Prinsloo, her study video helped me to undersatnd the concepts better.
    Happy New Year.

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hi Baladevi! We are glad to know that you have passed the Admin Certification. Congratulations on this milestone. It is our honor to be able to prepare you well for the exam you had. Great job! On to the next goals that you have set! We wish you all the best on your next certifications. Happy 2022!

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hello Ursula. Thanks for the inquiry. As of writing, we do not have a schedule which is already set in stone. We are still checking the availabilities of our Guest Instructors and they are to confirm what dates can be booked. If and when we have everything locked and finalized, we will make sure to update everyone. We appreciate your interest on this.

  2. Surya Kar

    Passed my Admin exam yesterday on the first try! Great study materials, and the practice tests were top notch. The tests were a very accurate representation of how the real exam questions are formatted, which helped a lot. Good luck and Happy New Years to everyone 🙂

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hello Surya! You have started 2022 with a bang! Congratulations on passing the certification. We are so happy to know that the materials here in FOF was able to help you prepare. Cheers! We are happy for you!

  3. Robert Nedrow III

    Hello – I can’t seem to find the option to join a study group for the Admin, even though I have purchased the Admin study materials and practice exams. How do I find and join a study group? All I see are past recorded videos for them. Thanks!

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hi Rob! Thanks for your inquiry. The last Study Group session for Admin was held on December 21st 2021. Charly was able to cover topics from the Study Guides and all past 18 recordings can be accessed from here (see inside the “Admin Study Group Videos” toggle): .

      Everyone will be advised if and when there will be a new run of sessions come 2022. Happy Holidays.

  4. Bilal Khan

    Hi, just passed my Admin certification. Focus On Force really helped out a lot, both with the study guides and the practice exams.
    Thank you and Happy New Year to all!

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hey Bilal! This is a very great news to close out 2021. Congratulations on bagging the Admin certification. The whole FOF is happy for your achievement. Cheers!

  5. Hermon Tesfayesus

    I passed my SF exam first try last week! Would not have been possible without the practice exams and the study guides were honestly perfectly thorough. Exam questions are very on par if not harder than I thought of actual exam. Topic exams really helpful as well. I’d also recommend to anyone to use the practice exams frequently to find their own vulnerabilities. That was very helpful to me

    1. FOF Moderator Focus Team

      Hermon, thank you for making us a part of your preparation efforts. We’re glad to know that you have passed the certification. What a way to end the year! CONGRATULATIONS!

  6. Smitha

    Hi, I passed my Admin exam !!! Want to thank Martin and his team for the robust study guide and practice exam . Videos before each topic in the study guide were very helpful.
    A big hug to Charly for the wonderful sessions. A special thanks to Jay Malik for the detail explanation to all my queries.
    Now on to the next certification.
    Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

    1. Rielle G. Focus Team

      Amazing news, Smitha! Congratulations on clearing the exam! The whole community is happy to hear your achievement! We all wish you good luck on your next certification goal!

    2. Soujanya Goskonda

      Congratulations and Happy New Year Smitha!
      Please let me know how much % you scored in practise exams. I scored sometimes 70% and sometimes 75% and sometimes 80%…is it good to go for real exam. Please suggest.