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    1. Starkey

      Hello Sunitha! Congratulations on passing the Experience Cloud certification. We’ll continue our usual best to keep the materials updated and relevant for all of you! Cheers for your milestone!

  1. Maria Rajpoot

    Hi, I have my exam booked for next week and a little worried if the full exams are up to date or not. On the notice above it says as of 10th May the topic exams are added and full exams will be updated next week. Just wondering if the full exams have been updated yet or they have but the notice hasn’t been removed/updated.
    Please let me know.
    Nervous Student

    1. Starkey

      Yes, the current set of materials are updated and aligned with the current exam guide. Also, if in case changes are implemented, or if a new release cycle takes effect, our materials are being updated dynamically so you can be sure that the course that you purchased will be kept up to date. The notice on the Exam Guide was already taken cared of. Thank you, Maria. Good luck on your Experience Cloud Certification.

  2. Sarosh Khawar

    I passed my Community Cloud Certification on 8th August. First attempt. I studied with the notes and then used the practice questions. The exam went smoothly. FoF is the best resource for the certification exams.

    1. Starkey

      Sarosh, thank you for your kind words. We’re happy that the FOF materials were able to help you in preparing for your examination. Congratulations on passing the Experience Cloud certification. Way to go!

    1. Starkey

      Hey Matt! Congratulations in passing the Experience Cloud certification. It’s always an honor for us to know that our users find the materials very helpful in achieving their certification goals. Way to go!

  3. Miguel Sialer

    Hi there,
    I have a question. I bought this practice exams last year. Due to time and work reasons, I have not been able to take my exam yet, and I’m afraid this exam practices guides are outdated. Could you confirm me if they are constantly updated? Thank in advance!

    1. Starkey

      Hi Miguel! FOF Study Guides and Exams are all aligned to the most recent and updated Sections and Detailed Objectives of the Salesforce’s most current release. As long as your subscription is active, you can be assured that the materials here are relevant and up-to-date.

  4. Vin

    Hi Team – can you please let me know when the latest practice exams specific to Experience cloud will be loaded here?

      1. Vin

        Thanks for the reply Martin. I do see the experience cloud practice exams loaded. Quick check – is there only 2 practice exams? Or will you be adding a 3rd one as well?
        Please confirm. Will be great to have more practice exams(as community cloud had 3 as well)

        1. Martin Gessner Post author

          Hi Vin, yes we plan on adding the 3rd one, we are just filling it up it maybe a few weeks before it is ready. In the meantime, there are plenty of questions in the topic exams.

  5. Michio Sekido

    I cannot explain my thanks enough to your Community Cloud Guide/Exams. Yesterday, I passed the Experience Cloud Certification exam, without any actual field experience like consulting or implementation of the product. I am definitely sure that my success is only based on studying your e-learning contents.
    For your information, maybe your Community Cloud related materials still work well without revision for preparing the new Experience Cloud exam.

    1. Rielle G.

      Congratulations, Michio! Thank you for sharing your experience with our community! The whole team is glad to know that our materials helped! You are correct, after we have analyzed the changes when the exam outline was updated to Experience Cloud, we found that around 70% of the existing exam topics are still the same. However, our team is already working towards updating the materials to align with the current exam guide.

    1. Rielle G.

      Hi Yan, this name change in Community Cloud is part of the Spring 21 release which has not taken effect yet –

      The official exam guide is still following the Winter 21 outline –

      As soon as the official exam outline gets updated to Spring 21, our materials will definitely be updated as well.

  6. Phillip Zema

    Didn’t have much experience with Community Cloud heading into the exam (just some prior UAT testing). But passed on the first attempt. This was my 6th cert, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t give credit to your study materials and practice exams.