Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1 Exams

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Platform Developer 1 - Certification Goal

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Topic Exams

Salesforce Fundamentals
Data Modeling & Management
Process Automation & Logic (Part 1)
Process Automation & Logic (Part 2)
Process Automation & Logic (Part 3)
Process Automation & Logic (Part 4)
User Interface
Debugging & Deployment

Practice Exams

Full Practice Exam
Practice Exam 1
Practice Exam 2
Practice Exam 3
Practice Exam 4

Quick Review

Quick Review Exam

NOTE: The Full Practice Exam draws from the entire set of questions and the number from each section is weighted according to the latest official exam outline.

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  1. Bahman

    I got my PD1 this Monday. It was a bit challenging since some questions were pretty new to me, but for the rest of it, the practice exams here helped big time and the study guides as well. I really appreciate what you guys are doing here and will use your help for my other certs in the future. Thanks!!

  2. Baljinder Sandhu

    I passed my PD1 today. FoF was a great help to get the concepts right. I think while preparing the key was to identify why the wrong choice was wrong and not just to keep the focus on the correct answers.
    Now time to jump on the next in the stack of Architecture specialization path 😉


    I passed my Platform Developer 1 by practising the tests on FocusonForce. It helped me a lot. I would use Focus on Force practise tests for other courses too.I would recommend FocusOnforce for everyone

  4. Joey Eisenzimmer

    Focus on Force helped me pass the PD1 (y’all have helped me pass every exam) on 1/10/21! I had a couple of failed attempts and doubled down on reviewing and testing your materials. A huge thank you for all your resources!

  5. Anupama

    Are the questions in the practice exams different from the questions in the topic exams (quizzes)? I mean are they from the same question bank?

    1. Martin Gessner Post author

      Yes they are from the same question bank, but there are more questions on each topic in the topic exams, as they don’t fit into the 60 questions in each practice exam.

  6. Maureen Houghton

    I am thrilled to report I passed my PD1 exam yesterday! It was challenging, but thanks to the FOF study guide and practice tests I had a solid grasp on the material. Thank you!