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Effective January 25, 2024. The official exam guide for the Service Cloud Consultant certification has been updated. From 9 Sections and 30 Objectives, Salesforce has updated it to 8 Sections and 20 Objectives.  

We are pleased to inform you that our team has successfully implemented the necessary changes to ensure alignment with the new exam guide.

The new exam guide details can be accessed here.

Service Cloud Consultant - Certification Goal


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Industry Knowledge

Implementation Strategies

Service Cloud Solution Design

Knowledge Management

Intake and Interaction Channels

Case Management I

Case Management II

Contact Center Analytics



  1. Jyothi

    Hi Team
    Quick Observation
    In Service Cloud practice Test Questions, it is mentioned Email- is a medium-high-cost interaction channel.
    In the screenshot, it is Email is categorized as High-Cost Channel.
    Could you please clarify whether “Email” is a medium or high-cost channel?
    Thank you

    1. Zrna Anicic Focus Team

      Hi Jyothi, thanks for contacting us! Regarding the Email interaction channel, we can confirm that is it categorized as a high-cost channel.

      To clarify the confusion, the explanation from the question is: Chat and Email are medium and high-cost interaction channels respectively. So the same sentence mentions Chat – which is a medium cost, and Email channel which is a high cost.
      We will update this sentence to avoid further confusion.

      1. Jyothi

        Thank you Zrna for your response.
        I cross-checked the question again and let me give you the exact question.-
        Industry Knowledge Practice Exam /Question Number: 18 of 54
        What are the valid considerations regarding the use cases and benefits of using an email interaction channel for support?
        Correct answers :
        A. Cases can be created from emails
        B. Templates can be used for responses
        D. Work can be scheduled
        the explanation shows:
        Email is a medium-high-cost interaction channel, as agents have to respond to each email individually…..and the screenshot shows that Email is a High-Cost channel.
        Please clarify..
        Thank you

        1. Zrna Anicic Focus Team

          Hi Jyothi, thanks for sharing the question. As it’s seen in a screenshot and as confirmed in the Study Guide and in the comment above, you can consider an Email interaction channel as a high-cost channel. We will update the explanation.

  2. Emma

    Hi FOF team! I’ve purchased this service cloud course! just wondering if it’s possible to have free dev Org for service cloud or can I just use my free dev Org (with only sales cloud) to study for this service cloud cert please? TIA

    1. Zrna Anicic Focus Team

      Hi Emma, thanks for purchasing our course. You will get access to Service Cloud with your developer edition out of the box, just make sure that you have Customize Application and Service Cloud User permissions. You can find all the instructions on how to set up Service Cloud here:

      If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! Good luck on your journey to becoming a Service Cloud consultant 🙂

      1. Emma

        thanks so much! I’ve also purchased the Experience cloud course, is it also out of the box as well please? TIA

          1. Emma

            thanks so much! also come to think of it, I am planning to purchase Marketing Cloud & Pardot courses as well. Wondering if I can also set up Marketing cloud in my dev org please? Thanks so much in advance.

          2. Zrna Anicic Focus Team

            Hi Emma, thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, Marketing Cloud and Pardot do not have free developer editions where users could practice. We can only recommend using Trailhead for learning about these topics. Also, we have the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist course available on our site, so if that is the direction that you would like to have in the future, you can use our course as well.

          3. Emma

            thanks so much Zrna! just added MKT course in my list!! thanks so much.
            Also do you know if we have free dev org for CPQ as well? TIA

          4. Zrna Anicic Focus Team

            Hi Emma, that’s great news, congrats, and thanks for sharing! 🙂

            Regarding CPQ, unfortunately, here on Focus on Force, we still don’t have that course, but we do hope to add it to our list soon.
            Yes, you can practice CPQ in your dev org, but it is a separate package, so you will have to sign up for a new dev org that has a prebuilt CPQ package that expires in 90 days. After 90 days, you can just sign up for a new org.
            Here are the links for setup:

  3. Lucas Hussaini

    Hi, I just passed the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant certification and I would like to thank the Focus on Force Teams for the great content (Study Guide as well as Practice Exams), they were a big help !

    1. Sandeep Focus Team

      Hi Lucas, Congratulations on passing the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant certification! We’re thrilled to hear that our study guide and practice exams were a big help in your success. Well done, and keep up the great work!

  4. Suresh Tummalapalli

    Apex managed sharing is maintained across record owner changes.
    But in below link, It is mentioned that Apex managed sharing will alos be removed. Is that correct?
    Integration and Data Management -> Explain the considerations for data migration and data quality -> Page 25 of 56

  5. Hind Alaasemi

    I Just Passed the exam and I want to thank you for the best study material without it I don’t think I’d passed it. I’ll definitely use it for future certification. and I hope you will have a marketing cloud material as well

    1. Sandeep Focus Team

      Hi Hind, Congratulations on passing the Service Cloud exam! we are glad to hear that our study material was helpful to you. I’m happy to inform you that we will be launching the “Marketing Cloud Email Specialist” course soon. Keep an eye out for updates and feel free to let us know if you have any specific requests or areas of focus that you would like us to cover in the course.
      Good luck in your future endeavors!

    1. Sandeep Focus Team

      Congratulations!! and thank you so much for the kind words. The whole FoF team is happy that you passed the Service Cloud exam. We would also like to thank you for being with us on this journey.

      Merry Christmas, and congratulations again!

  6. Heriberto Gomez

    Hi guys,

    I passed the exam.
    The study guide is very well explained and helps to understand how to relate business concepts with the technical topics.


    1. Sandeep Focus Team

      Congratulations Heriberito!! on passing Salesforce Service Cloud Certifications, the whole FoF team is happy for you. Thank you for the compliment and kind words, comments like yours make our day and encourage us to keep producing the best-in-class Salesforce study material and Practice Exams.

      Again congratulations. More success, and power to you!

  7. Dharmesh Rana

    Thank you FoF for this course bundle, I passed my Service Cloud exam 2 days back. The practice exam not only helps for exam prep but the explanation given to answers also helps to recollect the core concepts. Please accept my sincere gratitude.

    1. Sandeep Focus Team

      Hi Dharmesh, hope you are doing well, thank you for sharing the news with us. We are equally delighted and excited for you. More success to you, All the best!

  8. Anand Gupta

    Thank you this course. Have passed my certification exam today. Course material was very helpful in the preparation. Looking forward for other course material.

    1. Sandeep Focus Team

      Hi Anand, hope you are doing well, thank you for sharing the news with us. We are equally delighted and excited for you. More success to you, All the best!