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October 26 Study Group Session

Unfortunately our instructor for tonights session is unwell and we will need to cancel the session. 

Please join us for the next scheduled session on October 28, 2021.




Administrator Sessions

Coming soon.

Study Group Instructors

Charly Prinsloo

Senior Salesforce Solution & Technical Architect

Administrator Study Group Instructor

Charly Prinsloo is a 3x Salesforce MVP with a passion for all things Salesforce. She’s an expert in using the platform to architect and implement intuitive solutions for businesses in every industry, but her expertise doesn’t stop there. Charly also specializes in leveraging Salesforce to help others and make a positive impact in the community.
As a global co-leader for Ladies Be Architects, Charly supports women around the world on their journey to become Certified Technical Architects, the pinnacle Salesforce certification for top architects on the platform. She’s also a coach at Radical Apex Developer (RAD) Women, where she helps women learn to code on the Salesforce platform and advance their developer careers.
To top it all off, Charly holds 17 Salesforce certifications and is a Lightning Champion. Currently, she’s a Practice Lead & Technical Architect at CGI.

Marciana Davis

8x Certified Application Architect

App Builder Study Group Instructor

Marciana is an 8x Certified Application Architect working as an independent consultant with experience in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and NPSP. She is a lover of learning and logic. Marciana was determined to build her developer skills, so she learned to code with Trailhead and RAD Women Code, and worked on key projects throughout her career. Currently, Marciana is doing what she loves the most – sharing her knowledge!

Lydia Sharpin

8x Certified Salesforce professional

App Builder Study Group Instructor

Lydia is an 8x certified Salesforce professional, having decades of IT experience in CRM, vocational IT training, programming and database management prior to joining the Salesforce ecosystem. She is highly experienced in both the for profit and nonprofit Salesforce space with international experience, is a regular panellist on the Salesforce ANZ Ask a Non-Profit Expert forum, mentors Salesforce trainees, volunteers for several community groups and administers a women’s support group on Facebook with over 450K members.

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  1. Lucia Cheung

    I am trying to complete the course of App Builder.
    I can see from Salesforce fundamental of topic exams that it separates by 7 objectives. May I know which objective is referring to which topics in the course? It looks to me that there are totally 11 topics of Salesforce fundamental in the course. Thanks for the answer in advance.

    1. Rielle G. Focus Team

      Hello Megha! The slides used in the study group sessions are the same slides that can be found on the study guide. You should be able to access them by reviewing the study guide materials. Wishing you all the best as you work towards achieving your certification goals!